More provocation. An attack on a Moscow concert hall and mall by several persons has produced many casualties.

Crocus City Hall Complex, Moscow. Photo via Stringer/Reuters and ABC News

By Robert Willmann

As if indiscriminate violence has not been enough starting at the Mediterranean Sea and going through Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and then up into Ukraine. Now an attack on a civilian entertainment and mall area in Moscow ups the ante [1]. This type of incident will require careful investigation, in the face of theories claiming to have solved the crime instantly.

Making the situation more complicated is a warning on the Internet website of the U.S. Embassy in Russia on 7 March 2024 to “avoid large gatherings over the next 48 hours”–

These conflicts are a serious situation. Talking heads and alleged journalists in media seem to treat what has been happening like it is just a discussion about foreign policy in a class in school. To the contrary, it is real war and political conflict and real destruction that has a real effect on real people.

[1] The location of the Crocus complex is actually right outside of the Moscow city limits, but it helps to understand where the site is by referring to Moscow.

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  1. Barbara Ann says:

    Mr Willmann

    It is sadly apparent that neither side is remotely interested in careful investigations. The State Department’s immediate verdict was that Ukraine was innocent and ISIS K was to blame. The FSB and Putin’s immediate verdict is that it was hired nobodies from Tajikistan sponsored by the GUR – and thus a terrorist act supported by the West. The ‘confessions’ of the perps (captured in a scarcely credible attempt to escape over the front lines into Ukraine) have already been spread all over Telegram. Due process is obviously not a concern.

    As far as the immediate future of the war is concerned, the truth is no longer important. What is important is that Russians are being told Ukraine dunnit – with the support of the CIA/MI-6 etc.

    • Christian J Chuba says:

      The U.S. made a definitive verdict, the Russian statement is merely raises a suspicion. Since they have all 4 in custody, the FSB should have a very good chance at unraveling this fairly quickly.

      I don’t blame Russia for considering a Ukrainian origin, after all Ukraine has already committed three unambiguous acts of terrorism in Russia, 1. Crimean bridge truck bombing, killing 3, 2. St. Petersburg cafe bombing, and 3. car bombing in Moscow.

      Not saying Ukraine is to blame, only saying that it is reasonable to have that on the RADAR. Ukrainian origin would include Ukraine partnering with ISIS.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Putin said in a national address that Russia has intelligence that Ukraine prepared a “window” in the border for the terrorists to escape into Ukraine. Whether or not this is true, it represents a verdict on Ukraine’s guilt, not a suspicion of it.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Yes. Of course Putin would say that. Why let a good opportunity to rally Russians against Ukraine go to waste?

  2. TTG says:

    I like Illia Ponomarenko’s take on why we shouldn’t put any credence into this being a Russian initiated false flag.

    IMHO, we should let all those ‘false flag operation’ theories go for good. The Kremlin needs no reason and no excuses for anything anymore. Neither for a new wave of mobilization in Russia (which is inevitable and is coming soon now that Putin has re-crowned himself), nor for the most brutal and barbaric attacks on Ukraine, or any sort of domestic crackdown like full totalitarianism or martial law and the state of total war in Russia (the Russian people are historically okay with being treated this way, as we see).

    They’re already doing everything to Ukraine they can.

    They don’t need a mass murder of some 130 individuals at a concert hall to go on with their largest European war of conquest since Adolf Hitler.

    The Moscow mass murder by an Islamic State affiliate’s militants is a massive, gargantuan, epic failure of the Kremlin’s state security apparatus, which has been too busy zealously prosecuting “LGBT extremists” and trying to eradicate Ukraine as a nation instead. Especially given the fact that the West gave warnings to Russia based on its intelligence regarding possible terror attacks in Moscow.

    Yet, that bald-headed degenerate, in his own style, disdainfully threw the message into the West’s face and used it in his brainless anti-Western war propaganda, publicly calling the warnings “provocations, blackmailing, and intimidation.” Well, now you eat it.

    So, of course, now Putin and his slaves are ridiculously spinning around trying to pile this on CIA/NATO/’the Kiev regime’/ Nazis/Americans/Martians/whatever. It’s not that they fucked things up to the point of failing to prevent and respond to the deadliest terror attack in Russia in 20 years (!) despite the West’s heads-up, right? Vladimir Putin and his clique are just a synonym for pitch-black disgrace and vileness.

    Russian media immediately laid the attack on Kyiv. Putin has now publicly done the same. What’s the alternative? If they admit what the evidence is now pointing towards, Putin will have to strike the jihadis hard. That would open a two front war and pull resources away from the war on Ukraine.

    • TTG says:

      In addition to the US warning Russia of a possible ISIS attack possibly at a concert facility and publicly warning Americans to avoid such gatherings in Moscow, we have a recent history of ISIS activity in Russia reported in Russian media. This is from a CNN article.

      “That stance came despite Russian authorities having reported several ISIS-related incidents within the past month. The state-run RIA Novosti reported on March 3 that six ISIS members were killed in a counter-terrorist operation in the Ingush Karabulak; on March 7, it said security services had uncovered and “neutralized” a cell of the banned organization Vilayat Khorasan in the Kaluga region, whose members were planning an attack on a synagogue in Moscow; and on March 20, it said the commander of an ISIS combat group had been detained.”

      • Fred says:


        Ukrainian media and CNN, both ‘credible’ and the go to place for opinions on Slava Ukraine and Russia/Putin delenda est pronouncements.

        • TTG says:


          Media from all over the world, except Russia, are covering the ISIS-K video story. It’s hard to miss.

          • Fred says:


            They covered Covid too. I believe they said no way it came from a lab, it’s racist to say China Virus, and Ivermetcin is horse medicine. Is there any ‘verification’ that can be trusted more than statements (in less than 24 hours) by
            C”russia collusion”NN or an op-ed writer whose country is at war with Russia?

    • d74 says:

      Sorry TTG. A few mistakes:

      – “They’re already doing everything to Ukraine they can.”
      Certainly not. If the Russians (and Putin personally…) used their firepower to flatten Ukraine, Gaza would be reduced to a minor catastrophe.

      Exaggerated or misleading anti-Russian assertions denote self-hatred or Russophobia. That should be enough to disqualify this commentator.
      As for the ” crowning “, Putin was elected, simply elected, by a large majority of voters. That’s the reality because the Russian electorate trusts him.

      -“Putin will have to strike the jihadis hard”:
      The Russian armed forces (not Putin personally…) have done so in Syria, as hard as they had to, based of a defense agreement. And they’re carrying on, especially by air forces over Idlib. These same armed forces created and held ‘Reconciliation Centers’ that pacified moderate terrorists (not those with civilian blood on their hands). The club in one hand, the olive branch in the other. Incidentally, I’m not praising the Russians, the YPG/YPJ have done a better job in my opinion.

