A Gestapo raid conducted for a demented but still vicious Fuhrer

Nazi occupied Europe, the Roman empire at its politically motivated worst, these are the things that come to mind in contemplating the disgusting behavior of the Demo Marxists and their deep state servants at DoJ and the FBI.

We have lost our way. The Federal Republic is largely gone. What will come after it cannot yet be known. pl

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  1. TTG says:

    Trump has the search warrant. He could publish it and expose what it was all about.

    • Fred says:


      I wonder why the DOJ is keeping that search warrant secret. Do you think the agency whose lawyers fabricated “evidence ” to get the first FISA warrant, which was used repeatedly, have something to hide?

      • Al says:

        Fred, Come on …Trump has the warrant that states what was being looked for and what items, if any, were taken by the Feds!!

        • Fred says:


          I know it escaped your notice, but the DOJ has the warrant. They are the ones exercising federal power as directed by, let me check who runs the executive branch, Couldn’t be Joe, he can’t even answer the press on this one; maybe Dr. Jill, Merick Garland, Barack’s people, hmmm. If Only CNN+ could give us a scoop.

          • Al says:

            Fred, Copy of the warrant presented to occupant, in this case to Trump attorney there at the time. Then a list of items taken provided to occupant. Nowadays, photos, videos, are taken on the spot of confiscated items and also provided to occupant onsite.

            Obviously you have little, of none, knowledge on warrants.

          • Fred says:


            “But but Trump got a copy, so there!” Thanks Captain Obvious. Did the DOJ release TO THE PUBLIC, which is what we were discusssing, said search warrant? How about an answer to the that. Is the warrant “sealed”, meaning Trump can’t release it without violating a court order? Over to you sir.

            “Nowadays, photos, videos, are taken on the spot of confiscated items and also provided to occupant onsite.”

            Agents of the Federal Government never take things that are beyond the scope of the warrant. They never leak either.

          • LeaNder says:

            May I dissect this?

            Did the DOJ release TO THE PUBLIC, which is what we were discusssing, said search warrant?

            Would it be possible to release search warrants to the public without harming Trumps personality/personal/privacy rights in the US of A?

            … Is the warrant “sealed”, meaning Trump can’t release it without violating a court order? Over to you sir.

            Do sealed warrants exist? (Versus diverse levels of sealed information? At least for the general public) Otherwise they are always published?

            If Trump as Americans generally is protected against the publication of the warrant as suggested above, only he could publish it.

            We do have lawyers around here.

        • Glenn Fisher says:

          Except Trump’s lawyers weren’t given an inventory of what was taken after the raid. The Trump lawyers also were not allowed to witness any of the search and waited outside.
          Like the rest of us I guess the FBI doesn’t share your encyclopedic knowledge of warrants, either…
          Interesting that the Trump lawyers were told to, and refused, to turn off the security cameras during the search.
          Brought someone to break into safes as well, all for a rarely-prosecuted offense..

    • blue peacock says:

      You mean like he declassified the Russia Collusion hoax documents??

      At the end of the day his nominee Rosenstein got the Mueller special counsel going and his nominee Wray got the FBI agents to swoop in on his Florida home.

    • JK/AR says:

      Well TTG,

      Just “publishing the warrant” itself wouldn’t necessarily be particularly illuminating. All the warrant would show would be the ‘what’s to be searched for’ and the ‘places authorized to be searched’ – What would however be helpful would be the basis of the predicate presented by the petitioners (FBI *apparently in this instance but likely obscured [in my humble opinion] would be either/or/both DoJ, the House investigatory committee).

      My money would be on “both.” However getting sunlight on the predicate at present would appear nigh on impossible in the foreseeable future as:

      “Two recent warrant applications were assigned to Reinhart and entered into the court system on Monday, the Miami Herald reported, but those warrants and information about who they targeted remain sealed. Records show another warrant was issued by Reinhart on Friday, but its contents were also sealed.”


      Just speculating but I think the DC Circuit will get involved sometime after the Florida judicial authorities have chewed on it for awhile then, after their denying unsealing the DC Circuit will almost certainly also deny unsealing.

      This will go all the way to the Supreme Court but be slow-walked the entire way.

      One thing I seem to recall – Isn’t it the *normal state of affairs for former Presidents’ residences to have an on premises SCIF?

      • ked says:

        if that former palace of a cereal heiress ever had a scif during tfg’s regime, I’d guess it was soon converted into a hi-volume toilet.

  2. JK/AR says:

    I frankly too believe the Republic is no more. Viewing those strutting and preening would-be “public servants” swearing in ceremonies to protect and defend, and follow, the Constitution in our current state – mere theater. And now too, our “free press” (in all its current manifestations) no longer serving as the protectors the Founders had in mind but rather, enthusiastically willing – albeit *unofficially – near cabinet members.

    Andrew McCarthy on last night’s raid:


    Truly there was an Insurrection. However it did not occur on the January 6th date *they would prefer us believe – it occurred sometime before.

    G-d help us.

  3. Jose says:

    We are now officially a Banana Republic:


    TTG, the warrant is just a paper we need the premise that the Judge used to approval this event.

