Did President Trump Pull Off The Sting of Two Centuries? by J.


We have all witnessed President Trump both before, and during his Presidency playing level 4 chess with his opponents, as well as dribbling basketball with their brains. 

President Trump is a master of the feign, where he draws his opponents into thinking he is doing this, when in fact he isn't do this, but doing that.  And by the time they realize he had drawn them to the fools court, he was already in another area laying another trap that they wouldn't see coming until they'd fallen right into it.

Such appears to be this Presidential Election, President Trump set out a sting beforehand to ensnare those who would attempt to steal this election.

Infowars guest Steve Pieczenik lays out the groundwork in an interview with Owen Shoryer. 

"According to Pieczenik, President Trump assumed Democrat tomfoolery would be needed to prevent him from securing a second term via the 2020 election.  In order to ensure the election remained fair, POTUS devised an advanced trap.  Hidden, trackable watermarks were allegedly put onto ballots so they could be verified if necessary."

“This is really a sting operation, contrary to what everyone else said,” Pieczenik explained. “We watermarked every ballot with QFS blockchain encryption code. In other words, we know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went and who has it, so this is not a stolen election.”

Steve also said President Trump has been out of the spotlight of the media over the past few days in order to let the Deep State dig its own grave, politically.

Infowars article

QFS Blockchain Encryption Code USPS Patent filed Feb 7 2020

CISA has a graphic showing watermarks are used on election ballots.

President Trump's 2018 Executive Order that allowed DHS to work with election officials in all 50 states and over 1,000 local jurisdictions to secure election systems.

President Trump's June 22 2020 tweet talking about foreign printing of mail in ballots. [I assume he's referring to China.]


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60 Responses to Did President Trump Pull Off The Sting of Two Centuries? by J.

  1. Peter in Toronto says:

    I’d like to believe this is true, but where is the evidence of such an operation? Has DHS made any statements? They’re going to have to ACT FAST, because the magical Biden Ballots just keeping popping up in the contested areas.

  2. sbin says:

    Nice fantasy.
    Even if true I guess Barr would look into the matter for as long as it takes to do absolutely nothing about it.

  3. I find Pieczenik like Q. Nothing they say ever seems to come to pass.

  4. ked says:

    how clever of those brainiacs!
    {& looking fwd’d to the Extraordinary Evidence}

  5. David says:

    The feds don’t print ballots and aren’t involved in the process at all. The states run their own elections so this seems implausible

  6. semiconscious says:

    nice post!
    also: is that bridge sale we discussed still a go?…

  7. Laura Wilson says:

    In 2016, Trump won:
    AZ by 91,234 votes
    GA by 211,141 votes
    PA by 44,292 votes
    WI by 22,748 votes
    MI by 10,704 votes
    The same civil servants counted the votes 4 years ago across all of these states…is anyone SERIOUSLY believing (can’t say thinking) that all these folks conspired this year and not 4 years ago?
    It’s an election….sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

  8. BillWade says:

    Presuming this is true, and I certainly hope it is, what comes next?
    I watched this video:
    So, according to the above video, arrests are imminent tonight, so I guess we’ll know by tomorrow morning.

  9. David says:

    What David said at 1:12PM. Who prints the ballots? I do not know. Who does?

  10. turcopolier says:

    The states, obviously.

  11. Fred says:

    Laura Wilson,
    “ll these folks conspired…”
    Nope, not all. The folks counting are only counting what is placed before them. “sometimes you win and sometimes you lose” It’s fraud, sometimes you get caught.
    Chain of custody documents, what are those? Why did it take from poll closing to 1:30am to drive from the poll location to the TCF Center? Poll watchers not being allowed in to observe as authorized by MI law? (PA too).
    Good luck in court. I’m sure judge Sullivan will be much more expeditios with a ruling than he has been with the Flynn case.

  12. Jose says:

    If a city send out 100,000 vote by mail ballots, there is great chance more than a quarter are returned due to bad address and federal law does not allow the forwarding of ballots.
    The easiest way to cheat, is to use the return-to-sender ballots.
    This story is probably not true.

  13. james says:

    what i find interesting is how quick many are to claim fraud in this election… i am not saying fraud doesn’t happen, but i don’t know that it is a one way street and only happens in a one sided way..
    it is almost like all the allegations of fraud in foreign countries elections is coming home to roost in the usa.. this is ironic as the usa has always been held up as a type of gold standard for fair elections… that many americans are now projecting onto their own country what has normally been projected only onto other countries ( 3rd world type countries?) only, is quite interesting at this juncture…

  14. turcopolier says:

    59 million voters did not think he was “tone-deaf.” They will be the second Resistance.