      Anything that’s exaggerated doesn’t count, and these texts are a case in point.
      The same goes for the Russian commentary industry (including Putin, personally). At this stage of the investigation, it’s risky to make such an accusation against the Ukrainians. I’ve already answered that the terrorists’ flight to Ukraine means nothing, since everywhere else it’s Russia. First of all, these poor idiots wanted to enjoy the promised blood money in peace. Where else but Ukraine? The answer is obvious.

      You’ll note an important detail: the bounty was NOT the 36 (or 72) houris in Allah’s paradise. Not houris, but dough. The terrorists of Daech wanted to go to paradise. They still do. Our four rascals want to live. Money, like mercenaries, not jihad, that fact should tell us something.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        Correct. These were no jihadis, just some scum hired to kill Russians for money. Any fool can tell some hired killers to stand in front of a black flag with their index finger held up. Hardcore jihadis remain, but the their once premium brand is devalued to the point of meaninglessness. “ISIS” has almost reached the level of the Che Guevara T-shirt.

        Of course it’s just as easy to tell the hired scum their escape route lies in a fictitious “window” across the border in Bryansk.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Barbara Ann,
          Oh come on. Even being scum, you really think that a bunch of guys are going to commit bloody mass murder for a month’s worth of booze and grocery bucks, especially since the odds of being killed or captured are fairly high? Really? I say that theory is ridiculous.

          Those guys had to believe in something to do that. The pittance they appear to have been paid was probably for operational expenses.

          I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the lengths some folks here will go to in order to avoid facing the reality of Islamic terrorism.

    • Yeah, Right says:

      Illia Ponomarenko: “They’re already doing everything to Ukraine they can.”

      Demonstrably untrue.

  3. walrus says:

    Gilbert Doctorow has it:

    “The logic of the U.S. encouragement to Kiev to perpetrate exactly this kind of atrocity is obvious to anyone with eyes to see. It was precisely attacks like this, as for example during the Chechen wars and the Beslan school siege-massacre that Putin was enraged and responded violently. The decapitation of Kiev now will be very convenient also for Washington.”

    • F&L says:

      One line of thought is that the attack was motivated by the desire to trigger massive retaliation from Russia, thereby forcing Washington’s hand into providing more armaments and possibly NATO troops

    • cobo says:

      Funny, didn’t those Chechen buggers do almost exactly the same thing -? I could look that up, but… So, more of the same… Killing off the artistics is good game -right? God must now sleep easy, To Whom in that crowd might the God-in-Charge Putin not have favored ?

      I may have said this before: hahahahahaha!

    • Barbara Ann says:


      I’d like to beleive that. I’d also like to believe the West’s foreign policy has not been taken over by the insane, but I do not. Whoever did this has escalation in mind. Decapitating the Kyiv regime would be massively counterproductive for Russia as it would not end the war and would certainly unify NATO – exactly the opposite of what Putin wants to achieve.

      Over on Martyanov’s site there are folks calling for the MI-6 headquarters to be vaporized. I’m sure there are voices in the Kremlin saying something similar. The only reason we are still here right now is that these voices do not so far hold sway. Every time something like this happens the odds increase that these folk will prevail.

      Putin has said Russia cannot win a conventional fight with NATO. He has also said a strategic defeat for Russia is impossible by definition. If/when one day Project Collective Death-Wish For the World goes too far, I don’t see any reason why Russia would mess about on the escalation ladder – when the inevitable result would be a better prepared enemy. The first shots in the hot war will also be the last. Russia’s only hope for any kind of civilizational survival against a stronger enemy hell bent on forcing direct conflict is a massive first nuclear strike. When confronting the insane, this becomes the only sane option. MAD works only for rational adversaries.

      “..nuclear powers must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war.”

      Nuland’s 2014 coup left Russia facing a humiliating retreat. The only way we all survive is if the West undoes that and forces Ukraine to make peace. No one needs to be decapitated.

      Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

      • F&L says:

        Barbara Ann,

        Your comment resonated with this article by Dmitry Trenin published yesterday. He seems to agree with you.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          Thanks, yes I’ve just seen it – a must read. Trenin make a very logical argument for “active deterrence”, but it suffers from a major flaw: It presumes the West has a functional leadership able to reign in the lunatics running Russian foreign policy. I am not at all convinced this is the case. A large part of the transatlantic Borg (FP establishment) seems to consider the Russian/BRICS threat to US/Anglo hegemony is itself an existential threat. Further aggressive action by Russia will merely validate this thesis. Who is going to stop them – the reality-based community?

      • LeaNder says:

        Barbara, we had an apocalyptic newcomer in the comment section recently. … He didn’t inspire your comment?

        It doesn’t feel your Kennedy quote would be restricted, but the Bitchute link following it for me is geo-blocked. Supposedly it contains:

        Contains Holocaust Denial
        Contains Incitement to Hatred

        Curiously, there is nothing but just this part of his speech. You leave me perplexed.

      • Fred says:

        Barbara Ann,

        The Russians only have to hold out until the EU members of NATO go broke, which is happening faster than a Lagarde, Yellen, and co. can cause a FED reversal and to change money flows and save the euro. I notice nobody in Ukraine or on CNN is concerned over Biden’s Border Bum-rush down South. I wonder why….

  4. F&L says:

    Of interest:
    The site of the Ukrainian embassy in Tajikistan was recruiting Tajiks for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion to fight against Russia. The Moscow mall terrorists were Tajiks (not ISIS) and heading to Ukraine right after the terror attack. They admitted getting paid. What a coincidence.

  5. Lars says:

    It is not as easy to lie with abandon in the Internet age. Something that many in politics are slow to learn. When the US Government warns US citizens away from large crowds and the Russian government does not, even after being informed too that make them look real bad and it will have consequences. When a military force could march towards Moscow, it made a crack in the facade. Now having a forewarned terrorist attack close to the same place, that crack has widened. As stated, there have been other incidents within Russia. As a firm believer in tipping points, I think we are getting closer to one.

    • A.G. says:

      The US embassy’s warning was issued three weeks ago and explicitly said “within the next 48 hours”. Nothingburger.

    • Fred says:


      “It is not as easy to lie with abandon in the Internet age. ”
      Was J-6 an insurrection?
      Is the US Southern border secure?
      How’s that Ivermetcin medicine working out?
      How about the “safe and effective” thingy? And of course, which booster number is everyone on?

  6. Eric Newhill says:

    It was Islamic maniacs who did this and for their own motivations which are incomprehensible to normal civilized people.

    However, it is in Putin’s interest to pin the attacks, at least in part, on Ukraine because there is a need to mobilize more troops to finish the Ukraine effort. There have been a lot of Russian casualties – not as many as Ukrainian casualties, but a lot – and there is always the risk of Russians saying, “Hell no! I won’t go” at some point.

