“Where are we?”

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  1. Boindub says:

    Grossly unfair to use a joke as anything else.

    • Pat Lang says:


      He is a senile cheat and liar. He deserves the abuse. Grow up!

    • Bill H. says:

      The article, and the Colonel by repeating it, is not using a joke. He’s using Biden’s actual actions to pillory him.

    • Desayuno con diamantes says:

      It is a duty of the press to inform facts as they are, the fact that they have neglected such a function does not imply that for once they fulfill it it is a joke and offense…

      If I were a US citizen would like to know whether the person in charge is in its full mental capacities.

      If he sometimes forgets he is the POTUS, may be he could also forget what is the “football” for and press. a button thinking it is a radio….I am starting feeling deeply concerned, even whe not a US citizen..

      Putin will notice…the fact that the summit plan continues in such an isolated Swiss villa, leads me to conclude someone could be trying something, or against Putin, or against Biden himself and then blame Putin..
      I recall it was published these past days that Pentagon has around 60000 secret operatives around the world..

      I saw the photo of the villa, and immediately felt disturbed, I do not like the place at all…I had a bad hunch…
      Recall here that Switzerland is not always such neutral place.
      During the last Ryanair incident, an alleged encrypted email service based in Switzerland, Protonmail, refused to provide information about the two emails sent as bomb threat at different hours, and who were the recipients, alleging secrecy requested by the investigation by the Swiss governemnt.
      The unveiling of the two emails and all their recipients would had showed proof of Belarus inocence and avoid a whole pack of sanctions to fall on the Belarusian people, like the impossiblity for Belavia ( national flag air liner ) to fly on European air space…

    • optimax says:

      It’s not a joke that we have a senile president who doesn’t know what he’s doing, is controlled by unknown handlers, sells out to China and loses control of his temper easily. It’s a dangerous time for our country I hope we make it through without too much damage.

  2. JohninMK says:

    At the same event Dr Jill, his carer, had to tell him to concentrate and he saluted her in return. He also was unable to call the RAF the RAF, instead he used RFA. Quite what the US military in attendance thought about it is not recorded.

    Colonel, this is a link to an associated picture that you might care to add. It is the way the hands are held that caught my eye.

  3. AK says:

    This, coupled with the picture that “Dr.” Jill posted yesterday of her sitting at the presidential desk on AF1, pretty much establishes that we are living under the second term of the Edith Wilson administration.

  4. Desayuno con diamantes says:

    This is the swiss villa where Biden and Putin are to meet…


    Disturbing…reminds me of the house in the film “Los Otros” ( about people who was dead but thought themselves alive, and had the mania of keeping the curtains draw on an alleged allergy to light…)


    You see Villa La Grange and it is as if “the others” were going to appear behind the curtains of any of those windows at any moment…

  5. TV says:

    For all the dimwitted sheep who were stampeded into the covid scamdemic, wearing a mask OUTSIDE, the good news: no more mean tweets.

  6. Desayuno con diamantes says:

    Finally, Biden´s handlers have decided he will hold a solo presser, leading The Kremlin to have a very gloomy prospect on this summit..


    I suspect Biden is planning some more snubs with which to provoke Putin and proving his manliness to the world…I think this is what the whole summit is about…

    What could go wrong?

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