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Today’s News

Jerusalem:  Barkat, who takes Michael Bloomberg as his role model, will be the next mayor of the Holy City.  New York City is his ideal town.  Barkat aspires to make Jerusalem an international metropolis as the eternal capital of the … Continue reading

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Veterans Day – “Only the dead…”

“For 14 hours yesterday, I was at work-teaching Christ to lift his cross by the numbers, and how to adjust his crown; and not to imagine he thirst until after the last halt. I attended his Supper to see that … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address

Our "president to be" quoted this speech the night he was elected.  He mentioned the "sacred bonds of friendship" or some such thing.  It seems appropriate for him to have done so since there is so little left of that … Continue reading

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The Dahlgren Affair

"Meade confided to his wife that "Kilpatrick’s reputation, and collateral evidence in my possession, rather go against this theory" that Dahlgren alone devised the conspiracy. In addition to Meade’s private beliefs, the papers’ authenticity is corroborated by statements from Bureau … Continue reading

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Al – On the likelihood of a new party

"The data are plain.  They argue for the need for the existence of a political party whether new or old that will address the need for “changes in some of the (Republican) party’s long standing policy commitments.” The most likely … Continue reading

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Political Trends – Are there any?

"The election’s outcome is a "fairly thorough repudiation" of the party’s governing style, said Peter Wehner, a former deputy assistant to President Bush. "The Republican Party is in worse shape than conservatism," he said. "The problem with the Republican Party … Continue reading

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“Toward a Concert of the Greater Middle East” W. Patrick Lang

"The circumstances in the “Islamic Culture Continent”—extending from Morocco to Indonesia and from Central Asia to the Indian Ocean—do not differ so much from Europe’s predicament in the aftermath of the Napoleonic War. Decades of what Clausewitz thought to be … Continue reading

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Wednesday 5 November open thread.

I do this in my "spare time" and I am taking the day off.  pl

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Open thread on the ’08 election

Let’s have at it and don’t forget to look at the prospects for the parties that emerge from today. I think Obama and the Democrats are going to do very well today. The following groups will be disappointed in the … Continue reading

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More Neocon Cleverness on Iran

"The report warns that the next administration “might have little time and fewer options to deal with this threat.” It explores such strategies as blockading Iran’s gasoline imports, but it also says that “a military strike is a feasible option … Continue reading

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