  7. voislav says:

    I’d be surprised if it wasn’t organized by Ukraine. Two reasons. One, Ukraine has been under a lot of pressure to start negotiating some sort of ceasefire/peace from the Biden administration. Nuland’s departure is indicative of loss of support in DC and eagerness of the administration to close the Ukrainian chapter as they ramp up their confrontation with China. Zelensky’s administration is strongly opposed to this and even passed a law that prohibits negotiations with Putin.

    Two, internal politics of Ukraine. Zelensky’s term is coming to an end and Ukraine is facing a difficult military situation. Ukraine is not officially in a state of war, only rolling 90-day martial law. So barring a new election, there will be a legal power vacuum. Ukrainian opposition is led by Poroshenko, who while unpopular internally, is close to Nuland and other Biden administration figures. He was very active in 2014, was elected president post-Maidan and was instrumental in distancing Ukraine from Russia and introducing anti-Russian measures, such as language laws. There were persistent rumours that Poroshenko would support Zaluzhny’s presidential bid and would be the amenable to negotiations with Russia. Zelensky’s administration is highly suspicious of him and has even barred him from leaving the country on a couple of occasions.

    This attack completely removes negotiations off the table and secures Zelensky’s position as the only option in the looming constitutional crisis, both with regards to the Biden administration and internally, against Poroshenko. Zaluzhny was already largely neutralized with removal of his supporters from command positions, this removes any possibility he could be put forward as a “peace” candidate, with support from Biden and Poroshenko.

    • frankie p says:

      “I’d be surprised if it wasn’t organized by Ukraine.”

      At this point, Ukraine couldn’t organize a hike in the forest without CIA aid.
      The entire organization of this attack reeks of the CIA. Careful selection of perps from Tajikistan, statement by the US two hours after the event (“It wasn’t Ukraine, really guys!”), the attempt to bring ISIS or some “Islamic maniacs” and their “motivations which are incomprehensible to civilized people” (thanks Eric) to convince global public opinion. It’s also a tool to take the heat of the Israelis and their genocide, giving fodder for news organizations to lead with “With world’s attention on Gaza, is ISIS making a comeback?”.

      The actions of the US, both overt and covert, are resembling insanity.

      The failure modes are all present and wreaking havoc: corrosion, erosion, fatigue and overload.

    • leith says:

      No way Ukraine had anything to do with this. Any terrorism by them against innocent civilians and the West would abandon them and shut off arms & ammo supplies. No reason to risk that by murdering and maiming 200 civilians who have nothing to do with the war effort. And targeting civilians does not fit into their strategy of attacking Russian airfields, refineries, railroads, critical bridges, FSB offices/HQs, etc. If they were going to kill civilians it would be workers in weapons factories or oil industry or railway employees.

      Even if a Ukrainian who had lost friends and relatives to Putin’s terrorist missiles on civilian apartment buildings within Ukraine decided to get revenge, he would have targeted an elite area in Moscow where Putin’s siloviki live, instead of that Krasnogorsk suburb.

      • d74 says:

        Since 2014 until 2022, Ukraine has killed around 5,000 Ukrainian civilians in the Donbass, mainly through indiscriminate artillery shelling. For children killed in Donetsk see “Angel Alley” in that city. Now the shelling carries on, but those targeted are no longer Ukrainians.

        The bombardments have been amply documented by two journalists, one US Patrick Lancaster, the other UK Graham Phillips. In my opinion, P. Lancaster is a mediocre journalist, but the videos don’t lie. G. Phillips, much more incisive, is censored.

        • TTG says:


          You’re off by 2,000. Just under 3,000 civilians were killed in that time frame, mostly in 2014. They were killed by Ukrainians, both by separatists and Kyiv government forces.

        • leith says:

          D74 –

          You conveniently left out the thousands of Ukrainians murdered, beaten, tortured or deported in the Donbas during 2014 to 2022. And more since Feb 2022 throughout all the occupied territories.

      • voislav says:

        Ukrainian SBU under Budanov has already organized terror attacks on Russian territory. Smaller scale, but still terror attacks. St. Petersburg cafe bombing, Dugina car bomb, Kerch bridge truck bomb, incursions by “Russian rebels”. They have the means, the motivation and a history of attacks deep inside Russia. Would this be an escalation? Yes, but I believe that’s the whole point, making it impossible to negotiate.

        ISIS has not been a factor for years and suddenly they are able to pull this off? Regarding cutting off aid, you are joking, right? There were no repercussions for blowing up Nord Stream, a major no-no in the international law. Denmark and Sweden quietly closed the investigation. They know who did it, why are they not releasing the info? In the end, any evidence Russia collects will be dismissed as Russians framing Ukraine, so there is no danger of immediate blowback.

        • leith says:

          Voislav –

          The St Pete Cafe bomb was carried out by a Navalny supporter. Others suspects were the FSB, Russia’s National Republican Army, Ukraine. Prigozhin claimed it was done by Ukrainian radicals not associated in any way with the SBU, the HUR, or with the Kiev government.

          Dugina’s car bomb has been blamed on Ukraine, on the Poles, on Navalny, anti-Ukraine war-hawks who wanted to make her a martyr, and again on the National Republican Army.

          The Kerch bridge was a valid military target.

          Nordstream? Macron had it done.

          • voislav says:

            If you choose to believe that the things you stated above, that’s on you. Neither of us has influence on these events, we can only observe. In time, we’ll see whose observations were correct.

      • Stefan says:


        Israel has killed thousands of women and children and the US and the West are still sending them billions of arms as well as continuing their support. If you think Ukrainians killing civilians would stop western support you are extremely naive.

  8. frankie p says:

    Rules-based Terrorism:
    When you provoke a rising power to attack a neighbor by trying to make it a NATO bulwark on its border, encouraging the killing of that power’s ethnic group (Donbass 2021), then unsuccessfully try to cobble together an international coalition to oppose the rising power, lay extensive sanctions on the power which MOST countries ignore, then provide hundreds of billions of dollars of military support for the losing cause, resulting in the decimation of the nation and its population; when you push non-stop propaganda to encourage the western idiots that this failing, soon-to-be rump state can actually emerge victorious, push it to mount a massive “counter offensive” that succeeded in only sending tens of thousands of men into a meat-grinder that had been set up to wait for them.

    When you’re a neo-con cabal pulling the strings of the most powerful nation in the world, supposedly run by a doddering old tool of a corrupted political system, and you and your people have never been known to admit wrong and back off, you double down, even in the face of your unmatched string of debacles. It’s time for:
    Rules-based Terrorism.

