Zelensky says he does not know what DC is talking about.

President Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that there is too much news about Russia’s imminent invasion of Ukraine. He demanded that the West provide 100% information about the Russian invasion. The President stated this during a briefing in Kherson region.

“We must be ready any day. I believe that there is too much information about a deep full-scale war with the Russian Federation, they even say there is relevant data. We understand that there are risks. If there is information about a 100% invasion on the February 16th, then give us this information. We receive data from our intelligence,” he said.

At the same time, Zelensky noted that Ukraine should clearly analyze the information of allies and prepare for any risks.

According to him, there is no full-scale war yet.

“And I have to speak to the public, having real information. We receive information from many sources. We also have intelligence. I do not think that it works worse than the intelligence of other states,” Zelensky said.”

Comment: This is all BS. Zelensky is being treated as a pawn in an imperial game of chess that is being played poorly by the Biden global socialists and Borg creatures at the State Department, etc..


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33 Responses to Zelensky says he does not know what DC is talking about.

  1. Matt says:

    I have a simple rule of thumb,
    if I see pictures in the papers of protests in far away lands with languages I find incomprehensible and the protesters are all carrying fancy printed identical placards carrying a message written in English then it isn’t a genuine protest but a confected media stunt to appeal to the Anglo-American domestic population,

    this is happening with the reporting on the Ukraine, yesterday the ‘protest’ reported included a long banner across the front of the march neatly printed in English, the photo’s were up close and low, quite possibly because there wasn’t much of a march happening and a higher distance shot would have revealed it,

    today the media is carrying a picture of a huge banner unfurled from a bridge, printed in English and a handful of people above holding flares,

    this sets off my media BS psy-op detector,
    these days the only time I accept a protest is genuine and heartfelt from grassroots opinion is when the placards are hand made and in the language of the country the protest is happening in,

    I’m a terrible skeptic these days, I think it’s the “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” feeling, I hate being taken for a fool.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Yeah, I caught on to that a while ago as well. I think it was in Syria they were waving very professionally and uniformly made signs in English and our host here was talking about the White Helmets being some kind of British intelligence operation in cooperation with moderate head choppers. It all clicked for me and I’ve observing this phenomenon ever since here and there in alleged “hot spots” around the world + as you note, camera angles designed to make protest crowds look bigger, etc, etc.

      IMO, Ukraine is just another attempted distraction from the utterly pathetic and failing Biden/Marxist administration and dismal results of their leftist policies. The Beast is blindly thrashing in its death throws. War on the other side of the world is just another of the beast’s reflexive survival instincts that expresses when in extremis.

    • Marlene says:

      What the media could not hide and should explain to the Western and us populations is the presence of red/black flags from the Right Sektor/C 14 thugs in the demonstration, along the rest of Ukrainian well payed nationalists.

      Attention to the C14 group, whose leader, one Taras, stated this past day they love killing, they are being provided with a lot of weapons, and that “things will be very different in the Ukraine were them in charge instead of Zelensky…

      Is the C14 group the equivalent to IS in Syria? Why this thug would have made such statements?

      Would Putin, eventhough trying hard to avoid war, allow another Odessa Massacre on Russian people?

      • Marlene says:

        Another thug whose support by the West should be explained to the population is the mayor of the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Boris Filatov, who dreams of punishing Crimea and hanging its inhabitants and promises the final solution for Donbass with the expulsion of civilians (ethnic cleansing) and punitive raids….

  2. zmajcek says:

    The whole country is being treated as a pawn. Even the EU to a lesser extent.

  3. irf520 says:

    I can’t believe he’s only just realized he’s being set up as a sacrificial lamb, along with the rest of his country. He’s just worked out that uncle Sam isn’t going to help him fight the big bad bear. Did he really think his new best friends were going to exchange Washington and/or New York for Kiev? Even if there is no invasion the non-stop speculation about an invasion isn’t exactly good for the Ukrainian economy. The latest talk is that insurers might stop coverage for flights to Ukraine.

    • Yeah, Right says:

      All well and good, but having come to that realization then what is Zelensky going to do about it? Simply whining about it is pointless, if he goes off-message then the MSM in the west will just stop quoting him.

      After all, he is only the Prime Minister of the country that has been nominated as Ground Zero. Washington isn’t about to start taking his words seriously.

      IMHO he has only two choices now: hop on a private jet to Zurich and hide there, or open secret negotiations with Moscow and jump into the Russian orbit.

      Have to be super-secret about it, because if word gets out he’s a dead man.

      But, then again, if he just stands there appealing to reason then he’s a dead man.

      Choices. Choices. What’s a man to do?

      • exiled off mainstreet says:

        It’d be funny if he can negotiate that move into the Russian orbit. That would be one of the great failures of all time as far as the five eyes international spy state goes.