  4. jim ticehurst says:

    There is chatter there was an Informant inside Trumps Compound..Both Sides Are Protecting The Data They Have..For Reasons..And Responses..

    Re: Colonel Langs Post..Glad to see Him Focused On Reality..and Back in The Bosses Chair..We Must Look At History..we MUST MakeLogical Comparisons..to Current Events..Modus..Means..Methods..Subversion..Deceptions..Outcomes..

    The Republic is under Siege…Unlike Nazi Germany….Those In Power Now..Are Those
    Hitler Purged…Then…The “Progressive Nazis” Have Altered History..With as Much Sadistic Energy as Hitler Displayed Then..IMO..

    What Is The “Progressive…”Final Solution.” ? Maintaining Absolute Power..A
    New Reich..For All the Americas….Put on the Table..For The “Boss” All Options..
    They Have Developed..How Far Along is Thier Pogrom..?? Is it Beyond Over Riding..?? Some Final Phase Developments I See….
    80,000 New IRS Agent..Prestock with Millions of Rounds of Ammo and Weapons..
    This will Be Accountants..Lawyers..and Armed Field Agents..Like The FBI..
    The Ability to Eleminate Constitution Protections..Search And Seizures..
    Incarcerations..NO Due Process. For “Enemy’s of Regime..

    Finally..The Ability of a Nazi like Government To Liquidate Enemys With Drugs..Now Stockpiled all over America..Maybe Vats of Kool Aide Jim Jones Style..

    Population Control..and Relocations…Now Widely Enhanced by the Administration..

    There Is Nothing GOOD About Whats Happening..at all levels.. Thats why MILLIONS
    of Responsible American are Alarmed…or Sounding Alarms..
    JT…1680 Hanover County Virginia..Ancestry
    Its Thier Constitutional Right…And It Needs To be Protected and Preserved..

    • Deap says:

      Tax revolt is the only tool Americans have left.

      But Biden-Harris- Pelosi just headed that one off at the pass too – 85,000 additional IRS enforcement agents – with the sinister admonition – do it right and you won’t need to worry. So withholding taxes as that last tool of civil defense was anticipated and now foreclosed.

      It all happened so fast, just like the “legal” takeover of California by the same Democrat deep state forces. Yes, this is the face of insurrection, because they now have have total control of means, methods and motives.

      No, no, no …this cannot be happening. But helplessness is all I muster at this point – the new Biden Reign of Terror has begun. French Revolution history will play itself out again – that is what will “play out”.

      • Fred says:


        “Tax revolt is the only tool Americans have left.”

        No it is not. “but but but Deap State CA version” whining isn’t a winning strategy. You might try getting off your CA butt and helping some one who is running for office, or do so yourself. Surrendering the playing field isn’t a path to victory.

  5. Serge says:

    I mentioned this story on here before, these people rolled up to my house in their black SUVs a few months before Jan 06 because of my (completely legal and not nefarious in the slightest) regular accessing of jihadi propaganda on the internet. During our “conversation” on my porch, at the point that I got the feeling that they would leave me alone and were convinced that I was harmless, they starting harping on about how “right wing terrorism” was fast overtaking the threat of homegrown jihadi terrorism in the US and that they were on high alert going into the inauguration. I’m sure they are quite pleased with how things have turned out 2 years later.

  6. Dolores O´Neil says:

    Seen from the distance, and not from a Trump admirer ( thus you can discount any bias here…)this seems to me an exercise applied this tiem to the US of what has been rehearsed through the Ukraine scenario all this past decade, I mean the full crushing of dissent and neutralization and erasing of any kind of political opposition.

    As soon as this was accepted by the whole “West” in Ukraine, that should have sound the alarms for the rest of us in our countries, especially seeing what has happened during “the pandemic”.

    If to this you add the full suspension of the international law and charter on human rights and national constitutions during the past almost three years, you have that what I envisioned would happen is happening, that the governments who organized and enforced the pandemic measures did that with the full conviction they will remain in power until their masters want, that no new elections will take place any more, as I warned some of my awakened friends and peers.

    Well, here we go.

    The invasion of Trump´s propierty and home means that if that can be done to a former POTUS, that can be done more easily to any of us dissenters.

    To see if they will seize all Trump porpierties and funds ( I have read they have his tax record ) and whether this will mark the great plunder on all us advanced by the WEF.