  9. jim.. says:

    Well….If this Was Really A Russian Black Op…The United States Did every thing to Help Set it Up..With All Its OPEN Communications,,,Right up to Using The Term…”Concert Hall Attacks”, Terrorism…Terrorism..ISIS…Warnings,,,Graphics…
    The Whole Alibi …For Dr. Strangelove…

    Look How Long The Attack Lasted…One—Two Hours…No One Responds..Phones Off For Dinner I Guess…Or NAP Time..Adolph..??

    So..The Shooters…(FOUR) Get into a Moscow…
    ..Drive 450 Kilometers Toward Ukraine..with Burgers to Go…Unstopped
    and Then..Guess What..Thier Car Dives off the Hiway..Rolls Over…The
    Cops Are Right There..Get ALL Four..”Shooters”..Immediately..and Recover
    Two Empty AK 47 Mags…What Great Police …work..

    Sounds like A Clancy Story Line..Take Ivans Word For it All.. NOT Staged….Just Ask the Four Shooters..
    For REAL Stuff…See.. The END..

    • TTG says:


      Everything I’ve read so far points to Russian security forces being absolutely incompetent clowns… or a real false flag op… or Russia cleverly taking advantage of an ISIS terrorist strike. I’d put my money on incompetence cause by the deterioration of those security forces brought on by two years of war.

      • LeaNder says:

        I’d put my money on incompetence cause by the deterioration of those security forces brought on by two years of war.

        Irony alert: PL once ordered I declare it. Then as now I wondered if my intention was purenirony or just some kind of easy banter.

        But yes, TTG, I too sensed the presence of elements of a LIHOP/MIHOP line of thought. ; Then as now, since almost no one followed development in the field. Got a bit too complicated from Syria onward, with all those splinter groups.

        But yes, Putin had so many hundreds of people killed by now, he definitively would order something like this too. Thus yes, why not as leith suggested immediately: false flag, the 1939 Gleiwitz incident.

        Spiegel International, Hamburg, 2003, Panoply of the Absurd:

        Panoply of the Absurd
        Were the attacks on New York and Washington the biggest act of terrorism in history or just an enormous secret service conspiracy? Conspiracy theorists are filling bestsellers with their supposed evidence, and they already have one-fifth of all Germans convinced of their half-truths.

        The man with the shy smile who has been appearing in the dock in room 237 at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Hamburg since August 14 is accused of being involved in a conspiracy. His name is Abdelghani Mzoudi, and he has been charged with assisting in the commission of murder – in 3066 cases – as a member of the secret terrorist group surrounding Mohammed Atta that changed the world with its attacks on September 11, 2001.

        As soon as the representative of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, standing behind thick bullet-proof glass, had read aloud the results of the investigation against this 30-year-old Moroccan on the first day of the trial, his defense attorney, Michael Rosenthal, delivered a portrayal of a different conspiracy, one far more extensive, dangerous and monstrous than that of which his client is being accused: “It appears that the United States of America was already familiar with the political benefits of an attack on the World Trade Center, at least in theory, before it actually occurred.”

    • leith says:

      Jim –

      If they were captured in Bryansk, which I doubt, they were probably headed for Belarus. That makes much more sense, especially as the Belarus ambassador to Russia said that “Belarusian special services helped Russia prevent “terrorists” from escaping across the border”. Another escape route would have been to hunker down and hide amongst the tens of thousands of Tajik and Uzbek guest workers in and around Moscow. To flee to the border with Ukraine, which is thick with Russian troops and heavily monitored by the FSB, would be insane. “Putin’s argument that the suspects were heading to Russian-Ukrainian border makes no sense – Russia has 20,000 km of borders, why would they head to the one place where Russian army and security forces are most concentrated?” This is just an attempt by Putin to get Russian citizens to support mobilization.

      Meanwhile during and since the incident, Ukraine attacked two Russian Ropucha Class landing ships, the BSF Communications Center in Sevastopol, and more refineries.

  10. A.G. says:

    That ISIS claim is … interesting.

    A killing spree by self-declared hardcore Muslims done (1) on a Friday (2) during Ramadan??

    ISIS members being paid for a specific job? ($1,000 per killer, apparently.)

    ISIS members fleeing towards Ukraine? (A couple of them were apprehended only a hundred miles from the border.)

    Does not sound overly convincing to me. And it should not be overly complicated for anyone to produce an ISIS-style video confession.

    • TTG says:


      True. This doesn’t look like the jihadi suicide missions we’ve become accustomed to. Perhaps ISIS-K has evolved over the years and expansion into the ‘stans. The route those terrorists were taken led directly to Belarus, probably a much easier border to cross rather than a border between two warring countries.

      In addition to ISIS claiming responsibility, they released a pre-attack photo of the perpetrators along with a more detailed statement. Of course, we can’t these statements as verified truth. I don’t think this would be the first time jihadis claimed responsibility for something they didn’t do.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Jihadis in some of the France attacks were not suicidal and were apprehended later (after their attacks).

        • LeaNder says:

          They were on their way to Molenbeek, which always felt like a quarter of Brussels to me, which it actually isn’t.

          It’s only a municipality in the larger Brussels-Capital Region. Not an inch of separation between Molenbeek and Brussels proper, though. 😉

          Obviously, Bataclan comes to mind. Is Patrick Bahzad still around?

          • jld says:

            ” Is Patrick Bahzad still around?”

            Missing a colleague? 🙂

          • LeaNder says:

            Whatever may be on your mind, jld, not quite “a colleague” but an interesting however you want to call it, ‘junior’ author? Was that PL’s choice?

            You seem to be more francophone lately …

      • TTG says:

        CNN reported that the video was recorded by the attackers during their attack and transmitted to ISIS. I haven’t viewed the video myself.

        “ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq released a graphic video on Saturday that purports to show Friday’s attack at a concert hall in suburban Moscow recorded by one of the attackers, suggesting the perpetrators had a direct link to ISIS in order to be able to send the video. CNN has geolocated it to the concert hall and notes that its identifying metadata has been erased.”

        “The video, which is about 90 seconds long, shows four attackers with their faces blurred and voices distorted in what appears to be the Crocus City Hall complex. The video shows one attacker signaling to another gunman, who then walks past a door where people are hiding and opens fire on them. Bodies and blood can be seen on the floor, with fire raging at a distance. The video also shows one of the attackers slitting the throat of a man lying on his back. The video ends with the four attackers walking away inside the building as smoke can be seen at a distance. On Friday, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, according to a short statement published by Amaq.”

        • d74 says:

          The question is how the video was transmitted, directly from the producer to the exhibitor, and when.
          There’s a mystery there, given that the four wankers didn’t seem to be very smart. The Russians claim to have found 7 (or 8) accomplices in addition to the 4 murderers. The close support seems to be important and would explain this minor mystery.

          • TTG says:


            How difficult is it to send a live video on a smart phone either sent directly to an ISIS media phone or retransmitted by a supporting accomplice?