  15. turcopolier says:

    You are not paying attention. The most potent grounds for legal action are on the basis of illegal actions under state laws and constitutions as well as fabrication of ballots and phony counting. You have not yet had an attempted neo-Bolshevik takeover attempt in Canada. these people will stop at nothing in pursuit of their “religious” beliefs.

  16. Eric Newhill says:

    This story is a happy one. However, I’m pretty sure it’s complete bunk.
    The ballots are printed by a few companies that are contracted by the states to do so. DHS forced the companies to use the super secret spy tech water marks and no one at the companies says anything about that?
    And how exactly is this block chain technology suppose to work? Pieczenik seems to be suggesting that it’s some kind of GPS locator on top of being a means to identify fake ballots. No doubt if DNC operatives were filling in ballots for Biden they would use real ballots because there is a bar code on the ballots too that says which registered voter they belong to.
    As for the block chain water mark being a GPS device, someone is going to have to explain to me, real slow and detailed like, how it does that. Where is the transmitter? How is it powered? What is the theory behind using GPS to detect fraud? The ballot went to DNC HQ instead of a registered voter? Where are all of the registered voters that never got their ballots?
    If the registered voter got his ballot and the DNC just copied it so as to make a pro-Biden vote, then it should be easy to detect fraud because there would be many instances of duplicate ballots for the same voter. No need for secret spy watermarks. I don’t think even the DNC is stupid enough to try that approach to cheating.
    We will know soon if Trump has any real evidence that cheating occurred at a level that caused him to lose – or if he’s just a sore loser (always a possibility). I voted for him twice and I fear and loath where the Democrats are going to take this country. I think Biden is scum – like most all democrats- and wouldn’t put it past him to cheat, but this silly story isn’t helping matters.

  17. Eric Newhill says:

    Correctly myself slightly because I have not seen a mail-in ballot…..
    OTOH – if the mail-in ballots do not have a bar code, then the DNC could have cheated by tossing Trump votes and filling in Biden votes. However, would they not use actual ballots with the watermark? And, again, how did DHS get the watermarks onto the ballots in the first place?

  18. james says:

    @ pat…. i will happily await the facts that need to support the supposition..

  19. ked says:

    Col, with Q-anon as resistance we’ll hear 3rd, 4th & 5th order resonances. It rings down into white noise, sooner or later.

  20. turcopolier says:

    It is J’s post not mine. I find the whole thing doubtful.

  21. turcopolier says:

    Rubbish. You lefties are far too full of yourselves. Your contempt for us Deplorables is palpable. the Q-anon meme is funny.

  22. Stefano says:

    This would be genius, but if Pieczenik is blowing smoke up Infowars/Alex ass, he should never be allowed on the show again.
    “Arrest being implemented”? “people will be arrested as of tonight and tomorrow”? Those are mighty big statements, as Joe is about to be anointed President by the mainstream Media.
    Steve, I hope this comes to fruition.

  23. j. casey says:

    I guess we can all just “trust the plan,” then, and everything will come out just fine.

  24. Nicole says:

    I’m not sure this guy understands what blockchain is.
    Blockchain is great for chain-of-custody of transactions using a distributed ledger technique that’s pretty secure. Sounds nice, right?
    In order to keep the chain of custody, each entity that gains control of the item (whether it’s a bitcoin or something else) adds transactional information and a personal encryption code to it. They can’t (in theory) take anything away.
    So, for this watermarked blockchain to work, the voter who received the ballot would need to be able to add their encryption code to it.
    He’s basically spouting technical gibberish.

  25. JohnH says:

    It does not appear that there are any federal ballot design standards, and it’s not likely that there will be. https://www.npr.org/2016/11/06/500678100/the-art-of-the-vote-who-designs-the-ballots-we-cast
    However, the companies that provide the readers certainly have standards to facilitate processing. Unique watermarks certainly sounds good, but truly secure watermarks would add a lot of cost. I doubt that this could have been implemented suddenly without knowledge and budget approval by election authorities in each state.
    In our state, each envelope has a unique bar code on it, linked to an individual voter. Fraudulent votes with unknown bar code numbers would be automatically rejected. Ballots themselves contain no unique identifier linking a voter to the way he voted (a good thing.)
    If tabulated ballots come only from envelopes with known, unique numbers, I see no problem

  26. Leith says:

    Fred – Poll watchers of both parties were in the TCF in Michigan during the vote count.

