Fighting renewed in Jerusalem

“Israeli security forces used stun grenades and rubber bullets against Palestinians outside the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, where thousands of worshipers had been attending Friday prayers, puncturing a half-day of calm brought on by a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.A CNN journalist at the mosque compound said dozens of Israeli officers hit journalists with batons and tried to point rifles at them, calling them “liars” when they showed them their press cards.The officers moved on to the compound as thousands of worshipers chanted in solidarity with Gaza and with Palestinian residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, where some Palestinian families are facing eviction.Israeli security forces and Palestinian worshipers clash in the Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem on Friday.Israeli security forces and Palestinian worshipers clash in the Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem on Friday.An Israeli police spokesperson said the officers were responding to a riot by hundreds of young Palestinians that included the throwing of stones at police forces.CNN witnessed people, including screaming children, fleeing the scene to the sound of stun grenade blasts. The Palestinian Red Crescent said it treated 20 injuries following clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police at the compound. Two people were taken to hospital, while the rest were treated in the field, the aid group said.The mosque and evictions have been flashpoints in the recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which according to the Hamas-run health ministry, left 243 Palestinians in Gaza dead, including 66 children, and 12 in Israel — including two children — who died from militant fire, according to the IDF and Israel’s emergency service.” CNN

Comment: IMO Natanyahu does not want a truce with Hamas and the declared truce is merely a bone thrown to Biden. I expected a renewal of provocations in Jerusalem and here they are!

I expect Israeli Jews and all the little Zionist conditioned zombies in American right wing media to remain firmly on leash.

Foxnews is inhabited by many such zombies. pl

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  1. Barbara Ann says:

    Should not CNN have capitalized “compound” in “Al Aqsa mosque compound”? But then lower case “compound” is the catch-all MSM phrase for the structures of SLBP. Hamas rockets land on Israeli “houses”. Afghan and Palestinian homes destroyed are merely compounds – no equivalence. The term is a trigger to ensure the lazy viewer understands the structures and associated people are of low worth. Hence the one sided damage and casualty statistics are properly contextualized for the audience.

    Oh, and of course “Hamas-run health ministry” tells the viewer to disregard the dead and maimed SLBP stats anyhow. Do editors go through a course to learn this stuff I wonder.

    • blue peacock says:

      Nothing’s changed from prior decades. The Palestinian bantustans keep shrinking.×800.jpg

      Politicians and media from both the “left” & “right” worship at the altar of AIPAC. How much money has the US provided Israel cumulatively over the past 75 years?

      There can be no sustained criticism of Israel in the west since that has been equated with anti-semitism and holocaust denial.

      Of course the Palestinians have no real “friends” and their own leadership has been as corrupt as any. The other Arab sheikdoms & Iranians use them for their own purposes while not really caring if ethnic cleansing reaches its logical conclusion. Below is a fascinating Twitter thread posted earlier by Sam.

      • Ishmael Zechariah says:

        Blue Peacock,
        Thucydides’ comments about the weak and the strong (The Melian Dialogue) and Lord Palmerston’s edict about “nations and interests” apply to the Palestinians, as they have applied to all similar cases over known history. Why do you expect any other country to fight for the Palestinian cause? IMO If the Palestinians cleanse their ranks of informers and traitors, and educate themselves on how to properly resist the izzies, they might still prevail over the next several decades.
        Ishmael Zechariah

        • Sam says:


          At least since the Balfour Declaration the Palestinians have got themselves leadership that definitely have not done well for them. BP’s post with the map couldn’t be more clear.

          How can they get rid of traitors and informers when the preponderance of them are in the leadership?

          • Ishmael Zechariah says:

            re: How can they get rid of traitors and informers when the preponderance of them are in the leadership?
            Mayhap the on-going “fiery but peaceful” izzie repression will forge a set of leaders worthy of the name for the Palestinians. Several nations were lucky in this regard; I consider Vladimir V. Putin to be one such.
            Ishmael Zechariah

    • Stephanie says:

      Barbara Ann,

      My own favorite is “retaliation,” which concept apparently applies only to the Israelis, who are forever “retaliating” against totally irrational and unprovoked actions by, say, Palestinian kids throwing rocks.

  2. Ed Lindgren says:

    Martin Van Creveld wrote the following almost twenty years ago on the last page of his history of the IDF:

    “Should Israel persist on it current course of trying to hold on to the Occupied Territories and their inhabitants, in the long run it very likely will come down to civil war….. He who is wise should never engage the weak for any length of time. He who, whether through his fault or that of others, already is involved in such a situation should consider ways to end it as fast as possible.”

    Good advice not taken.

    Source: Martin Van Creveld – The Sword and the Olive: A Critical History of the Israeli Defense Force – PublicAffairs – 2002 – page 363

    • d74 says:

      Excellent Martin Van Creveld.

      I have often thought that izzies are drunk on victory. These are tactical victories. Each of these partial ones takes them further away from the triumph of being recognised by others. This goal requires brains other than that which makes you win victories. Pyrrhic victories. They only add unforgivable blood between 2 (or 3) communities.

      Izzies should not forget the fate of the Frankish kingdoms some 800 years ago. They did not last long when the West stopped feeding them.