          • d74 says:

            You are right, dumb me.
            You can conclude that I don’t have a smartphone!
            But my grandchildren are trying to convert me to this electronics, audio and video.

          • TTG says:


            Congratulations for not succumbing to the plague of smartphones.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            No, smart you. Keep it that way and don’t succumb.

  11. elkern says:

    The scariest aspect – to me – of this is that [some branch of] ISIS has [reportedly] claimed responsibility for it. If true, that would seem to be a Good Thing for Ukraine/NATO/USA, because it implies that Russia has other enemies.

    Buuuut, isn’t it odd that just a couple months ago, [some branch of] ISIS claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack in Iran, targeting mourners marking the death of Qassem Soleimani – killed by US drones in Iraq in 2020.

    Quite the coincidence, eh? In the space of 3 months, Jihadi terrorist groups have attacked the two countries most openly identified as US “enemies”. And wait – there’s more! This is the same group which the US uses as an excuse to illegally station troops in Syria (and a little less illegally in Iraq).

    This “coincidence” won’t be lost on Russia or Iran. Both will view the attacks on the other as confirmation that the CIA has influence in – or communication/coordination with – ISIS. Worse, it will be seen as evidence that the US has escalated the New Cold War with not just a new “ally” (ISIS) but a new strategy (terror campaigns against civilians). And both will now be more likely to escalate in similar ways – or, more likely, in new & interesting asymmetrical ways.

    One easy option for them would be to completely remove all US & Western influence in all the X-stan-SSRs. China would gladly support that effort, probably with *lotsa* money. I’d also expect a Big Deal announcement between China, Russia, Iran, and Afghanistan soon, where the Taliban Government gets full recognition and *lotsa* Chinese money, credit, and infrastructure (and Russian weapons…) in exchange for *verifiable* suppression of international Jihadi groups and tendencies. As long as Taliban behaves, they get candy (and life).

    But Russia and Iran will likely make other more, uh, kinetic plans. I won’t spend time thinking up ideas for them, but I’ll know it when I see it.

    I’m not *certain* that the CIA/USA is seriously linked into ISIS, but there is lotsa circumstantial evidence in recent history. And of course, the basic idea of using Islamic radicals as tools of US Foreign Policy is nothing new. I can kinda excuse Carter & Brzezinski, because I understand the framework of the [Old] Cold War, and besides, it worked… but then, as they say, payback is a *****. But I *really* don’t like the idea that CIA (or other US agents) are still trying to use that strategy. Some things just shouldn’t be excused, and the disregard for human life unleashed by Jihadis is one of those. Likewise for any “Americans” who would continue to try to harness that terrible force to advance our interests.

    Of course the previous paragraph applies to the likelihood of links between Mossad and ISIS – including my judgement of them.

    OTOH, all the above treats “ISIS” as agents of Western power and overlooks their own perspective, motivations, and strategies.

    As if what I’ve laid out above isn’t scary enough… but wait, there’s more!

    The only organized political force on Earth now that would actually benefit from nuclear war between West and East is localist Jihadis. The ‘Stans – except Pakistan – are among the least likely places least likely to be targeted by either side. The Jihadist psyche thrives in isolated regions of Central Asia – and the end of Global Civilization is the only way to enforce and enhance that isolation. How else can they prevent their children from being seduced by a zillion cheap plastic toys, once China rebuilds the Silk Road?

    Maybe *we’re* being played (again).

    • TTG says:


      Both Russia and Iran have spent years fighting ISIS in Syria. That makes them both natural targets for an ISIS attack. The US isn’t the sole target of ISIS-K jihadis although they’ve attacked and killed US troops in Afghanistan.

      • elkern says:

        Yes, of course. The creepy thing is that US actions in Syria have kinda prevented Russia and Iran from helping Syria finish off ISIS there. Blocking land routes from Iran to Syria – to constrict Iranian support for Hezbollah – seems to have been our highest priority there. US forces in At Tanf (supplied from “Tower 22” near Rukban, Jordan) monitoring traffic coming into Syria from Iraq have also been protecting camps of Syrian refugees, which undoubtedly include many Jihadi cells, some likely associated with ISIS.

        My main point is that it sure looks like we are allied with ISIS against Russia and Iran, and I REALLY don’t like that.

        • TTG says:


          Except we’ve been clobbering ISIS jihadis by land and air for years. We’re still snuffing them out when we can.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Well, remember McCain’s “moderate” rebels? Some of them were Al Qaeda. Some were other jihadi groups that were/are just as bad. At different times the various groups have competed with each other for control over the jihad, cooperated against common enemies and even merged.

            So it’s a pretty murky distinction between organizations and who were were helping and who we were fighting. I think the McCain types honestly didn’t understand all of that because they didn’t want to; as they were lost in their zeal to destroy Syria and then move onto Iran.

          • Barbara Ann says:

            As Jake “AQ is on our side in Syria” Sullivan kindly confirmed (via Julian Assange) the clobbering of jihadis is subject to the larger goal. We must surely therefore assume that ISIS-K and others are “on our side” when it suits. All’s fair in love and war after all.

          • James says:


            I hear press releases about the US fighting ISIS but whenever I hear about US forces making contact with the enemy in Syria it is always with Iranian-backed forces. Iran is a sworn enemy of ISIS.

            I have not seen a single new item about ISIS attacking US troops. Not one.

            And the ISIS religious doctrine is nearly indistinguishable from the official religions in KSA, Bahrain, UAE, etc.

            It sure looks to me like ISIS is the terrorist wing of JSOC.

          • TTG says:


            US has been striking Iranian-backed forces in Syria and Iraq lately because those forces have been striking US forces. For two years prior to this, CENTCOM forces have been striking ISIS primarily. They reduced the caliphate in Iraq and northern Syria to practically nothing.

          • Yeah, Right says:

            TTG: “They reduced the caliphate in Iraq and northern Syria to practically nothing.”

            CENTCOM did that, did they?

            Well, I learn something new every day.

          • TTG says:

            Yeah, Right,

            Who took Raqqa, the ISIS capitol? But I didn’t forget it was Russia, Iran and Syria who saved Syria west of the Euphrates.

          • Fred says:

            Barbara Ann,

            Didn’t Jake work for Barack “ISIS is the jv team” Obama?

          • leith says:

            The only ISIS left running free in Syria are in Idlib province. That is west of the Euphrates and about 200 miles from al-Tanf and 300 miles from US troops in the northeast.

          • James says:


            According to Seth Harp, the leader of “ISIS-K” was a contractor at Bagram who had a license to trade weapons that was issued to him by NATO.

            And you still have not explained why ISIS never attacks US troops in Syria. Is that because ISIS follows a “turn the other cheek” philosophy?

          • Yeah, Right says:

            TTG: “Who took Raqqa, the ISIS capitol?”

            Answer: Not CENTCOM.