  7. Dolores O´Neil says:

    I fear this man did not conduct anything….Unable to conduct even himself…

    There is a coup ongoing…


  8. ked says:

    I believe folk are taking the nature of organized leftist / centralized deep state power as an immediate existential threat. it is not. there’s momentum aplenty to keep things rolling along until externalities come to the fore.
    yet, no one is as organized in America as christian nationalists, armed private militias & billionaires (Thiel, Koch, Mercer, Uihlein, Ellison… @ the rate things are going, expect Musk to get Born Again). critical replacement theory, fleecing the sheep for jesus, magical conspiracy thinking, reproductive organ criminalization… one could go on. violent imagery, rhetoric & behaviors run amuck on the reactionary populist side (symmetry is not equivalence, so please spare me antifa this antifa that) based upon campaign commercials during the primaries. I take it as an close-in existential threat because I am close enough to that heat to feel it. many seem to overlook the threat, opting for opportunity… what absurd idealism regarding revolution.
    I couldn’t care less if anyone recognizes these cultural behaviors as more threatening than Big Government, illegal immigration & tiresome coastal elites. my view is that the cure (civil disintegration / widespread violence / the end of the American Experiment / some white guy on a horse) is not only far worse than the disease, it’s avoidable. the crisis is manageable… unless one is hungry for violence.
    the question for each & every American is, “do YOU want to employ violence?” hiding behind “look what’s happening!” / “so & so is evil!” / the future is such&such, I’m certain!” is getting beyond passe.
    for those who Do NOT want violence, let’s all read the Constitution together… there are remedies therein. the last resort is the worst when it isn’t the last.

    • cobo says:

      The times I taught Civics, the current version, in high schools, we all read the Constitution. The answers we need are not in the Constitution. They are in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

  9. Al says:

    Wow, this search of Trump’s home got the tin hats on tight getting their beams a plenty. Surely, DOJ, FBI, the Fed Judge knew the rightwing outrage…and. lol, the subsequent Trump fund raising ($$$$)..would be raging after the search, (not a “raid” as the fanatics have been yelling!). The ‘i’s” will be all dotted and the “t’s” crossed for sure on this warrant.
    Come on Trump…show your MAGA crowd the warrant!

    Here’s a bit of relevancy today in Politco Blog:

    … David Laufman, who led the Justice Department’s counterintelligence section until 2018 and is now a partner at the firm Wiggin and Dana, commented: “For the department to pursue a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago tells me that the quantum and quality of the evidence they were reciting was likely so pulverizing in its force as to eviscerate any notion that the search warrant and this investigation is politically motivated,” he said. …

    … In the absence of more concrete details, Trump’s defenders have clamored to bear hug the former president more fiercely than ever, deriding the FBI and Justice Department as weapons of partisan Democrats. But Laufman’s take echoes the consensus of other experts who operate in the corner of the legal world that deals with the handling of classified material. It’s highly unlikely the DOJ would have pursued — and a judge would have granted — such a politically explosive search warrant without extraordinary evidence.

    “Sooner or later, the Justice Department and Mr. Trump will have to clarify the substance of what has happened,” said Steven Aftergood, a longtime Federation of American Scientists advocate against government secrecy. “Then we will know, was there a real violation of the law or was this some kind of speculative adventure. As far as I can tell, the FBI is not prone to the kind of — to what members of Congress have called a banana republic-like invasion. That doesn’t happen, especially with a court order.”

    In the absence of more detailed information about the investigation, it’s unclear what potential crimes DOJ is probing. Notably, Trump — after a fierce campaign against Clinton in which he called for her to be jailed for her handling of classified material — signed a law in 2018 that stiffened the penalty for the unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents from one year to five years, turning it into a felony offense.

    Trump is in perhaps the best position to reveal more details about what transpired on Monday. The former president has access to the full inventory of items that federal investigators were seeking as well as what was taken from his estate during the search. He or his lawyers were almost certainly presented with a copy of the search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago — though not the underlying affidavit or other supplemental materials, which are usually kept confidential until charges are issued or a case is closed. In addition, Trump can speak to the nature of any potentially classified material that may have been the basis for the search and whether he took steps to declassify any of it as he left office.

    “If people are calling for it to be made public, I believe that is within the power of Mr. Trump to do,” Aftergood said. “He could describe what was at stake and what the point of disagreement was. He doesn’t need to speculate.”

    • JK/AR says:

      Oh Al,

      Per Laufman: “For the department to pursue a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago tells me that the quantum and quality of the evidence they were reciting was likely so pulverizing in its force as to eviscerate any notion that the search warrant and this investigation is politically motivated”

      You’re perhaps Al familiar with FBI Attorney Clinesmith’s acknowledgement of his guilt?

      ‘Clinesmith was assigned to provide legal support to FBI personnel working on Crossfire Hurricane, and he assisted FBI personnel with applications prepared by the FBI and the Justice Department’s National Security Division to conduct surveillance under the FISA. During the investigation, there were a total of four court-approved FISA applications targeting Individual #1. Each of the FISA applications alleged there was probable cause that Individual #1 was a knowing agent of a foreign power, specifically Russia.’


      ‘Quantum. Quality.’

      Oh yeah. Well then Biden, declassify the “pulverizing predicate”!

      Al here is highly likely the most invested party around these parts for the absolute proof ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ (which is the standard incidentally “our” system demands – or used to be at any rate) to get the larger numbering remainders convinced Al is correct in his, at this point, faith.

      Presumption of innocence be damned. Full speed ahead!

    • southpoint says:

      “It’s highly unlikely the DOJ would have pursued — and a judge would have granted — such a politically explosive search warrant without extraordinary evidence.”

      Late to the party? I’m not a Trump fan but seriously, he has been mocked, derided, persecuted like no other President in modern history. In the last 6+ years, evidence is the LAST thing the corrupt deep state has needed for any of its actions.

