Which does Comrade Joe think he is? Lenin or Trotsky?

Lenin and Trotsky

Reagan thought it was “morning in America” or some such rubbish.

Scranton Joe is revealed as the dimwitted front man for a group swept up in revolutionary dreams. I won’t bother to name the people, but the policies of the Joe/Kamala Administration are clearly intended to transform the US into something resembling Russia in 1917/18 with the Bolsheviks striving to do away with both the imperial government and the Mensheviks.

Gun control (confiscation), pauperization of the masses through programmed inflation (leading to desperate dependence on government), programmed elevation in energy prices leading to a reduced standard of living and yet more dependence on government. Joe gloried in that yesterday saying that “this is just a transition that Americans have to go through.” Forced politization and bolshevization of the armed forces so that they will be reliable instruments of oppression including the idiocy of changing the names of army posts so that they will have no local meaning.

Trotsky believed in endless revolution. To the extent that Comrade Joe believes in anything I would vote for Trotsky as Joe’s role model.

Harris? She has no role models or thoughts. pl

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17 Responses to Which does Comrade Joe think he is? Lenin or Trotsky?

  1. JK/AR says:

    “To the extent that Comrade Joe believes in anything I would vote for him as Joe’s role model.”

    Actually Colonel Lang, you needn’t bother voting for him. He’ll be stealing your vote anyway. With the State’s enthusiastic participation to boot.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    Nothing good will ever come out of one world tyranny. The talk of assigning everyone a carbon footprint yesterday by people who ignore their own officious carbon footprint will become par for the course. Question it and they will reduce your carbon footprint to zero or worse.

    Yet here we are. A large governing body of sycophants bowing to the likes of Klaus Schwab and ignoring the bust of Lenin on his bookshelf at the 1:06 mark https://youtu.be/sJCgCKORBv4?t=68

    The most disturbing and troubling part however is the only thing slowing it down are two other regimes that want to implement their own brand of planetary tyranny. I hate to admit it but I would rather have them perpetually fighting each other than one taking the big hill for good.

  3. TV says:

    BUT no more “mean tweets” and that’s what’s important to the mask-wearing sheep.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    Joe is as institutionalized a government dependent as one could hope to find. He has spent his entire career feeding at the trough provided by the taxpayer – and used his position to accrue ‘side benefits’ every which way. Along with his chronic NPD this made him the perfect candidate to push the WEF’s Build Back Better plan – aka the Great Reset.

    Just like the communists, the globalists want to do away with the troublesome Bourgeoisie. This time the Utopian ideology for the new age is called “Stakeholder Capitalism”. It is admittedly an odd form of capitalism, as “you will own nothing” but we are again being sold a workers’ paradise where “you will be happy” (presumably to be guaranteed by the universal application of something equivalent to Huxley’s fictional soma).

    The reality of course is not communism, but a planned reversion to feudalism – albeit serfdom will be enhanced by technologies that will enforce compliance without the troublesome need for our Technocrat Overlords to quell rebellions. The quashing of the Freedom Convoy was just a taster of what is to come. Even your right to bodily sovereignty will be stripped away. Klaus Schwab and his acolytes are unashamed transhumanists and their vision of the future is nightmarish in the extreme, to my sensibilities at least.

    But who really cares? It seems to me that the bulk of humanity has been conditioned to accept this state of affairs without question. Perhaps it is time for us to abandon outmoded concepts like personal property and liberty and march dutifully into the Brave New World – after all, we are assured it is for the greater good.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      The conservative Russian publication Tsargrad.tv has printed commentary on the observed infirmaties and malapropisms of our President. To which they add speculations not unlike those seen in other places including our own American country. The entire essay is at the address below, but is in the Russian language which I have taken the liberty to translate using a reliable computer translation application and offer two snippets immediately below:


      A few months before the election, The Washington Post published an article listing Biden’s numerous delusional statements. The newspaper wrote that “there are many reasons for concern” about the Democratic presidential candidate. Speaking in South Carolina, he incorrectly indicated which office he was running for, stating:

      My name is Joe Biden. I am the Democratic nominee for the US Senate.
      Biden said three times that he was arrested in South Africa while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison – this never happened. He claimed to have “worked with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping on the Paris Climate Agreement” when Deng Xiaoping died in 1997 and the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015. He said that “150 million people” have been killed by gunfire in the US since 2007 – nearly half of the US population. Biden said that one must “choose the truth, not the facts.” He said his late son, Joseph Robinette Biden, “was Attorney General of the United States” while he served as Attorney General of Delaware during his lifetime. Biden confused former British Prime Minister Theresa May with the late Margaret Thatcher. Etc.

      Further on:

      The essence of ultra-liberal dogmas lies in the assertion of absolute “gender” and any other freedom, in the mixing of races and religions for the sake of creating a “new man” without cultural and historical roots, in reformatting the world into a global society without borders, for which it is necessary to eliminate the old capitalist world order. The current American liberal establishment is a collection of religious dogmatists whose religion is Satanism. According to their doctrine, the leader of the country should be a woman, as a counterbalance to a man. A woman must be black or mulatto, as a manifestation of mixing races. And best of all – lesbian or transgender . We won’t be surprised if it turns out to be Vice President Kamala Harris.

