Yorktown? Where is that?


Comment: Imagine! Just imagine! The God-Emperor Joseph I has admitted that he might have done something stupid to the country without whose help we would have failed in our attempt to free ourselves from Westminster’s tyranny. Go out and visit the French military cemetery at Yorktown. Their men died capturing a key British defense position in a night bayonet attack. Perhaps the French should ask for the return of the Statue of Liberty. It was the gift of the French people. Don’t drivel on now about WW1 and WW2. We did not go to war for France. pl

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  1. sbin says:

    Decline of American governance is more stunning and steep than Biden’s intellectual decline.

    Love my country
    Having serious doubts about it’s public servants!

  2. Aletheia in Athens says:

    But…Macron does not represent the French people, in fact he is currently at war with them…
    But…why is there no opposition voice regarding this?

    Europe has been taken over, unions, political parties of all ideological branches, plus the whole media have been bought.

    There is only left a bunch from judiciary making the rights of the people be respected.
    But this situation has brought lawfare not only to the political parties theatrical fight, but to all aspects of life, being the citizens who want their basic rights respected in the obligaton to recur to courts and high courts, and this way you have a wife recurring to a judge for a saving treatment being applied to her husband, a mother to achieve her child is not tortured in nursery by imposing the little baby the mask, or honest health workers for their right to work….

    Outrageous situation after the blood of these same citizens´ ancestors, in the dozens of millions, was splited over Europe to defeat the nazi tyrany and be able to conquest these basic rights.
    The hard lesson we take at this new dark times in Europe is that next time they try to disarm us, as it happened immediately after V Day, we must hold to our well earned weapons as one more of our basic rights.

    I very doubt Macron´s ancestors ever fought any time during the war…

  3. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel,

    I have heard the argument, fairly convincingly, that the SNAFU originated with Boris Johnson. On the other hand the Committee that is Biden thought it a good idea including secret negotiations behind France’s back!

    They also thought sending VP Harris to Vietnam to counter Chinese influence was a good idea (I would have sent her to Antarctica for a worry-free foreign junket, with a large amount of beer to ensure the scientists were very drunk when she gave her speech).

    Anyway, expect foreign policy initiatives to remain outside the reality-based universe.

    • Pat Lang says:

      The British do not seem to to understand that they cannot punch above their weight without screwing up the world.

  4. Deap says:

    Hunter Biden’s Laptop – where is that?

    Yes, going off topic here, but this is such a powerful hour to spend with Glenn Greenwald who makes his case – fake news is real. No real news for most of us who have long followed the Hunter Biden laptop story in depth right here.

    But what makes this one hour video so powerful is the re-cap and analysis of who, how and why the media was so willing to lie and continue to lie about its even existence. And why they are still getting away with this compounded lying – on any other Democrat orthodoxy topic, which will tomorrow include the AZ Audit findings.

    The pattern of response has been set, and the tools used against the Hunter laptop are easily applied to discredit the AZ Audit story too – so the reminder of their disinformation techniques are good to review as we gird for what may ….or may not ….. come out of this long-awaited 2020 AZ election story.


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