            Or are you really going to pretent that the SDF is a component of CENTCOM?

            Because, try as I might, I can’t find any organisational chart of CENTCOM that lists “SDF” in its Chain of Command.

          • TTG says:

            Yeah, Right

            One USMC artillery battalion fired more rounds against ISIS targets than any artillery battalion since Viet Nam. They wore out the barrels killing ISIS jihadis.

        • Stefan says:

          Of course there is the well publicized links between Israel and ISIS. Israel provided medical care and weapons and ammo to ISIS in Syria. There is a reason why ISIS has never really attacked Israel.

          None of this is a secret, it has been in the media, but not as much as it should be.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Russia is allied with Iran and very clearly supporting the Axis of Resistance. The whodunnit list would certainly be incomplete without Israel (sorry Eric). Back in October a senior member of Likud said “Russia will pay a high price for killing Israelis” (implying Russian support for Hamas). Here is his interview with Kyiv Post:


            His original interview/unhinged rant on RT is here. If nothing else this shows how far Russian relations with the Israel government have deteriorated.

  12. Serge says:

    Today IS released a first person video of the attack as it was going on through Amaq,throat slittings and all. Occam’s razor must be applied here, it was them. The US also warned Iran about an imminent attack before the Soleimani procession attack by IS K a couple months ago. The only 2 single instances of false attack claims coming from IS in the past 10 years is the Philippines casino fire and the Las Vegas 2017 Stephen paddock incident. And the jury is still out on the latter case IMO. They lucidly assess that false claims do more to damage their brand than anything

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Yes, of course it was jihadis. Putin himself is saying so too.

      The political agenda addendums are all about who may have been assisting the jihadis and/or putting them up to the task (as if jihadis need external motivation or assistance for such a rudimentary attack). Antisemites say Israel, Russians (and paid agents) say Ukraine. Ukraine says Russia turned jihadis on their own people. America haters say the CIA. It’s all BS political opportunism and psychological obsessions turned into conspiracy theories, IMO.

  13. F&L says:

    One of the captured attackers was very recently, if not presently, a Ukrainian soldier.
    So I guess Ukraine couldn’t possibly be involved because the NY Times, the Guardian and the US State department say so (sarcasm).

    • jld says:


      This tweet “disappeared”.
      As an aside would you be so kind to use the older links instead of the horrendous that this Elon jerk switched to, it speaks volumes about his real personality! 🙁

  14. Lars says:

    I am now seeing reports in European media that the attackers probably had help from Russians to be able to pull it off. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I would not be surprised if it was. If Putin decides to use this against Ukraine, it may backfire a lot and if he uses this for mobilization, he will find an opposite reaction in NATO and that will bring the dreaded unintended consequences.

    • Christian J Chuba says:

      “the attackers probably had help from Russians”

      I certainly believe that the attackers had help from people inside Russia but not necessarily Russians. Someone stashed a pretty good stockpile of weapons for them in a hiding place.

      I have NOT concluded that Ukraine is responsible for this but I’m tired of the MSM clamoring, in unison, ‘there is absolutely no evidence’

      1. Putin cited the evidence in his statement, ‘the car was stopped in Bryansk’. If you draw a line between the site of the attack and Bryansk, it does indeed lead to Ukraine.

      2. Ukrainian operatives have already shown that they can infiltrate Russia and stash weapons with the car bomb attack in Moscow and the drone attack in the Kremlin.

      3. Ukrainians have a reasonable motive, I know this because I have heard the talking points echoed, word for word on FOX / CNN when they say, ‘this shows how incompetent Putin is’ and ‘Russia will now have to divert resources to fighting Islamists’.

      Again, I have not concluded that Ukraine is guilty, I just cannot stand the sound of our own bleating MSM. There is indeed evidence, albeit circumstantial.

      • TTG says:

        Christian J Chuba,

        I agree that Ukraine has the capability to carry out this attack. Russia also has the capability to do it. They both have motive. Ukraine would want to strike the invader, but they’re striking Russian refineries, ships and headquarters instead. Russia could use a false flag attack to solidify the Russians around a full scale war of annihilation against Ukraine and a full mobilization. But Putin’s hold on the country and information flow is so strong, he doesn’t need to attack his own people. BTW, the rallying effect of this terrorist attack is ample reason for Ukraine not to do this. Best to stick to the refineries, ships and headquarters.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        So they were headed towards Ukraine? You’re reading an awful lot into that fact. Where else should the terrorists have headed, from Moscow, if they were trying to get out of Russia quickly? They had three choices, Belarus, Finland, Ukraine. Simply picking a country out of hat, there was a 33% chance of Ukraine being the one.

        Perhaps the terrorists thought they’d have the best chance of escaping justice if they entered Ukraine. They may have even believed – straight from their own crazy heads – that the Ukrainians would be sympathetic towards them.

        • Mark Logan says:

          Eric, I have a theory on why they were headed towards Ukraine.

          I noticed the guy that was taken down by one of the civilians at the door of the venue has his hair cut very short, and I would like to know if the others did the same.

          Unless they are extremely stupid they would not think there is an easy way to cross the Ukraine/Russia border…as there flat isn’t. Instead, what they may have dreamed up was a plan to get within a few dozen miles of that border, where young men in fatigues with short hair are all over the place, a “crowd” they might disappear into.

          Just a guess. The Russians are saying they were picked up in the same car they used to go to the scene of the crime in. The possibility they are extremely stupid can not be dismissed.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Yeah. I was thinking something similar. I see nothing about this attack that suggests intelligence or cleverness on the attackers’ part. Go to crowded venue full of unarmed people, squeeze trigger, throw Molotov cocktails, get in car, flee. Anyone with an 85 IQ could do it. Add to that the sort sociopathic/narcissistic personalty that can slaughter innocent humans like they’re livestock animals and you have get away plans that look pretty silly to a normal looking in from the outside.

            Lee Oswald was that type – he thought that if he killed Kennedy he’d be welcomed in Cuba – or maybe even Russia – as a hero, nonetheless.

      • leith says:

        CJC –

        No way they were headed to Ukraine. The video of them arriving at the Crocus Concert Hall shows them getting out of a white van with Belarus plates. Plus the location where they were reportedly captured was close to the Belarus border. The Ukraine/Russia border is too heavily monitored by Russian security services.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          I don’t know about “no way”, but agree that they might have been not have been heading towards Ukraine.

          No politician lets a good crisis go to waste – and that includes Putin. Then again, your camp (Slava Ukraine/death to evil Russia a thousand times over) is motivated to erase even the appearance of a Ukraine connection.

          It’s too early to know the facts. All sources are spinning away trying to get ahead of the story. We may never know the truth, but we’ll have more better clues in the following months.

    • d74 says:

      Don’t waste time with these nonsense.
      This should be put in the folder “The Russians are shooting at each other” with curved cannons, in Donestk or on the NPP in Energodar.