  27. ponderer says:

    I’d like to believe this story is true. I can’t speak to its validity, but the post office does sort their mail using vision systems so it is definitely possible that water marks could be picked up that the human eye could not. There have been rumors for decades about printers doing this in the case someone tried to literally “print money”.
    It strikes me as the sort of thing that if we don’t do it now, we should start. Those who laugh this off as impossible apparently haven’t pressed the button to track their shipment on anything, ever. Compared to handwriting deciphering, QR codes are child’s play. Logically, I think that the states only using about 5 different companies to print their ballots makes this much easier. Not an expert but I have worked with industrial Vision systems and I think technically its feasible. I couldn’t dismiss the story offhand which can usually be done when the media starts talking about “technology”. I do recognize I have enough bias it might just be wishful thinking on my part. We’ll know soon.

  28. Diad says:

    I think they might want the media and everyone to call it. Dig a hole they can’t get out of.

  29. Fred says:

    Not for the entire time votes were being counted nor were they treated the same. Try again.

  30. As an ex small time printer, I feel most printers get their paper from a specific paper supply company which is very limited. I think if a head of state wanted to, he or she could use his or her office to have all paper pre-watermarked, don’t know much about block chain other than you have to have a code. One article on this states Trump applied and received a code to use a designated blockchain. Tracing would not be hard, it has to be scanned, I do believe all are ! My point being most paper comes from one supplier, so all “could be” pre-watermarked and pre coded and all are scanned when counted. I see this as rather easy task if one has the Power of Presidential Office of the USA

  31. Jeff E Kujala says:

    You’re looking at it the wrong way you don’t see the trees because of the forest, you’re right the states do print their own ballots, but think where are they getting the official paper from? All from one centrally-controlled location

  32. James Rufem says:

    I don’t believe anything I see on YouTube. Also, I did notice the following recent post on a government cybersecurity webpage https://www.cisa.gov/rumorcontrol Unless they are lying (as part of the sting) doesn’t sound like the story is real. Drat Q again!

  33. Paula Banas says:

    If this is true then awesome

  34. B says:

    The POTUS could have as well printed both “original” and so called “fake”. Just saying.

  35. turcopolier says:

    All it has been my custom to cross post on FB. they removed J’s article today.

  36. ponderer says:

    Regarding technical feasibility, you’re right it doesn’t make sense to have a printed block chain used for proof of identity in the exact way he is describing. The above mentioned patent is actually for using a mail ballot in conjunction with a cell phone or other electronic device just as you describe. I’m not sure about this guy.. but it may be that he is not a technical person and is relating how it was relayed to him.
    If you printed a unique watermark on every ballot that was encrypted in some manner to store secret data regarding the ballot, especially if there were multiple marks some that were printed and some that were “stamped” into the paper you could use such markings to determine if the ballots had been manipulated. If someone copied a ballot to say print many like it you would detect the repeated water mark. The adversary would have to break the encryption to be able to reproduce valid looking ballots. That would entirely eliminate printing ballots.
    How would that prevent harvesting ballots of people that have moved or otherwise illegally used actual ballots? It wouldn’t but if you know in advance which ballots are legitimate by say knowing who has moved out of state and who has died, perhaps with some number of purposely seeded fakes, then you have the possibility tracing those to particular invalid voters assuming there is enough information known about the destination when the ballot is printed. I don’t think any of us know the answer to that question. My point is that while he may be off on the specifics, he may be right about a general system of detecting invalid votes that would actually work.

  37. LJ says:

    Recent patent and once you go to the link there is also a link to a 47 page PDF file
    I would not be surprised if all of this is true.

  38. Bobby b. says:

    Eric- blockchain, not global positioning system. You’re comparing a wrench with a banana. Nicole – cool that you know a typical use for blockchain, now expand upon your little box. Did Diffie-Hellman do their maths yesterday? I suppose based on this logic in here.

  39. Fred says:

    They are crafting the narrative and suppressing the news, just like they did with Hunter’s laptop. Social scoring is probably getting rolled out next year. Glad to see all that courage in action in the Senate regarding section 230.

  40. G says:

    How is the blockchain watermark useful if it can’t be scanned? Except for it left place Y and returned to place Z? In between those times my ballot could have gone to the wrong place, or I lost it, or I threw it out. I could have turned it in in person, I could have mailed it, it could have been harvested. So dumb they don’t know where every ballot is cuz there’s no technology to track all that. But it could be used to determine real ballots from counterfeit ones I suppose, if I bought into thus bs, which I don’t.