    • EEngineer says:

      He probably thought of this as a game of “chicken” all along, and is only now just realizing that Putin is the one with the stones because he’s driving the bulldozer…

  4. The future is a continuation of the past, until it becomes a reaction to it.
    What if the eventual outcome is to drive Ukraine entirely over to Russia, when their usefulness as pawns runs its course? How is the media going to stick a “Mission Accomplished” banner over that?

  5. Fourth and Long says:

    Occured to me the other day that the top warmonger for years of the New York Times is David Sanger. Now look at his last name, I thought to myself .. switch e for r, we get Sangre. Foreign languages were not, it pains me to say, my best academic subjects, but I’m fairly certain that “Sangre” has strong connotations of “blood” or “bloody” in several languages I’m familiar with.

  6. tedrichard says:

    if you objectively look at events in eastern europe the inescapable conclusion is that mr putin has already won. all that remains is the manner in which nato and washington accede to the russian demands for mutual security by moving back to the 1997 border all nato assets deployed after that date.

    the requested calls from the west to russia, the hurried removal of usa and uk troops and advisors from the ukraine, the elimination of swift as a tool for sanctions, the russia ambassador to sweden saying publicly to their press russia does not give a s–t about sanctions, the token and useless in battle american troops sent to eastern europe, the constant cry wolf from the west…. the russians are coming day after day yet the russians never deign to show up or even cross their own border…..

    all drain away whatever little credibility the west still thinks it has on the world stage.
    sooner or later the usa missile base in romania and the one being built in poland are going to be dismantled, peacefully or by other means is a choice washington has yet to make bt will soon enough.

    i can not recall ever seeing american policy being so incompetently handled as it is now. in private enterprise none of these foreign policy grand poobahs in washington would still have jobs or be employable.

    • Mal says:

      When outsourcing foreign policy to dual citizens of other countries one might expect they will look after their own first.
      Maybe that’s why the US is where it is. The scary part……how does it get fixed?

      Cheers Mal

  7. plantman says:

    Colonel Lang,

    Can you elaborate on your comment above?

    It seems to me that if Russia really did pose a threat to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Intel services would know. Zelensky’s comments suggest there is no such threat and no signs of an imminent Russian invasion. If that’s true, then the media coverage in the US is universally wrong. The media is simply producing baseless war propaganda.

    Is that your understanding of what is going on??


    • Mal says:

      The ‘media’ does not have that kind of power, ‘to produce baseless propaganda’, they report what they are told. In a recent Tucker Carlson segment, he plays five or six news clips from different news channels, the Reporters all repeat verbatim the same words ” Russia set to attack Ukraine”, five or six copy editors, and they all wrote the exact same words? Hopefully Carlson’s point was not lost on US citizens, what a waste of it was.

      Cheers Mal

  8. MILLER says:

    All the huffing and puffing from the old fart and his minions Sullivan, Blinken and Nuland, or Senator Menendez and the rest of the Neanderthals in the Congress about “devastating” sanctions, as amplified by what can only be considered at this point the government press, simply shows their dangerous amnesia. In the last go-around (1941-1945), Russia paid an enormous price to defend its sovereignty and I am sure it is precisely in this sense that Viktor Taratintsev, the Russian ambassador to Sweden, yesterday declared: “Извините за язык — но мы срали на санкции Запада (Excuse me, but we don’t give a shit about Western sanctions.”

  9. Marlene says:

    Taking into account who Biden has placed in charge of Nuclear Waste, no wonder Biden tries to convince US people that national security relies on the Russian border…

    What could go wrong with mad people in charge of nuclear waste?
    The guy looks all the way like a macochist or a psycho ditrectly, and wears a neo nazi hairdo, are we asured some “nuclear waste” will not end in the hands of the C14 thugs?



    Attention to the elder woman watching from afar….

    Each step by this adminsitration adds for intranquility…

    • exiled off mainstreet says:

      Putting that bizarre weirdo in charge of nuclear waste reduces the entire regime to laughingstock status if it hadn’t already accomplished that fact with four star admiral Rachel, the Pennsylvania eunuch in charge of the health department

  10. Hugh Midas says:

    The west, NATO, the pentagon and especially the EU poodles have become the laughing stock of the world, no credibility, no freedom, no nada. Huffing and puffing like poodles to the Borg.

    • English Outsider says:

      They’re not really poodles, Hugh Midas, though I have no scruples referring to them as such. And to Johnson as Sleepy Joe’s sheepdog.

      They’re as big and as vicious as the neocons currently in charge in Washington. Just that they don’t have the teeth. So they use yours.

  11. Leith says:

    I’m still betting against a Russian invasion. However it is not just the WH and the media that are spinning up hints of war:

    “Ukrainian armed forces has cancelled the leave of their soldiers and recalled any personnel currently on leave.”

    “Airline jet leasing companies & their insurers have started to inform passenger airlines operating in Ukraine that their aircraft will no longer be insured when in Ukrainian airspace (effectively grounding many Ukrainian airline jets) as tensions rise.”