  15. A.G. says:

    Just a thought re the “unheeded” warnings provided by the US:

    After lots of talk in the West about “bringing the war into Russia”, after Nuland having gleefully announced some “nasty surprises” for Russia — how on earth could the Russians possibly take US’ warnings of an imminent terrorist attack at face value, as a courtesy coming out of a pure heart with the best of intentions?

    • TTG says:


      I would assume Moscow would want to investigate any warning issued by Washington for herself. They did foil an ISIS-K plot to bomb a synagogue about a month ago and experienced the ISIS-K attack on their embassy in Kabul in 2022. I am surprised at the absolute lack of security at the concert venue and the lackadaisical response to the attack, far worse than Uvalde.

      • A.G. says:


        “I would assume Moscow would want to investigate any warning issued by Washington”

        They first would have to decide whether it was an honest warning or just a ploy to keep Russian resources busy. As I said, they currently don’t have much reason to presume the former (or, regrettably, to trust *anything* the US says, for that matter); and I would think they have lots and lots of such assessments on their table these days, so managing resources is a must.

        • TTG says:


          Moscow foiled an ISIS-K attempt to bomb a Moscow synagogue only a month ago. They’d be incompetent fools not to check out the warning.

          • jim.. says:

            Yes And a Two Hour Delay for a Response…and The Perps,,??? Drove Away to Belarus…And This is One Bizzare Story…About The Empire…Who will ..I Imagine…Strike Back…Death Stars..and
            a Million Black Flying Objects….Oh…Where,,,Is
            Mr. X Wing…?? Rocky…Episode 13…Eh

        • leith says:

          @A.G. – “They first would have to decide whether it was an honest warning or just a ploy to keep Russian resources busy.”

          No, not first. The smart move would be to simultaneously investigate both the warning and also whether or not it was BS by the devious Amerikanskis. Unfortunately for the victims paranoia and suspicion by Putin and the FSB overrode common sense. TheKremlin thought it was a ‘ploy’ because that is what they themselves would have done.

          • jim.. says:

            Leith…..Im very very Curious…On This One…Lot at Stake Here..Apparently No One Else Has Eyes…
            Even Russia..They ALL got Poked Out..?? The USA is a One Eyed Cyclopes…????

            No Warnings From China..No Korea..Iran…England…France,,
            Israel….Pang Pango…Really..No One..

            Why Is Only The US of EYE…Playing The
            Major Mr. Peepers In All This Drama..??

            So Many Innocent Humans..Snuffed Out..
            Like a Red Tide…

            Sad Stuff…The “Beast” Is Being Revealed.

            Emerald City……Indeed…Be Well

          • leith says:

            Jim –

            US Intel folks will not divulge sources and methods. But they’ve had eyes, ears and noses sniffing out ISIS for years. And they continue to do so.

            Russia’s eyes have been too busy concentrating on their own citizens who dare to criticize Putin or oppose the war in Ukraine. As for the Chinese, they are too busy spying on the US and since they have all the Uighurs in camps they are no longer looking for Islamic boogeymen.

            But I’m not understanding why you rule out England or any of the others in the Five-Eyes Alliance. The original tip could have come from them. Or the French who have good intel in Africa where ISIS fights against Russian mercs. Plus they have contacts in the Middle East.

      • LeaNder says:

        I am surprised at the absolute lack of security at the concert venue and the lackadaisical response to the attack, far worse than Uvalde.

        I read there was security. I wonder why people claim there wasn’t. But how many would you consider appropriate, considering 6,200 concert visitors? In case, remnants of Wagner and other mercenaries are still available in Russia. The owner may want to be interested in your opinion. [Cynicism alert?]

        You may want to take a look at what the owner of Crocus has to say about matters?

        • Stefan says:

          Yeah, these comments dont make much sense. Go to any concert in the US and you’ll find a handful of “security” at any gig. Most of them are not professional security folk and almost none of them are armed.

          In the DC area I have attended multiple concerts in the last 20 years. Not once have I seen security that would have been able to deal with a team of very well armed attackers with automatic weapons. A death toll of 130+ would be achievable in the space of a couple of minutes.

          Short of having large amounts of professionally trained and armed security at every place where a large amount of people are gathered there is nothing you can do to stop this sort of attack if it is not stopped before they get to the venue.

          Here in the US we have had cases where a single shooter, with no international links, has killed dozens of civilians acting on his own. It is a bit much to expect of the Russians what we are unable to do ourselves.

  16. walrus says:

    TTG, I am disappointed that you would stoop to suggesting a false flag attack on its own people by the Putin Government. Apart from anything else, Putin has approximately 86% of Russian voters on his side and his legitimacy has even been acknowledged by the Biden administration. He doesn’t need an excuse to prosecute the SMO.

    We can safely make one observation; the perps are too dumb to have organised this act themselves. The quality of the planning and execution was superb. You and many others, including myself, know just how hard it is to organise any group activity involving more than two people

    To get four dumb Tajiks to an assembly point outside the venue, briefed with a comprehensive workable plan of attack including I suspect individual responsibilities during the asssult,, with arms, ammunition and explosives/incendiaries in working order requires detailed planning and highly professional execution because of the multitude of things that can go wrong including detection and even accidents]al self inflicted wounds. These guys had professional help.

    The one thing apparently that was not professional was the manner of their escape. Only amateurs break road rules; Professionals are law abiding to the point of boredom. It seems as if the handlers didn’t care if the perps were caught.

    It’s obvious to me at least, that the idea is to provoke Putin into a direct attack on Ukrainian civilians; that would provide an excuse for a multinational NATO force to enter Ukraine and secure western ukrainian assets (like Odessa) under the guise of “responsibility to protect”.

    • TTG says:


      A Russian false flag is one of the theories out there. I don’t believe it for the reasons both you and I mentioned here. I also believe those “four dumb Tajiks” had professional help. It was the same professional help who attacked the Russian embassy in Kabul in 2022 and attacked the Soleimani memorial service earlier this year. Those professionals may be vile terrorists, but they are professional vile terrorists and competent at what they do.

    • Yeah, Right says:

      “It’s obvious to me at least, that the idea is to provoke Putin into a direct attack on Ukrainian civilians;”

      Hmm. I fail to see how that would be seen to be a desirable objective of “ISIS-K”.

      Or, put another way: why would “ISIS-K” give a rat’s arse about provoking Russia into attacking Ukrainian civilians?

      • TTG says:

        Yeah, Right,

        I agree with you on that. ISIS-K wouldn’t give a rat’s arse about provoking Russia into attacking Ukrainian civilians.