  41. EEngineer says:

    Modern laser consumer grade printers do tag each page with a few extra pixels that encode their serial number so that law enforcement can match a document to a specific print. Most people/organizations register their printer with the manufacturer when they install the driver. I can’t speak for professional grade printers.
    If someone literally scanned and printed their own ballots it would be a self-documented crime akin to the fools who upload videos of themselves bragging about their escapades. Paper is of course, very good at collection fingerprints in any case.
    The real question is: will the appropriate authorities look? IE, where is Mr Barr?

  42. Mark Panquist says:

    It is possible but IDK about the tracing aspect but blockchain can be loaded physical medium.
    Blockchain is possible of course digitally but I wondered if it could be on PHYSICAL MEDIUM like paper, AND IT IS!!!
    Search this paper: The Impact of the Blockchain Goes Beyond Financial Services
    3D printing is proving to be another revolutionary technology that is moving manufacturing closer to users and bringing new life to mass customization. But today, makers still need centralized platforms to sell their wares and have trouble protecting the IP of their creations.
    >>>>With blockchain, data and rights holders could store metadata about any substance, from human cells to powered aluminum, on the blockchain, in turn opening up the limits of corporate manufacturing while also protecting intellectual property. <<<<< New markets could enable buyers and sellers to contract more easily in an open market.

  43. Mark Panquist says:

    Here is some more about blockchain being used for stopping art fraud.
    Blockchain Isn’t Enough to Solve the Authenticity of Physical Artworks
    Versiart is also focusing on provenance on the blockchain — creating secure digital certificates for art and collectibles and building a new global standard for art certification and verification. All records in Verisart are immutably stored in the blockchain and timestamped, allowing for detailed information and files to be attached to the record with privacy and easy access.
    Verisart also relies on provenance without a secure way to permanently attach a digital certificate to the physical item

  44. Rhonda says:

    Seems improbable, as described. However, I can think of several ways to actually track. For example, the paper’s a weak link. Special paper means few suppliers…

  45. Voatboy says:

    Sidney Powell says she has seen evidence of tremendous corruption and I do not believe that she will abandon the fight.
    If I understand her correctly, 80 percent of Federal office holders can plausibly be accused of corruption.
    I don’t know whether Pieczenik is a red herring. He might be repeating hearsay regarding topics he does not understand. I trust General Flynn and the people on his side.

  46. D says:

    If true, why talk about the sting now. Wait for it to come to light. And Trump just looks pissed and tired so I doubt this water mark is true. I wouldn’t be that all pissed if you can authenticate a legit vote.

  47. DJ says:

    The fact that 10’s of thousands of people would go to his rallies some would spend the night before in line waiting to get in – rain, heat, cold or snow. The people I heard on talk radio, on Twitter or FB that never voted before or walked away from Dem party. The endorsements he received from all over – he expanded black, Cuban, Latino, Hispanic votes, women and men, enthusiasm was thru the roof and we are supposed to believe he lost. I don’t think so. Statistically should have been a landslide in his direction. Then he has huge leads in 6-7 states and they decide to shut everything down instead of counting until finished, and mysteriously 138,000, 250,000, 40,000 in WI 1,000,000 more ballots were calculated than they had registered voters – in all cases just happened to be 100% Biden. Explain that?

  48. jerseycityjoan says:

    The Daily Beast says this is a QAnon theory.
    “The 2020 election results have shaken the faith of QAnon believers. Some have taken to despair. Others have begun promoting new conspiracy theories, such as one that alleges that ballot “watermarks” will save the election for Trump.”

  49. BillWade says:

    I’m not trying to sound defeatist (the election isn’t over yet) but I’d hope to see an article written by a pro along the lines of “how to survive in a post-Trump era”. My specific worries are:
    -Further severe Covid19 lock downs like what’s happening in Europe now
    -25 amendment with Biden forced out and Harris putting HRC in as VP
    -Capital gains tax increases and elimination of the Trump tax cuts
    -Klaus Schwab and his pronouncement “by 2030 you will own nothing
    and you will be happy” The Great Reset.
    Depressing, sorry
    BillWade, Free State of Florida