    “Rinat Akhmetov’s private jet outbound from Kyiv.” He is one of the richest man in Ukraine. How many others have left?

    • Christian J. Chuba says:

      If you were an insurance company, would you offer insurance to an airline in this environment? The one thing the U.S. is great at doing is intimidating businessman. When the world’s preeminent superpower with at least $100B budget in Intel services alone is telling you that the airspace is not safe, that would give me pause.
      Different point, pretty certain that the Russian public doesn’t want an invasion. The most hawkish among them that I read in the Russian sites talk about a NovaRussia which would unite the south-east to Crimea but never talk about invading Kiev and many would be content just to recognize the already autonomous provinces. That would involve no territory. The point is that Russia is actually a democracy. His move on Crimea was very popular. He might have the legal authority to order an invasion but it could destroy his party.

    • Leith says:

      Agree that the Russian public and Vlad himself do NOT want to invade Kiev. Different story about the Donbas though. If, or more likely when, the Russian Duma recognizes the independence of the People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, the 1st Guards Tank Army and accompanying Spetznatz Brigade is ready and waiting to respond to Ukrainian reactions. Staged as they are near Tomorovka/Belgorod region they could easily overrun the thin UKR defenses in Kharkiv and cut off the entire Donbas region. All without ever trying to get to Kiev or elsewhere in the easten Ukraine.

      I’m hoping that UKR recon birds stay well back from the border. Else the many Russian Krasukha electronic warfare systems or other EW assets staged near the border will lure them over the border by spoofing their navigation systems. Thus giving Pootie his “Look what you made me do.” moment. Hopefully the US RC-135s and RQ-4s patrolling close to the UKR/Rus border have spoof-proof GPS. But I doubt that is the case for UKR aircraft.

  12. Babeltuap says:

    Lowering my expectations. May the countries with the least restrictive covid measures and the least inflation win.

  13. jim ticehurst says:

    Interesting That Zelensky..Macron..And Trudeau..All Look Alike Same Features..

    • Pat Lang says:

      Racist bullshit.

      • jim ticehurst says:

        Not My Intention,,Sir,,Just Observing That All Three,, are
        Thall, ,Thin Build,,,and have same Dark Hair..(different Cuts,,)
        Just My Observation as a LEO,,I Guess Thats “Profiling” Huh..

  14. TTG says:

    Well, in a few days or weeks it’s likely Zelenskiy will be able to say I told you so to Biden and many others. Putin’s big gambit has gotten the world’s panties in a twist, but Zelenskiy called his bluff. Russian tanks may roll right to the border. Russian artillery and rocket may even put on a massive firepower display just short of the border. And then, nothing. Kyiv will still seek full NATO membership. NATO will still refuse to offer full NATO membership, but will continue a robust partnership program. Crimea will still be in Russia’s hands and will still be without Ukraine’s water.

    The DPR and LPR will still be on a downward economic and demographic spiral. The bright spot for the republics is if Putin does recognize their independence. Russian troops may find a way to be there without triggering the threatened sanctions and stop the shooting. Ukrainian troops won’t risk shooting at openly declared Russian troops. Without the shooting, the republics can stop their downward spiral. That would also be good for Ukraine. If Putin can be happy with that, crisis over.

    • Pat Lang says:

      It is disappointing how many TV consultant retired generals have shown themselves to be both gutless and incompetent.

  15. exiled off mainstreet says:

    It is exactly what I’ve been thinking. Ukraine is a pawn the deep state is intending to sacrifice. Zelenski has redeemed himself to a degree by trying to save his country from destruction as that pawn. I am afraid he is in too weak a position as the head of what is essentially a puppet regime to gain any measure of independence. It would be funny if he managed to save himself somehow by going over to the Russians without having to do a runner across the boundary.

  16. Email * says:

    Three T Being Sent Over Thousand More Army Airborn being sent over from Fort Bragg Today..I dont know but that sounds more Offensive Than Defensive to Me..Reports that Russia began CYBER Attacks On Ukrain Today.. Not Sure what thais Affected on Them Right Now..I have heard on TV.. Would Be ther First Operation Of The Russians..Pre Invasion..

    • jim ticehurst says:

      RE: Zelinsky ,,Fleeing to Munich today..2/19/22..

      Q, Who Does That Leave In Charge in Ukraine…?

      Will Russia Began A Massive Cyber Attack TODAY After Zelinsky
      Leaves,,? Shut It ALL Down there..ALL Systems,,All Eyes Will Then
      Be on Ukraine..All News..All Intel..All of NATO..Then..Will Putin
      Then Wait..For ALL Reactions and Responses..Including On Russia..

      At Putins Time of Choosing..With Advice From His DOD..and ICC..
      Would Putin Then Ask Those Inside UKRAINE To SURRENDER..
      And Knowing They are Helpless..and would be Destryed….


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