Deleted Files Recovered in Arizona

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  1. Deap says:

    The Deleted-Recovered file saga continues – AZ AG believes discredited media reports attacking CyberNinjas and throws up one more layer of ongoing audit obstructions:

    All quite curious – full transparency is the only way out of this. Back off, Democrats and self-interested partisans. Let this unfold and save your ammunition until the findings are presented. Continual ongoing obstruction and specious challenges makes everyone uncomfortable. Hold your fire, AZ AG.

    Dampen suspicions; don’t inflame them. This is a legal process going on right now- and either outcome is possible – everything was in order or there were built in corruptions. You can have your day in court later attacking the evidence. Just like Windham County, NH.

    Trust me AZ, you don’t want bug-riddled machines or processes counting your votes.

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