  50. Eric Newhill says:

    Fact is that it is now proven that in Michigan a vote counting machine took 3,000 Trump votes and turned them into Biden votes. Even the MI Board of Elections admits it happened. Worse, the same machines and software were used in 48 other districts. The election board says it must have been a software glitch. As someone who uses sophisticated software for querying data every day and who works with IT teams to develop databases and content, I know that software doesn’t just develop a “glitch like that. 3,000 votes = a 6,000 point spread. 48 other districts. That is how a senile old loser that hides in his basement beats a successful incumbent backed by massive enthusiasm. Trump got more votes than Obama’s biggest win. That should have been a win. The cheating would be revealed and there would be re-counts and arrests in a functioning republic. OTOH, the mainstream media might just call this for Biden once and for all and all of the brainwashed simpletons and radical activists will believe it and Biden will play off that – in which case, it’s on. You either know what “it” is, or you’re not worth explaining it to.

  51. BillWade says:

    Hari Sevugan
    You better believe it. We just launched the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    US House candidate, NY-14
    Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future
    The election isn’t over but we should remember these tweets. Stay in shape folks.

  52. srw says:

    On Aug. 7, 1974, U.S. Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., U.S. House Minority Leader John Rhodes, R-Ariz., and U.S. Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott, R-Pa., made it clear to the embattled Nixon that he faced all-but-certain impeachment, conviction and removal from office in connection with the Watergate scandal.
    Nixon announced his resignation the next evening, effective at noon on Aug 9, 1974.
    Where are the Republican leaders now who should be telling Trump to STFU and let the states finish the election count and concede the election once Biden reaches the 270 Electoral vote winning total?
    I guess they don’t make Republican statesmen now like they did in the past.

  53. BillWade says:

    It’s been called, we have a new Grifter in Chief.

  54. rick says:

    Bill Wade
    “So, according to the above video, arrests are imminent tonight, so I guess we’ll know by tomorrow morning.”
    They’d better hurry up.

  55. @Bill Wade
    1. Whoever is eventually named POTUS, half the country will think he got it by fraud
    2. The Dems are going to be torn apart as the young turks go after the Pelosis and blame them for what was in reality a Dem loss
    3. The issue that will consume attention is how and when to declare Biden incapable. That will take up most of the first half of his term

  56. Fred says:

    Though I’m sure Romney and the cuckservatives will be kneeling in submission soon, however I have to ask why you think pronouncements from the Russia Collusion Press is the final word in our election?

  57. TravelFoodFitnessGuide says:

    Piezenak pushes in his writings & video interviews on Alex Jones/InfoWars crazy conspirancy theories that
    1) 9/11 September terrorist attacks were an ‘inside job’ false flag by the CIA
    2) the Sandy Hook Newton Elementary school shooting was another ‘false flag’ hoax that never really happened & done with ‘crisis actors’
    “The fact of the matter is, voter fraud is exceedingly rare. Let me just share a couple of the safeguards that are in place that protect the integrity of vote by mail.
    Number one, you may not even think about it, but the ballot itself — it’s not just any old piece of paper.
    Each county selects specific paper types with watermarks and other distinguishing features to prevent against the counterfeit ballots being introduced into the system.
    We know that’s one of the conspiracy theories that’s floating out there, but we have measures to protect against that.
    “[There’s also] the required signature. The first thing county officials do when those ballots come in is compare the signature on the envelope with the signature on file for that person’s voter registration record to confirm the identity of the voter, so a lot more to it than just that. ”
    most states like Cali already years before
    Trump admin has verification on ballots to prevent counterfeiting/photocopying such
    1) special ink similar to that found on currency/US dollar bills
    2) and watermarks found on currency/US dollar bills
    3) a barcode/checksum such as the numbers found on the back of credit cards to prove validity
    All these are autoscanned by ballot machines similar to automatic currency counting machines or the automatic US passport scanning machines & automatic I.D./driver license scanners
    That is how most states prevent massive fraud; fake ballots
    Also my brothers & I work as a IT director/software developer who did gov database software development for state of CA:
    1) ‘dead people’ can’t vote either because all deaths certificates are reported & sent to the US database of Social Security & gov databases
    they are removed from Social Security payments as well as voter registration rolls in states that are computerized such as California

  58. Robert Dingman says:

    If Pieczenik has this wrong, his credibility should always be questioned, going forward.
    With the 2016 election in mind, Trump should have implemented some sort of election integrity process. A hidden numerical sequence would not be too difficult to implement unless each state has their own ballot standards, then the coordination becomes cumbersome if not unfeasible.
    Pieczenik is normally very credible.

  59. Steven Lloyd Thornberg says:

    The water marks would be within the paper, DHS could have furnished the paper.

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