A Bidengate summary from the Daily Mail


"Documents appear to show Hunter Biden's signature on $85 receipt for repair of laptops left at Delaware store at center of email scandal – while other paperwork reveals FBI's contact with owner

  • A receipt from The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware appears to show Hunter Biden's signature for work on three laptops for $85
  • It has not been verified yet if that signature is actually Biden's 
  • FBI paperwork also shows that shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac received a subpoena to testify before the US District Court in Delaware in December 2019
  • Last week the New York Post published a report saying e-mails obtained from the laptop show Joe Biden allegedly was in on his son Hunter's business deals
  • House Intel chair Adam Schiff said the 'smear' on Biden 'comes from the Kremlin' 
  • DNI John Ratcliffe said the laptop is not a Russian disinformation campaign 
  • Biden's campaign says the Democratic nominee engaged in no wrongdoing "


Well, pilgrims, he sure looks comfy in the tub.  I still wonder who took the pictures.  Was it the gal in California who later sued him over paternity of her child/fetus, whatever. 

Did he take the pictures himself?  Interestingly, the Bidens have not denied the implicit charge of corruption, bribery, etc., etc. that is the mass of incriminating e-mail traffic on the hard drive.  And then, there are the disgusting sex videos.  Does anyone think that these were faked?

SWMBO says that the Bidens have set a new standard for depraved and addled stupidity.  As usual, she is right.  pl


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28 Responses to A Bidengate summary from the Daily Mail

  1. Eric Newhill says:

    It’s interesting that Bidens, Epsteins, Clintons, Hollywood types, Weiners, et al engage in all of the sordid behaviors that they accused Trump of in the “Steele Dossier” (and then some).
    I always thought the Steele Dossier was poor trade craft; way too over the top. An example being jumping around on a bed and urinating on multiple prostitutes. It puzzled me why they would tell such far out stories. Why stretch credulity?. SWMBO’s response was that such behavior is so ubiquitous and frequent among democrat elites that they just assume everyone is doing it. To them it’s not far out in the least, it’s just a typical Saturday night. I begin to think that she is on to something.

  2. Deap says:

    Borgs for Biden – 50 former intel agents sign statement claiming this Hunter Biden thing is a Russian disinformation racket: https://www.redstate.com/bonchie/2020/10/20/50-former-intel-agents-flush-their-credibility-and-show-why-their-agency-should-be-blown-up/
    Any familiar names here, any traps the unwary?

  3. turcopolier says:

    Deap Brennan, Clapper, McLaughlin are all properly described as intelligence bureaucrats, not “agents.”

  4. BillWade says:

    Rudy Guiliani and Steve Bannon stated this morning that more information will be forthcoming within 24-48 hours. The Q folks are thinking that it will be released on Thurs morning for maximum effect at the later in the evening debate. The Admiral who oversaw the Bin Laden raid has endorsed Joe Biden in spite of being a pro life and 2nd amendment advocate. Things are getting interesting to say the least.

  5. TV says:

    Another oxymoron, like “government worker” – “intelligence” officials.
    Self important parasites….oh wait….selfless patriots who “risk their lives every day” for America.

  6. NancyK says:

    The Bidens are not involved, one Biden is. Joe Biden is not responsible for his son’s idiocy. I do believe he has massive addiction issues but I need a lot more proof that he took all 3 of his computers in for work and the bill was only $85.00. I need the name of that repair shop it is much more expensive where I live.

  7. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Here is an account from the MSM documenting Biden Inc.’s practice of graft.
    “Don’t worry about investors,” [James Biden] said, according to the executive,
    who spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing fear of retaliation.
    “We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.”
    End quote
    Anybody claiming Politico is a Russian disinformation operation?
    Thanks to Andrew McCarthy for the link.

  8. ancientarcher says:

    While I hope and pray for a Trump victory, I am not so sure that he will be able to overcome systematic rigging. What is your opinion on the level of rigging that is going on?
    All sorts of worms from all over the place are crawling up and endorsing the slime ridden corrupt Bidens. Who knows what sort of pressure must have been put on them to do that. And if that is so, can you imagine the level of pressure the democrat machine must have put on those who are in charge of conducting the election? Look at the commission on presidential debates for God’s sake. Absolutely, no hint of neutrality there!
    The media is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes just like in the last election. The polls are all for democrats, again, just like the last election. Methinks the difference this time might just be the magnitude of vote rigging that the democrats will do. How much more will that be versus the last time? Enough to swing the election?

  9. TV says:

    That’s the same (Obama) Admiral who said that Trump should be gone:
    “……then it is time for a new person in the Oval Office — Republican, Democrat or independent — the sooner, the better.”
    Like the other retired brass and “intelligence” officials, just more swamp creatures wailing about an “outsider” disturbing their little world of endless losing wars and a foreign policy of bending over.