  10. A. Pols says:

    You surely know where this is going? The type of lurch towards authoritarian rule that is apparent in the Democrat party lately more often than not is unstoppable once control of the levers of power is attained, to a large extent by controlling information people are allowed to see. The process is mostly complete. Yes there’s Tucker Carlson on Fox, but they’ll probably get rid of him by hook or by crook and “useful idiots” can always be found as proxy “victims” for ruinous lawsuits ( Alex Jones) or for fake criminal charges, usually morals offenses are convenient and the defendant is tainted from jump street. As for Trump, the movers and shakers in the Democrat party have made lots of noise regarding their ultimate goal of ruining him financially as a precondition for trying him on some pretext and burying him in prison where his health will break and he’ll soon die (us old guys require lots of tending) and once we are in prison, negligent medical care and daily humiliations finish the job.
    Maybe there will be a brief reprieve after this November, but the Democrats are more united and not afraid to get their hands dirty; they’ll come back with more “resist” BS and their coopted “Lugenpresse” will oblige. I’m sad in my old age to envision the USA devolving into a “Government of Wolves”, but in the present state of things it’s hard to be optimistic.

  11. A. Pols says:

    Oh yes, Colonel, I may be wrong and correct me if I am, but I seem to recall years ago on SST that you had “commenting rules” forbidding any comparisons to Hitler on pain of banning. But of course that was 10 years or more ago and such comparisons were deemed invidious. Yet, here we are now….

    • Pat Lang says:

      I don’t remember that. you have a link? The archive is searchable.

      • A. Pols says:

        I don’t have the link and there’s so much content to wade through. But it happened towards the end of Dubbya’s 2nd. term. You would periodically admonish readers of SST that crossing one line or another was not allowed and in one of those you distinctly stated that, among other things, comparisons to Hitler were not going to be tolerated. I was vehemently opposed to Bush’s Iraq adventure and would have been tempted to make such comparisons, but I made a mental note to tread lightly when commenting on SST. I am afflicted with a photographic memory for events and conversations. My recently retired High School teacher sister thinks I’m on “The Spectrum”. Maybe she’s right…LOL

  12. Deap says:

    Their goal is obviously to break Trump as the man; instead they breaking the heart of America. All I can do right now is wail – deep from the gut wail. And accept the fact that half the country is very happy this is happening.

    Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

  13. Al says:

    From various reports:

    Tuesday, Trump attorney and former OAN host Christina Bobb confirmed in an interview that the warrant had to do with classified information.

    “They also said that they were looking for classified documents, evidence of a crime as far as classified documents goes,” she said, recounting the visit by the FBI. “Classified information that they think should not have been removed from the White House as well as presidential records.”

    For the past several months, Trump and those around him have thrown up various forms of chaff having to do with questions of classification.

    It came after the National Archives told House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) in a February letter that it had identified “classified national security information” within 15 boxes of records that Trump turned over to the archives in January. Those boxes were full of presidential records that Trump had improperly taken with him from the White House.

    It’s not clear what records “classified national security information” may refer to, though some experts suggested that the level of classification — combined with the apparent urgency of the FBI’s Monday searches — suggest it may have been something serious.

    As President, Trump had access to the most sensitive information that our government has. Classified information is handled in a very specific and careful manner — it has to be stored, access is limited. These documents, whether still classified or declassified by Trump, need to be obtained and gotten back into the possession of the government. The issue of criminal prosecution could well be very secondary to the primary interest of the national security concern of needing to obtain the documents.

    When the National Archives first said in February that it had identified classified material, Trump replied by laying out a defense that he and his acolytes have used on the matter since: he was President, and therefore had unilateral authority to determine not only what was classified, but what needed to be stored as a presidential record.

    Throughout the spring, reports indicate that the DOJ began to investigate the matter with some urgency. A grand jury was empaneled at some point in April, the New York Times reported. Four federal investigators, including the chief of the Counterintelligence and Export Controls Section of the DOJ’s National Security Division, reportedly visited Mar-a-Lago in early June.

    As this all took place, one Trump loyalist who the former President empowered to negotiate with NARA over the matter made a little-noticed public assertion: Trump had already declassified everything that was at Mar-a-Lago — verbally.

    “The White House counsel failed to generate the paperwork to change the classification markings, but that doesn’t mean the information wasn’t declassified,” Kash Patel, a former staffer for Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and, briefly, a Pentagon employee, told Breitbart in May.

    “I was there with President Trump when he said ‘We are declassifying this information,’” Patel added.

    Per a 2009 executive order, markings on classified material need to be updated to reflect changes in their status. At a minimum they would have to be marked as unclassified.

    It remains unclear what records may have been at Mar-a-Lago. Bobb, the Trump attorney, seemed to affirm that federal agents believed that some of the records were classified, but took the same line as Patel in arguing that Trump had already decided that the materials were neither classified nor presidential records. Bottom line, though, even if declassified the documents are government property, not Trump’s property. Secondly, Trump’s likely ‘willy nilly” declassification of such documents presents adverse national security threats should the docs go through his hands to others.

