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Powell endorses Obama

I watched this.  I suppose that President Obama will find something for Colin Powell to do for the next few years, but that will be unfortunate. Powell is someone who truly "blotted his copybook" as the Brits used to say.  … Continue reading

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“Serving the President”

Today it was once again possible to hear both serving officers of the armed forces and the newspeople who cover them speak of their belief that military and naval officers "serve the president."  This time the mention was in connection … Continue reading

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“Joe” and the Magic Plunger.

Someone wrote to ask if I thought "Joe" might be a "plant," a "shill,"  a "ringer," etc.  The appearance of this fellow in the midst of the desperate search by Rick Davis, McCain et al for a rallying figure among … Continue reading

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The GOP and the income tax.

A new feature of the ever evolving memes and themes of the McCain presidential campaign is the accusation that Obama is in favor of a "redistribution of wealth" in the United States through what amounts to confiscatory taxation.  Both McCain … Continue reading

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Trouble reaching SST?

I number of people are reporting difficulty in reaching SST.  How many?  pl

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Outplayed again in Iraq?

"If the parliament refuses, Maliki would have "no choice" but to request a U.N. extension "because the American forces will lose their legal cover on Dec. 31," he told the Times of London in a weekend interview. "If that happens, … Continue reading

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TA post on reading list.

Take a look.  pl

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Merely An Observation

THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE!! One of our correspondents who shares my measured optimism concerning the financial markets offers the following observations: ————————————————————– Companies which have less than 20% debt/equity ratio and at least $1B in cash, a track record … Continue reading

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Dowd on Seneca

"The decline and fall of the American Empire echoes the experience of the Romans, who also tumbled into the trap of becoming overleveraged empire hussies. As our sand-castle economy washes away under the tide of bad gambles and debts, this … Continue reading

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“Playing with Fire”

"The McCain-Palin ticket has given toxic speeches accusing Obama of being a friend of terrorists, then released short, meek repudiations of some of the rough stuff, including McCain’s call Friday to "be respectful." Back in February, the Arizona senator apologized … Continue reading

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