  10. BillWade says:

    NancyK, Which is worse, voting for someone with dementia or voting for someone pretending to have dementia?
    I haven’t heard anything about Joe’s brother or sister-in-law having a drug problem, have you? Maybe they just have a pay to play problem, any thoughts?
    Hillary certainly looked wonderful in her Chinese cut clothing in the 2016 debates. Joe’s got those nice 3 Red Flags going for him on his campaign poster, maybe he should wear a rice farmer’s hat to the upcoming debate, no?
    I decided to vote today instead of Nov 5th as you had recommended. Did I do the right thing?

  11. ancientarcher says:

    You think Joe is innocent of all that has been done by his family? You think druggy Hunter deserved to get a senior vice president position at MBNA straight after graduating from college at $100k a year or that seat at Burisma at $50k a month? Do you think he deserved all of that not because of his dad’s influence but because he was so smart and because he graduated from yale? If you believe all of that, you must be smoking some strong stuff.
    Here is something you can read to improve your knowledge. This is not how a normal cv looks like, for sure.
    Brats like Hunter don’t get these amazing deals because they are smart or create value for their employers because of their work. He got these deals because it is a way of paying off his father, the guy who then bats for these employers in the senate or the white house.

  12. james says:

    @ NancyK.. true – biden senior is not responsible for biden junior… however it seems junior got the gig thanks daddys connections and willingness to fire the prosecutor so that junior could continue to have the job! that is the part you appear to be turning a blind eye to…. senior has major dirt on him due all this.. either you think it is a made up russian propaganda set up, or you think it isn’t… there is enough info at present to show that it isn’t a set up, but that daddy was using his position as vp unscrupulously or criminal depending on how you want to filter it.. the fact the media want to push it under the carpet with whatever excuse they provide, doesn’t change any of it..

  13. Deap says:

    Vote rigging?
    14 House seats in California GOP districts flipped a few weeks after the GOP “won” on election night. It took that long for all the third party “harvested votes” to go through the government employee union dominated election office verification procedures.
    This election when the GOP turned tables and did their own “vote-harvesting” the Democrat AG and Secy of State cried foul, sent the GOP a cease and desist letter to stop or face fines and punishment. GOP said go pound sand. And the Dems had to back down since the law was too vague to even be enforced.
    Unfortunately this means the Democrats in this state will only double down on their “vote harvesting”. As if winning or losing California matters – except in the House. One guesses, after the 2020 census California will lose a few House seats anyway, due to the state’s outflow of population and the reluctance of illegals to participate in the census in the first place.
    Don’t forget, it was “term limits” that led to this one-party, one agenda domination of this state. Never ever think “term limits” is an answer for anything.
    Term limits only created a huge power vacuum, and in swooped the Democrat back public sector unions running a steady string of revolving door talking head flunkies out of the public sector union world, who immediately passed super-majority legislation that only solidified their permanent domination. It happened so fast since 2000, few in the state knew what hit them.
    In 2016, they added “vote- harvesting” – allowing third parties to help fill out and collect mail-in ballots and drop them off by the car loads, which technically must be checked and verified, but in such volumes as to overwhelm the election offices – Cloward-Pivens on steroids- a favorite technique of Barry Soetoro.

  14. turcopolier says:

    You are mistaken. Under US law they, IMO, are a conspiracy under RICO.

  15. james says:

    @ pat… thanks… i am surprised this kind of behaviour is okay in the usa.. it seems like having someone in power is a good thing, if you can get it..
    what i don’t get is one how group can complain and the other group do the same thing.. they all seem guilty of this influence pedalling… if that is not a crime in itself, i can see what money works magic..

  16. J says:

    So what did you think of the 50 Clapper and crew’s letter calling it a Russian smoke-boom? I’m still wondering who the 9 squishes are that refused to have their names printed on their letter.
    There’s a lot of money to be made by the ‘establishment’ if they can horn-swaggle Biden into the Presidential chair.

  17. akaPatience says:

    The FBI has been forced to acknowledge possession of Biden’s laptop and confirm it’s not Russian disinformation; Giuliani told Newsmax tonight about Hunter Biden sex photos involving underage girls – BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE – there’s apparently a text between Hunter and Joe in which Hunter tells his father that the sister-in-law (Beau’s widow) he was boinking complained to his therapist about “inappropriate” sexual behavior: Hunter smoking crack and parading nude around young girls. Giuliani evidently didn’t trust the FBI and submitted the child porn evidence to the Delaware State Police. I’ve seen tweets that suggest the young girls are Chinese but I don’t know if that claim’s accurate.
    Now that the sexual dogs have been let out, prurient interest will surely intensify. It’s going to be harder for the MSM to continue to quash the laptop story, but no doubt they’ll try. It would seem to me that Hunter Biden should have some sort of witness protection at this point.
    I wonder if Hillary’s saddling up to ride in on a white horse?