    The involvement early this year of the Chief of the Counterintelligence and Export Controls Section of the DOJ’s National Security Division points to there being highly sensitive documents that have remained with Trump.

    • Fred says:


      Do you have an actual comment you want to make or just feel your comments on this blog should be Politico articles without attribution or accurate quotation marks to show it is not yours?

  14. Al says:

    Would a conviction of the National Archives law prevent a 2nd Trump Presidency?

    If former President Trump is being investigated for improperly removing or destroying federal records that were in his custody, then one criminal provision that is likely to be implicated is 18 U.S.C. § 2071(b), which makes such removal or destruction a crime punishable by up to three years in prison. Section 2071(b) also takes the unusual step of requiring that individuals who violate it “shall…be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

    Some observers have posited that being convicted of violating Section 2071(b) may thus disqualify former President Trump from holding the presidency again in the future.

    For better or worse, this assessment is likely wrong.

    Article II of the Constitution lays out a specific set of qualifications that individuals must meet to hold the office of president, namely that they be “natural born Citizen[s]” of the United States, at least 35 years old, and have been residents of the United States for at least 14 years. Other parts of the Constitution set out similar lists of qualifications for certain other public offices, including seats in the House and Senate.

    The Supreme Court has treated these lists of qualifications for House and Senate seats as exclusive, and has specifically held that state legislatures cannot add additional grounds for disqualification through legislation and that Congress cannot disqualify members-elect on other grounds. The Court has never squarely addressed whether this same logic applies to the qualifications for the Presidency or prohibits Congress from adding to them through statute. But as Seth Barrett Tillman has usefully documented, both lower courts and legal scholars have generally assumed that it does. If correct, this means that § 2071(b) cannot disqualify individuals from holding the presidency for violating it, as doing so would be an unconstitutional expansion of the qualifications already set out in the Constitution. Plaintiffs may still try to challenge Trump’s eligibility for the presidency if he is convicted of violating § 2071(b). But the weight of legal opinion suggests these challenges are likely to lose.

    Notably, this isn’t the first time in recent memory that this issue has come up. As Charlie Savage has written in the New York Times, a number of prominent Republican lawyers, including former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, suggested that Hillary Clinton’s alleged mismanagement of her emails while Secretary of State could be in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2071 and thus disqualify her from running for President in the lead-up to the 2016 election. Legal scholars swiftly swooped in to point out the issues with this argument. Mukasey ultimately conceded that § 2071(b) likely cannot disqualify anyone from serving as president.
    [above from Lawfare blog]

    • JK/AR says:


      Thus you reveal yourself. But the ultimate question is, ‘Does mere statute stand above what the Constitution clearly states’?

      Corollary to that, from whence do the statute-makers derive their authority to enact laws if not the Constitution itself?

      As you’ve yourself put it above, “It’s not clear … may refer to … some experts suggested … the apparent urgency … suggest it may have been

      Now were I to find myself before our Nation’s final arbiter pleading for redress I for one would not be so keen to have my counsel presenting my case to the Justices thusly – “It’s not clear Justice So&so, JK may refer to some experts suggesting, because the big hurry suggested, maybe he did or did not do something which this Court has yet to rule on.”

      No. Not keen on whatsoever.

      I do have faith in our Judiciary ultimately to; paraphrasing – who wazzit, Churchill [I can’t be arsed to search] ‘The American [Judiciary] always gets it right – after they’ve tried everything else.’

      Our current crop of Pols – for the most part – I can find no basis upon which to base any appreciable hope to faith.

      One last thing Al, one last thing.

      Some period ago on this very blog (no not SST) Colonel Lang put up a post generally positing that – again paraphrasing, “Placing yet again, Trump at the top of the ticket would be a terrible idea” Something like that anyway.

      And I agreed adding that, ‘in my opinion’ “it would split the party and there wouldn’t be another R president in my lifetime.”

      Perhaps TTG as well may recall my stating opposition to Trump’s again running. I know Fred can vouch for my saying so because he and I have disagreed on the proposition severally.

      So Al, do not take my supreme criticism of the current administration’s weaponizing its various enforcement divisions against a possible candidate – indeed against anyone – as making me, de-facto, a Trump supporter.

  15. Al says:

    JK/AR, SCOTUS ultimately decides per the Constitutional the requirements for Presidency, not legistative law.

  16. jim ticehurst says:

    Classified. Top Secret Data or Documents In the Possession of a Former President..
    like Donald Trump…Whose Loyalty to the United States is Proven.. and Attempts to Destroy Him By ALL Means.,,,. Is ..On Record….And Illegal..Even The Democrats
    know That and Dont Care..They have Eleminated ALL Checks And Balances..
    Top to Bottom…Thats Why The Current Debate..With the EXPOSURE of So Much Data on The Democrat/Marxist..
    Meanwhile….Millions of Files of Top secret and Above…Data Have Been Given..Sold..
    Or Stolen By Americas Greatest Foreign Enemy CCP/China..With Collusion from Biden Family Members..
    THAT ..And the Biden Regime..Are The Top of My Watch List Now..
    The Proof is in ALL..the United States..Domestic..Market..Military..And Commerce Data..and current Policys..
    Im Intrigued to See The Way Biden People Respond to the TRUTH..With Thier Insults and Mockery..Exposure..Naked…and Afraid..

