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TTG’s Analysis of the Syrian Civil War

On 3 November, after the recapture of Safira by Syrian forces, I wrote that, “Things aren’t going too well for the Syrian rebels. Not only that, the Syrian army is evolving into something far more dangerous to its enemies than … Continue reading

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Jeff White’s Analysis of the Syrian Civil War

"The war could indeed have a military outcome, and in light of current trends, that outcome could be a regime victory. The outlines of a regime strategy for winning the war are visible. This strategy hinges on the staying power … Continue reading

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“Paul calls on Clapper to resign” The Hill

"“I find really that Clapper is lying to Congress is probably more injurious to our intelligent capabilities than anything Snowden did because Clapper has damaged the credibility of the entire intelligence apparatus, and I'm not sure what to believe anymore … Continue reading

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Homage to Judge Leon

I had the privilege of seeing Judge Richard Leon at work.  I testified in his court as an expert witness in the habeas corpus hearing of a young man who had been held at Gitmo for nearly ten years.  this … Continue reading

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“U.S. Sens. McCain, Murphy address protesters, promise support.” Washpost

"“You are making history,” Murphy, the senator, told the crowd. “If you are successful, the United States will stand with you every step of the way.” McCain commended veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan who have been helping to … Continue reading

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Jesus has a friend in Rome

"“You know who I freakin’ love?” gushed MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who said he grew up Catholic but stopped attending church during his freshman year at Brown. “This new pope. Pope Francis. . . . Are you watching this guy? Because you should … Continue reading

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Federal judge strikes down Utah’s polygamy law.

"After learning of the ruling Saturday afternoon, Marvin Wyler exclaimed "hallelujah" and said polygamy never should have been criminalized in the first place. Wyler — who left The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints more than a decade … Continue reading

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A Morgenthau Plan for Iran?

"In January 1946 the Allied Control Council set the foundation of the future German economy by putting a cap on German steel production, the maximum allowed was set at about 25% of the prewar production level.[43] Steel plants thus made … Continue reading

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U.S. to Suspend Aid (to Syrian Rebels)

"The decision applies to “all deliveries of non-lethal assistance into northern Syria while we evaluate the situation on the ground and gather additional details,” Jen Psaki, a State Department spokeswoman, told reporters today in Washington. The U.K. also has halted … Continue reading

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Make money on the moon, or asteroids, or somewhere…

"Moon Express recently unveiled the MX-1 spacecraft design at the Autodesk University in Las Vegas. The Mountain View, California-based company is in the commercial space race, competing for the $40-million-Google Lunar X prize. The coffee-table sized spacecraft will be powered … Continue reading

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