      So what?

      If we follow this logic, then the decrepit Biden was appointed to the presidency in order to soon leave and leave the presidency to a completely “correct” character, from the point of view of dogmatists, the black woman Kamala Harris. Directly as a presidential candidate, such a “correct” cutie, even in modern America, is still difficult to put forward. But to elect her as vice president with an eye on the main seat – it turned out to be quite possible. In fact, this is a “multi-move” with bringing the “correct” president to power in the United States. Harris lacks competencies and experience? Does Biden have enough health to be president? There are prompters from the “deep state” for this.

  5. Fourth and Long says:

    I thought Dubya the worst President ever, or even possible to conceive of. Joe BuyDem is easily far worse. He belongs as a prince of hell in a wax museum of horrors. Or that’s what he actually is. He may doom all civilization to a rapid irreversible halt. The man is brainless now – he’s always been cruel, abrupt, arrogant and in possession of a uniquely unicellular intellectual apparatus, but even that last is gone now.

  6. Deap says:

    What does Joe’ $42 billion dollar Ukraine aid package really look like – besides Democrat payola for Joe’s domestic political cronies?

    Here is a breakdown of what it can buy from the the US military industrial complex and when Ukraine can expect actual deliveries of this new orgy of lethal weapons spending – training manuals shall carry an additional charge.


  7. Fred says:

    Biden believes only in his own opportunism, but Obama picked him and he’s certainly true believer and probably behind all the manipulators in this administration. Meanwhile in the Durham trail against Sussmann more little bits linking it all back to Hilary and entangling a whole bunch of corrupt FBI & DOJ people. I’m sure Barack didn’t know a thing.

    • Deap says:

      Susan Rice’s 11th hour memo to self is starting to make more sense. The one written minutes before Trump put his hand on the Bible and was sworn in as POTUS #45, replacing her boss #44 Barry Soetoro

      Her CYA recollections became part of the public record:
      “Obama demanded we do everything by the book.”

      Sure, Susan. Take one for the team.

  8. jim ticehurst says:

    It Looks Like all of Josephs..First Generation..or Non Generation Mentors ( Soros Ilk)from The Old World..Including Russia ..Germany..And Rome..With Some Asian Flavoring….And His Cuban Amigos…Think its..the Right Opportunity..To Light up The United States..With Its Own..Historic…Culture Revolution..And Purges..(Vowing only..To Preserve..Protect and Defend…Themselfies)
    Looks like all the Old World Haters from Hell..That have Destroyed So Many Cultures….
    will Be in the Mix…of Credits..With PapaJoe.. The Son of Soros..

  9. In this context, I just want to put in a plug for a book:
    Irresistible Revolution:
    Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military

    by one-time USAF (later SF) LTC Matthew Lohmeier,
    available in several e-editions.
    (I don’t know his current status.)

    Here is an excerpt from the first chapter of Lohmeier’s book:

    “THERE IS A STRUGGLE OVER the meaning of America presently underway that is at the heart of a social and political polarization that threatens to permanently fracture American civil society.
    That struggle is fueled by radical revisions of American history that are more ideological than historical, and by the proliferation of false narratives intent on breeding contempt for America’s heritage and national identity.”

    Lohmeier, IMO, does a great job of describing four aspects of Marx’s theories: cultural, political, social, and economic.
    Some now try to restrict attention to the economic aspects, denying the existence of the cultural aspects.
    Lohmeier demonstrates otherwise.
    He also gives generous background on antecedents of Marx’s ideas.
    Also, he gives vivid first-hand descriptions of the effect cultural Marxism is having on the U.S. military.

    For a recent example, consider part of the West Point speech of CJCS General Milley:
    “The idea is that every single one of you, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female or gay or something in between …”
    Something in between?
    So much for such ideas as
    “When men were men and women women, and ‘Vive la difference!’ “

  10. joe90 says:

    It does not need to either, he could be bi-polar.

  11. A. Pols says:

    Today’s Democrat Party is shot through with adherents to Bolshevik ideology. While willing to superficially temporize publically on how far left their vision extends, they are in reality extremely left in their emotional core (which, after all, is where political visions originate) and, given free rein, they would collectivize American economic life to a “fare thee well”. The “Green New Deal” and their preposterous “Build Back Better” initiative are invidious proposals which would turn America into Jonathan Swift’s land of “Laputa”. They imagine also that they could do all this without further gutting America’s industrial base and destroying what remains of our military, but of course they are wrong. You can’t have your cake and it it too.

  12. Razumov says:

    So you are following either Lenin or Trotsky into a world war three with Russia?

    And believing every bit of their propaganda without question?

  13. Woody says:

    Not seeing the connection between the optimistic word of Reagan and Dementia Joe or Cackling Kommie. OTH, Biden has always been a lying phony. His current extreme Leftward turn is just part of the the Hackery.

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