  17. Artemesia says:

    Rick Wiles at TruNews laid out a scenario involving “the Binder” — that included documentation and names of Crossfire Hurricane participants.

    The assertion is that Trump DE-classified the Binder on his last day in office, and that Biden RE-classified it on his first day in office.

    The claim is that Trump has The Binder, which could put a lot of people in jail for a long time.

    FBI was tasked to secure the Binder.

    Trump was not on the premises: he had been subpoenaed to appear in New York City.

    The assumption is that in the course of 270 man-hours in the 3,000 square foot house including perusal of Mrs. Trump’s clothing, FBI failed.


  18. TTG says:

    Newsweek reports that the raid was based on information from a confidential human source who identified what classified documents Trump had and where they were. The search was initiated out of the NSD of the FBI and planned with the Miami Field Office for execution while Trump was not at Mar a Lago.

    But why execute a search rather than a subpoena or continued negotiations to retrieve the classified documents? Why the rush to this extraordinary action? Was Trump actively planning to sell these documents to a foreign government? Sure Trump’s a grifter extraordinaire, but would he go so far as to sell US classified information to a foreign government to line his pockets? Or maybe it’s one of his true believers that he took to Mar a Lago from the White House.

    If there’s a confidential human source at Mar a Lago, that means the FBI is definitely spying directly on Trump or someone very close to him in what appears to be a national security investigation. That would be another shocking and unprecedented turn of events.

    • blue peacock says:

      “…that means the FBI is definitely spying directly on Trump or someone very close to him in what appears to be a national security investigation.”


      I’m sure you recall that other “national security” investigation including a special counsel while Trump was POTUS. That turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by his political opponent in cahoots with the “national security” establishment and the corporate media.

      I’d be highly skeptical of any “national security” investigation considering how politically motivated they seem to be in hindsight. Hillary gets away as Jim Comey says “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” Then we have the cases of Roger Stone & Steve Bannon. Both indicted and prosecuted. However, others who committed identical crimes were not – Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Holder, et al.

      Don’t you think this separate but unequal treatment reeks of political justice at the hands of a highly politicized law enforcement, rather than by voters?

      While I think Trump was not an executive with good managerial skills (hiring Rosenstein & Wray – who shafted him & failed to use the powers vested in him as POTUS to expose the Russia Collusion hoax), he should run again and let the voters decide. I wouldn’t vote for him but neither would I vote for whoever the Democrats nominate. Both parties in their current reincarnation are dismal for the current challenges facing the country, which IMO are largely domestic. If we get our own house in order, then our foreign policy will also get ordered.

    • Fred says:


      ” Was Trump actively planning to sell these documents to a foreign government?”

      The Hopium and Copium are strong today, as is the slander by inuendo. “If there’s a confidential human source…” is that the same type as the ones who set up the Whitmer kidnapping plot, “the whistleblower” whose name could not be mentioned, or the DOJ lawyer who fabricated evidence to obtain a subpeona from the FISA court?

      Let me help you with some analysis. The left dare not allow a fair midterm election lest there begin actual investigations into the conduct of the various federal agencies over the past half dozen years. Too many corrupted individuals face, at a minimum, loss of position, power, and income. Many face jail if there were actually an effective judicial system. In additon are numerous federal agency employees who face a Reduction in Force retirement, prepared or not, due to cuts that will inevitably come. In addition to that are all the foreign government and NGOs who face a lose of their gravy train should the left lose power.

      As an adendum, the day after this raid the FBI seized the cell phone of the member of congress who is the head of the Feedom Caucus. That’s another political opponent of the democratic party. You might want to read up on how the Bolsheviks took power. The left is doing the same thing right now.

      • TTG says:


        Trump took a bunch of stuff from the White house when he left. Whether he felt compelled to keep his love letters from Kim Jong-Un and other presidential tchachkes isn’t scandalous. All those things will end up in a Trump Presidential library some day anyways. The National Archives retrieved 15 boxes after much legal arm twisting back in January. Among the retrieved items were some highly classified documents. Some more were missing and Trump had more stuff he took from the White House. Now the DOJ was involved. After four months of more legal dancing, Trump failed to produce any of those classified documents or allow DOJ to retrieve them. Why didn’t Trump want to clear that up? Why did he deem it important to retain those classified documents? That’s why I ask the question. Was Trump actively planning to sell these documents to a foreign government?

        • Fred says:


          You mean he took documents he declassified because as president he had the ultimate authority to do so? How do you know what was or was not requested and/or returned? Were you present and reviewing a checklist? From the public information even his lawyer was forbidden to be present when the search happened.

          Other than you no one has stated he intended to sell or otherwise provide any documents to any foreign government. That is just a repeat of Hilary’s Russia Collusion lie that continues to damage the republic. Shoving a question mark at the end of your statement doesn’t make it true. You should take the beam out of your eye and do some dispassionate analysis.

