Trump and the generals – Mulshine


""This time it could easily get out of hand," said Pat Lang, a former Vietnam Green Beret who later spent a couple decades in the Mideast. (See this debunking of the co-called "white helmets" on his site.)

Back in 2013 the war was mainly between the Syrian government and the rebels. Now Russia is a major supporter of the Syrian government.

"The Russians have made it very clear that if we attack Syria again that they're going to fight our attack," Lang said. "There will be a war between the United States and Russia over Syria." 

Lang said Trump had it right when he was saying we should get out of Syria. But "the swamp captured him," he said.

"He'd have to be so strong to sit in the Pentagon and look at all these four-star generals and striped-pants idiots from the State Department and say, 'I don't care what you say. We have to be out of there in five months or you'll all be out of a job,'" he said."  Mulshine


I had my say.  pl

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