  3. John+Merryman says:

    Possibly we will eventually come to understand the logical fallacy and historical con job, that is monotheism.
    I might have gone into this before, but it bears repeating.
    The Ancients were not ignorant of monotheism, but equated it with a monoculture. One people, one rule, one god. It is in essence tribal. That individuals are like cells in the larger body.
    While pantheism was how they analogized multiculturalism. Many groups and many aspects of reality, represented by different spirits. Ideals, as Plato framed it.
    Democracy and republicanism originated in pantheistic cultures and Rome adopted Christianity as the Empire became established and reminders of the Republic were being buried. Though retaining a hint of pantheism, with the Trinity. Which originally referenced the Greek years gods, that symbolized the cycling of the seasons. The reborn spring, born of the sky god and the earth mother, though the mother was denatured as the holy ghost.
    Which had to be further obscured as the Catholic church was the eternal institution. At least until Martin Luther tried to do what Jesus had tried to do with Judaism, push the reset button.
    Consequently the default political system of Europe, for the next 1500 hundred years, was monarchy and feudalism. When the West went back to less centered systems of government, it required the separation of church and state, culture and civics.
    Meanwhile the situation for Judaism, during the diaspora, was that though they were dispersed throughout these various kingdoms, they retained that strong communal, tribal identity. Which enabled them to be a significant part of the networks tying all the political nodes together. The traders, bankers, intellectuals, doctors, etc. Giving them that cosmopolitan, outsiders perspective.
    Then when these medieval political institutions of Europe crashed up against the consequences of modern technology on the art of war, the resulting convulsions wrecked much of those political systems, including the networks holding them together.
    Consequently the European Jews thought it time to go on a little colonial adventure of their own, back to the Promised Land. Based on a religion that hadn’t had to go through the last couple thousand years of political cycles of convention and regeneration. So no sense of the need for networking with the larger world. Just a tribal state, like it was in the desert a couple thousand years ago. Meanwhile surrounded by tribal societies also settled into their own version of monotheism. Rock, meet hard place.
    What happens when the US blows up the dollar, to the point that states have to start issuing their own currencies, to sustain local economies, few of which will feel inclined to finance Israel’s need for ever more arrows. Maybe send them some Florida dollars, with the picture of Donald Trump on them.
    They might win every war, but eventually the more liberal Israelis will move away, leaving an ever harder and less flexible, less socially viable core. Saudi Arabia, without the oil.

  4. TV says:

    Israel is a western democracy surrounded by enemies who present an existential threat.
    Whatever happened in 1948 happened ….in 1948.
    That’s not the reality of 2021.
    To the Palestinians who have never gotten over 1948, there’s a Russian phrase:
    “Tuffski shitski.”
    Hamas is a tool of Iran, hates America and only exists to get people killed and make themselves rich.
    What’s that overused phrase?
    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    • Matthew B Hughes says:

      These are meaningless statements. Mere thought pollution of this blog.

    • blue peacock says:

      “Whatever happened in 1948 happened ….in 1948.”

      Does that also imply whatever happened between 1942-44 …happened? So now we can forget about that too and not have to prostrate anymore at the feet of the AIPAC gods??

      • TV says:

        As cold blooded as that sounds, yes. We can’t put the the toothpaste back in the tube. Pay respects, reverence
        and move on.

        • John+Merryman says:

          To where? The whole cause and effect thing tends to play itself out.
          What happens when the US can no longer write a check every time a politician farts?
          Debt doesn’t matter, until it does. Then states will have to start issuing local currencies and the whole foreign policy thing is between Texas and California, not the US and Russia.
          People seem to think that either everything remains the same, or there is some radical change, but the reality is feedback and blowback. Actions begat reactions.

    • Deap says:

      When our own cells in this land called America only go back few hundred years to even only a few decades, how can we best understand the concept of Middle Eastern iridentism that has been cellular for eons?

      America of late is changing so radically over my one almost four score lifetime, not sure how deeply I feel about this patch of US earth myself.

      Yet, I do long for what was that is centered on time and place. Northern California in the 1950’s-1960’s. My exceptionally well-traveled global businesswoman sister is even looking at retirement care homes in our former Northern Calif home town. We both laughed.

      Then I reminded her Eric Swalwell would be her Congressional rep.

  5. Sam says:

    Lara Trump: “The fact is if you are against Israel, you are anti-Semitic”

    There you go. The Trump train, the Pelosi train and the GOP train. No criticism of Israel is allowed. Only obsequiousness.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Then I would proudly describe myself as anti-Semitic.

      Is this really what the Israelis want – to redefine the word for genuine religion/race-based hatred? Once this new definition is adopted widely real Jew-haters will cease to be distinguishable. Though this may help the Zionist cause in the short term, I would argue strongly that this is certainly not in the interests of American, or any other Jews.

  6. Yeah, Right says:

    I assume this is Netanyahu explaining to Hamas what “unconditional ceasefire” means to a Zionist i.e. now that the rude interruption is over, back to what I was doing……

    It’s a huge FU to Hamas, because the entire purpose of their rocket barrage was to put Bibi on notice that his provocations have to stop.

    This is him saying “No, and if you respond again then I’ll get to play the victim”.

    • Lysias says:

      Also a big FU to Biden.

      • Yeah, Right says:

        Not really. Biden wanted the Israelis to make the rockets and bombing go away. Netanyahu has obliged.

        But he has done it in such a way that he has a free hand to keep doing this, and if Hamas respond then *they* will be violating the ceasefire, not the Israelis.

        Biden will be perfectly content with that outcome. Indeed, he may even admire the deftness of it.

  7. Polish Janitor says:

    Unfortunately Tucker Carlson is also among them Zionists at Fox News. I think a proper way to describe Tucker’s political positions would be something like a Zionist Paleocon, and yes I know it might sound a little contradictory, but it definitely exists. I have never seen him criticize Israel or the Likudniks here in the US of A….

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