          • TTG says:


            Looks like we’ll soon find out what documents were recovered. The AG has filed to unseal the search warrant and list of documents recovered. He also announced Trump’s lawyer has a copy of the warrant and inventory. Trump could release it. What makes you believe Trump declassified the documents he took?

            Whether he has/had any intention to sell classified documents or share them with anybody is just a question. That’s why I put a question mark on the end. I don’t really know why he insisted on keeping those documents in his possession. Making more money or some kind of similar self-serving motive is the only thing that makes sense to me.

          • Pat Lang says:

            1- the presidential records act is not a criminal statute. 3 – Except for a couple of nuclear weapons matters, the ENTIRE information classification system is derived from [residential executive order. All authority to classify or de-classify is derived from the president. Trump had the authority to de-classify anything he took with him.

          • TTG says:

            Trump could have declassified any documents, but it still takes a paper trail to do so. Same goes for Biden if he sought to reclassify those documents. Although just MSM rumors so far, this may involve documents dealing with nuclear weapons matters. Unless Trump can stop the release of the search warrant and inventory of items seized, we may know by this weekend.

          • Pat Lang says:

            I served in the United States Army Special Security Group (USASSG) when it was a world wide DA General Staff class 2 activity. I served in two detachments and commanded one of them. I am school trained in things like classification authorities for all kinds of levels and compartments including SCI. If there are witnesses to Trump having declared these documents to be de-classified, then no “paper trail” is needed.

          • Fred says:


            Has the judge unsealed the warrant? If not the answer is Trump can’t. What part of that day old discussion do you as an experienced federal government employee and former military officer not understand? You are just asking such questions after two years lies from the press and the democratic party apparatus about Russia collusion? Sadly you are worse than the Putin trolls here.

          • TTG says:


            We’ll see if Trump tries to stop the unsealing. Trump refuses to give up classified documents after months of the DOJ asking him to do so. Yet you think he would quake in his boots over a sealed search warrant? Why do you think he held onto those classified documents? Just being obstinate?

            Two years of the Mueller investigation resulted in 37 indictments; seven guilty pleas or convictions; and compelling evidence that the president obstructed justice on multiple occasions. Mueller also uncovered and referred 14 criminal matters to other components of the DOJ, including the NSD. He didn’t find any evidence of direct collusion between Moscow and Trump. That would entail Trump developing a plan with Moscow and sticking to that plan. I doubt he’s capable of that kind of cooperative behavior. And he is certainly unsuitable for recruitment. I never thought there was any direct collusion, just a lot of opportunistic taking advantage of each other. However Mueller did lay out the Russian interference part pretty well. The bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee agreed with the Mueller findings.

          • Fred says:


            Zero people were convicted of colluding with Russia to rig the 2017 election. The whole escapade and everything that came of it is the result of fabrications by DOJ lawyer Clinesmith’s doctoring of a FISA court search warrant application, our “noble allies” in Britain via GCHQ’s man Mr. Steele, and let us not forget our friends down under in the personage of Ambassador Downer and his “conversation” with George Popadopolous. But by all means repeat “russia collusion” again like a religous mantra.

          • TTG says:


            It is you who keeps repeating “russia collusion” in an effort to defend Trump and deflect from what the Mueller and Senate investigations did find. I said Trump was incapable of carrying out a planned and executed act of collusion.

          • Fred says:


            Mueller found so much that Trump was charged with nothing. The Senate convicted him of nothing. Congratulations. On a bright note every lawyer on Mueller’s team erased their cell phones, all accidentally. Now that is a true marker of professional conduct.

    • Pat Lang says:

      “Sure Trump’s a grifter extraordinaire,” Tell me about the “grift.” What exactly are you talking about? Sharp business practice? Avoiding taxes when possible? Selling goods and services for more than their actual value? He is a New York businessman. They pretty much sll do that if they can get away with it. Have you ever been in the business world?

      • TTG says:


        Trump payed $25 million to settle two class actions and a NYS suit over Trump university. There were other earlier suits including one brought by the Texas AG that alleged defrauding Texas taxpayers that was dropped when Trump agreed to cease operations in Texas. Trump swindled thousands in that one business endeavor. Then there’s the Trump foundation grift. The Trump Foundation’s fraudulent activities, all directed/approved by Donald Trump himself, lead to its being shut down, dissolved and its assets being divided among real charities. Other examples include his frequent practice of stiffing contractors for work done and his political fund raising schemes designed to trick donors into recurring donations. These aren’t sharp business practices. They’re grifts. That other New York businessmen do shady and even illegal things doesn’t absolve Trump of his grifts.

        • Leith says:

          There was also Trump’s “Official Election Defense Fund”, which scammed $250 Mil from his supporters. The money ended up going to his hotels or other businesses or to his friends. Zero went to litigation of the election.

          Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts committed securities fraud. They knowingly or recklessly issued a false Earnings Release for the ‘Trump World’s Fair’ Casino at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

          Plus he knowingly used a previously convicted Mafia-linked stock fraudster, Felix Sater, as a senior business adviser.