  18. ked says:

    Is the point of going after the Biden family to counter what is clearly known about the behavior of the Trump family?
    As far as possible RICO criminal acts go, it’s easily arguable Trump has been more successful on a grander scale over a longer period than Biden. Here’s a recent summary:
    If I were an amoral senior campaign advisor to the Trump campaign, this operation against Biden via his son is exactly what I would push. It has the added advantage of appeal to Trump as an operation straight out of the Roy Cohn playbook.
    Given we are entering the Last Days of this fatiguing, depressing election, with its daily serving of mini October Surprises, does anyone seriously think there will be a meaningful shift in voter preference due to the political theater playing out? It’s viewed as inside game BS, shoring up already hyper-committed bases. Meanwhile, action-on-streets is that turnout will break records… a populist movement, like it or not.
    I see American patriotism being displayed by the many thousands of citizens standing in lines for hours every morning in the face of an election system poisoned by suppression techniques. I have no idea who they’re voting for, but the deep & shallow states best get in line too.

  19. Nancy K says:

    Of course Biden’s son got the job because of who his father was but that does not mean his father got the job for him. One does not prove the other. I have never heard that Joe Biden has any type of addiction problem. Addiction can happen in any family.
    As the Democrats cheating on voting, what about Florida and Texas doing everything they possibly can to win. I waited in line over 4 hours here in NC because I wanted my vote to count and most of the people in line were saying the same thing.I had requested an absentee ballot and then tore it up and went and stood in line as I fear Trump and the Republican party in general are going to try and discount mail in ballots.

  20. j. casey says:

    I seem to recall implications that Pelosi’s spawn involved in similar pay to play schemes. Seems like she and her crew are in need of a look under the hood, too.

  21. vig says:

    You are mistaken. Under US law they, IMO, are a conspiracy under RICO.
    Posted by: turcopolier | 20 October 2020 at 06:52 PM

    Whatever the details, I admittedly wondered too about the bill. Apart from someone having troubles with three laptops at the same time?
    Like the other retired brass and “intelligence” officials, just more swamp creatures wailing about an “outsider” disturbing their little world of endless losing wars and a foreign policy of bending over.
    Posted by: TV | 20 October 2020 at 04:10 PM

    I fully agree that choosing “Joe” as top candidate was a rather silly choice. But: Can we all following TV now assume that swamp is simply another name for the Democratic Party or the DCN plus its covert and more or less overt members or supporters?

  22. turcopolier says:

    “what is clearly known about the behavior of the Trump family?” you do not understand the difference between sharp but legal practice in business and illegal practice.

  23. Fred says:

    “I have never heard that Joe Biden has any type of addiction problem. ”
    He has an enabling problem. He’s coddled Hunter all the man’s life. As to elections in NC, that election isn’t until Nov. 3, congratulations on standing in the early voting line. Sounds like no one suppressed you.
    “Florida and Texas doing everything they possibly can to win. ” Those are states, not political parties. Do you have some specific complaint or just a cry from the heart that Biden will probably lose the election in both states?

  24. vig says:

    “I have never heard that Joe Biden has any type of addiction problem. ”
    He has an enabling problem.
    Fred: in a nutshell: according to the central theme, for him there was no other way to survive inside the larger US Biden crime family?

  25. Diana L Croissant says:

    I had not suspected Joe of drug problems. However, I have suspected that Joe depends on some sort of prescribed drugs (pharmaceuticals) to seem coherent whenever he is let out of his basement bunker.
    Why aren’t the Democrats complaining about the lack of actual campaigning on Joe’s part while Trump is traveling all over the country having large rallies no matter where he goes?
    Or are they giving all their trust in well-organized ballot harvesting operations? As I mentioned, I KNOW my completed ballot got to the Clerk and Recorder’s office in my county. I worked to count votes in the last county where I lived in this state. I was quite impressed with the system for voting there, which is much as it is in this county, my home town’s county.
    Why are states not doing more to make sure the voting process is secure?

  26. ked says:

    Col, Actually, I do. However… in these fraught political times, it don’t mean a thing. It is hardly about laws, crime & justice. It is about manipulating the public to retain / gain something far more important. Power.
    October Surprise timing is so obvious as to be laughable – independent of fact. {& what’s the big deal beyond a son being a druggie, anyway? happens all the time, even among the worst political families}.
    I’m relieved my pov doesn’t matter. This laptop angle is going nowhere. Well, maybe after Biden’s elected… the Q-anon wing of the GOP in the House can bring up impeachment charges.

  27. turcopolier says:

    That is a standard response. “Whatever you know does not matter because you are so out of date.” the neocons used to tell me the same thig.

  28. Fred says:

    “This laptop angle is going nowhere. ”
    It’s highlighting the corruption of the press, which brings into question everything about Kamala and Joe.

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