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Nilesat launch

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Will Saudi Arabia survive the Yemen War? – Re-published 2 September 2016, Republished again 30 August 2019

(In light of; the decline in the economy of SA, the apparently successful Yemeni guided missile attack on Taif, SA (700 Km from the Yemen border), and the presence of Yemeni forces in the Asir Province of SA it seems … Continue reading

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al-Sisi is evidently not impressed with Trump

"The reasons behind the decision, according to the sources, is that Egypt doesn’t wish to harm its relations with Iran, as well as it doesn’t believe that US President Donald Trump would be elected for a second term. If Trump … Continue reading

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A “Tour d’horizon” of the ME – Lang’s opinion

1.  Saudi Arabia has expelled Canada's ambassador and recalled its own for consultations.  It has halted any new business with Canada and stopped giving any new Saudi scholarships to its nationals for study in Canada.  'Adil Jubair (aka The Chihuaha, … Continue reading

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At least Nauru is still with us …

  "  nine states – including the United States and Israel –voted against the resolution. The other countries which supported Washington were Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and Honduras."  Guardian ————- (irony alert) So, Perfidious Albion has bitten … Continue reading

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12/18/17  UN Security Council debating and probably voting today (Monday) on resolution to nullify the Trump declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. From DW (Deutsche Welle Akademie) this morning: “The United Nations Security Council will on Monday vote … Continue reading

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al-ghazali would be saddened.

    "Sufism is a strand of Islam that eschews materialism and emphasizes the inward search for God. Sufi adherents are responsible for some of Islam's most famous and beloved literature, including the poems of Rumi. Followers promote values such as … Continue reading

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Turkey has aligned with Qatar

  The diplomatic crisis in Qatar saw a new development Wednesday as Turkey's parliament passed legislation permitting the deployment of troops to a Turkish military base in Qatar. The legislation was drafted prior to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab … Continue reading

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Black Friday Thoughts – 25 November 2016

  1.  President's Daily Book Briefings – The notion that a president or president elect is under ANY obligation to sit through a lengthy daily briefing from a team from the Director of National Intelligence office is just wrong.  This … Continue reading

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Russian “Volunteers” and Egyptian Army in Syria?

    "News on dispatching Egyptian military forces to Syria to combat terrorism Iranian Tasnim News, 3 Nov 2016  Source: Mideastwire, copyright protected. Circulated with permission. Media sources have been carrying news indicating that the Egyptian government has dispatched military forces … Continue reading

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