          Bidren is hoping that Trump wins the GOP primary to run in the next presidential election. Might be the only way he can win.

          • blue peacock says:

            Trump is no more corrupt than any of the others. How much grift is Biden involved in using Hunter as the cut-out? How about the Clinton’s through their foundation? What happened to all the Haiti relief funds run through their foundation or the nuclear materials deal? What about Obama? Why is it that the first thing he and Michelle did on getting out of the White House was hop on Richard Branson’s private jet to fly on to his Carribbean island? No quid pro quo there?

            Why these unprecedented attacks on Trump while kid gloves on all the others?

        • Pat Lang says:

          These are very idealistic business standards that you apply to Trump. Will you apply the same to Biden family?

          • TTG says:


            Yes I would. Hunter Biden should never run for public office or be appointed to any position of public trust.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Really? I heard he is going to run for the Delaware senate seat in North Wilmington.

          • Fred says:


            Hunter has been investigated by the FBI with a thorough review of his laptop and a raid on his home to collect evidence? When was that? When did he testify against the drug dealer who got him so hook on drugs he was cashiered from the Navy rather than jailed by them in a sweetheart deal?

  19. Deap says:

    DOJ still must cover why Obama spied on Trump in 2016. Durham must be circling closer and closer.

  20. blue peacock says:

    Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed on Thursday that he gave the green light to federal agents to seek a search warrant for Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

    The search warrant was later approved by a Florida-area judge and executed on Monday morning.

    Moments before Garland’s brief remarks the Justice Department petitioned a judge to unseal the warrant – putting the ball in the former president’s court as to whether he wants to try and stop it.


    After media reports that the neither the AG or the White House knew anything about the raid, we now have Garland saying he authorized it.

    Could it be possible that the DOJ & FBI were trying to get hold of Crossfire Hurricane documentation that may implicate them? Trump of course did nothing when he had the opportunity to nail all the participants. We don’t know why, but he nevertheless got impeached twice and has had a whole committee relentlessly push the J6 insurrection narrative and has a NY AG investigation and now the DOJ/FBI raid on his Florida home. We’ll never know precisely why he chose not to fight back and use the power of his office to get after the top echelons of the “national security” establishment. In any case he has a big target on his back which very likely means he has no option but to run in 2024 since the current establishment is determined to destroy him. I wonder why, as he has done nothing that would upset their applecart other than tweet.

    • Deap says:

      Judicial Watch already obtained a time-certain for the release of the search warrant. Looks like this court action was well-ahead of Garland’s now tardy come to Jesus moment.

      • TTG says:


        The DOJ normally never releases this stuff until there’s an indictment. This is to protect the subject of these warrants. Will Judicial Watch fight Trump if he seeks to keep the search warrant and inventory of seized documents under wraps? He has until Friday afternoon to seek to stop the release.

        • Deap says:

          How does a well-publicized raid and ransacking of the private residence of the former president of the United States and the personal belongings of the former First Lady ………”protect the subject of these warrants?”

          The only courtesy I see so far was waiting until Trump was not in residence, so they were not obligated to handcuff the “subject of these warrants”.

          Props to the FBI.

        • Sam says:

          TRUMP on the warrant and affidavits used by the FBI to raid his home: “Release the documents now!”


          Ok. Let’s see how all this turns out.

    • Sam says:

      The intelligence apparatus and the corporate media spinning stories once again. This time nuclear secrets hidden in Trump’s basement.

      Democrat candy man Laufman? The guy who gave Danchenko a free pass without getting anything in return but a litany of lies? Really @washingtonpost?


      Looks like the Steele dossier, Fusion GPS, corporate media leak and publish sheer fantasies to discredit and launch official “national security” investigations redux. It’s like people forget quite easily the falsification of FISA warrant requests. Remember, Rosenstein said he knew nuttin but signed the affidavit in testimony to Congress when it became clear that the FISA warrant was based on the Steele dossier that they knew was uncorroborated and even false and previously claimed it wasn’t part of the FISA affidavit. The same guys then like Laufman now spinning nuclear secrets stories.

      I suppose they believe that many Americans are dumb as a rock!

      • Sam says:

        By the Washington Post’s own logic in this article the DOJ either can’t keep track of super important nuclear documents & never knew they were missing or waited 18 months to suddenly need to order an immediate raid to get them back. Both are completely and utterly incompetent.


        The incompetence is the peddling of the nuclear secrets story just like they peddled the Steele dossier based stories paid for by the Clinton campaign, which became the basis for the FISA affidavit and the Russia Collusion “national security” investigation including Mueller.

        The anti-Trumpers will be the only people who buy this. I can’t wait until Rachel Maddow hyperventilates. The rest are just gonna roll their eyes.

        They really want Trump to run again. There’s some logic there as nothing will revive a failing CNN like a Trump candidacy. And nothing will bring the Democrats, the GOP establishment, the corporate media and the governmental apparatus together like a Trump candidacy.

        One thing they believe they can take to the bank, is that if Trump wins again, he’ll be a chump once again. Not taking them to task at all and they can impede and continually harass him.

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