      • elkern says:

        If there are any truly smart Jihadists doing any deep strategic planning, they might realize that their best approach is to goad their most powerful enemies into destroying each other. And their two biggest enemies are Godless Capitalism (USA, NATO) and Godless Communism (China, Russia, SCO). (yes, Russia is now post-Communist and semi-officially “Christian”, but it is irrevocably Modern and will never accept Caliphate).

        The terrorist attack in Moscow by a group which has been linked to Israel (and therefore USA) is a pretty good way to heat up the New Cold War.

  17. F&L says:

    I’ve translated via Yandex a few paragraphs of the article at this link. I was prompted to do so by a Telegram commenter who wrote:
    “Type in any search engine: Genoci of the Russian-speaking population in Tajikistan. You’ll read a lot of interesting things that are silent.”
    He was commenting on the series of posts here:
    Which report on the trials of the apprehended attackers – photos are there.
    The genocide of Russians in Tajikistan in the 90s, about which Moscow is silent, “auditors” from Dushanbe in the cities of Russia — this is our “reliable ally”
    August 17, 2023
    We know about the Armenian Genocide, the Jewish Genocide. Do you know anything about the Russian genocide in Tajikistan? Officially, no one recognized him, and there is not much information in the media about the events of those times, but what is there, the stories of eyewitnesses of those events, make the hair on your head move.
    From the memoirs of Dmitry Rogozin in the book “Enemy of the People”:
    During the Civil War (1992-1997), almost the entire Russian population was literally slaughtered in Tajikistan, and this, according to various sources, is from one hundred to two hundred thousand people.

    Vyacheslav Zykov, an eyewitness to those events, said:
    “On the day it all started, all the morgues of the city of Dushanbe were overflowing with the bodies of Russian people, for this reason, additional field morgues were even organized. Two Russian female students were raped and publicly mauled in the central square.” (Continues in Russian at the link)
    I knew nothing of this. I thought the breakup of the SU was relatively peaceful.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Exactly – And there was a subsequent crackdown on the mussies, which, of course the mussies can’t accept as being warranted b/c in their book, killing infidels is correct and natural. Yet some western people just can’t believe that the same murderous muslim scum wouldn’t go to Moscow to kill some more infidels due to the typical highly egocentric perceived injustice of the crackdown, which was backed by Russia.

    • leith says:

      F&L –

      Rogozin is a provocateur and is either misinformed or is a liar. He is trying to blame the Dushanbe riots and the later Tajikistan Civil War for 100 to 200,000 Russian deaths. But the great majority of deaths (about 150,000) in that war were ethnic Tajiks. There was a Russian Motorized Rifle Division there that protected Russian citizens and also Kremlin-friendly Tajiks. There were also hastily formed neighborhood & village self-defense militias of Tajiks that helped defend their Russian, Armenian, Uzbek, Ukrainian neighbors. Plus KGB detachments were flown in, but they were there to primarily to protect the governments of Presidents Nabiyev & Rahmon. A mass migration of both Russians and Tajiks out of Tajikistan came about during that war. The Russians went home. Many of the fleeing Tajiks also went to Russia but many more migrated to the other -Stans.

      Russian journalist Andrey Zakhvatov who was there at the time calls it “The Genocide That Wasn’t”.

  18. F&L says:

    From WAPO December 4, 2023
    “There shouldn’t be a single Russian who goes to bed without wondering if his throat is going to be cut in the middle of the night,” Milley said, according to an official with knowledge of the event. “You must go back there and organize a campaign in the rear”: US Chief of Joint Staff Mark Milley – December 4, 2023 admonishes Ukrainians for terrorist attacks.
    Found here:
    I never knew that Miley was so psychopathically unhinged. Now I do.

    • TTG says:


      Milley is a former Green Beret. He knows how guerilla warfare behind the lines is waged. Every enemy soldier should be scared shitless of dying in the middle of the night.

      • F&L says:

        I thought you’d appreciate that. By the way -Miley said “every Russian” not every enemy soldier.

      • Fred says:


        Isn’t Milley the guy who says white supremecy is our greatest threat; and that he’d call his Chinese counterpart if President Trump was going to take military action? Was he still CJCS when Biden had that great evacuation from Kabul?

        • LeaNder says:

          Isn’t Milley the guy …
          He wasn’t available for his master’s photo op at St. John’s Church?

          “We’re getting the fuck out of here. I’m fucking done with this shit,” Milley said and left the group.

          • Fred says:


            The church Antifa burned while the D.C. police did nothing. Democrats in action in democratic town.

          • LeaNder says:

            church Antifa burned while the D.C..
            Antifa burned a church in D.C.?

            Hmm, ok, I didn’t know about the riots and heavy fire mostly outside, if I am to believe reports linked on Wikipedia. NBC’s report in that case. I could of course check Breitbart.

            Over here, arson targeting the houses of Turkish Germans or immigrants was a specialty of the right-wing in the late 80’s/early 90’s. …

            But yes, fires around protests and/or damage to property happens over here too in such contexts.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Milley should be scared shitless of having his throat cut in the middle of the night by some of the millions of Americans he thinks are the enemy, some of whom are former green berets, rangers, Marines, etc.

  19. Christian J Chuba says:

    Question for TTG (or others) … how much hope is there that Russia can identify the organizers of the attack by interrogating the 11 people they have in custody?

    I’m now a bit pessimistic because if these terrorists were hired guns then their handlers would go out of their way to keep them in the dark (need to know basis) but I don’t understand operations like this. Can the organizers make themselves invisible or is there always a trail that leads back to them?

    • TTG says:

      Christian J Chuba,

      There should have been a lot of compartmentalization in the planning and prep for this attack. If done right, interrogation won’t get much more than whatever those 11 were directly involved in. The organizers, whoever they might be, could and should have compartmented themselves completely from the operators. A lot depends on how much effort Russian intelligence has been devoting to the jihadis in Afghanistan and Central Asia. I would assume that’s still a priority for them. A lot also depends on what info US, Iranian and other intel services share with the Russians.

  20. wiz says:

    Telegram channel ZeRada has some interesting analysis on this.

    this is a translation and there is a lot of it so I leave it to TTG to decide if to publish the text or the links. I know many don’t have telegram so I post both in two parts.

    link to the post on telegram

    🧩🧩🧩 Crocus City Hall: Operation DeepState+ under a double false flag with bookmarks.

    The majority of Ukrainians are generally watching all this in shock, understanding little, except that it is not profitable for them, from the word at all.


    The form of terrorist attack chosen was as emotional as possible, leaving virtually no one indifferent.
    Mass shooting of unarmed people is a mega trigger. We have already seen all this on October 7, 2023 in Israel. And we saw Netanyahu’s reaction.

    And this is the first evidence: Islamists do not behave like this: they take hostages to attract attention to themselves + they do not try to hide.
    Remember Dubrovka and Beslan.

    But here everything is the other way around. The task is to provoke a response + attempt to escape. Because motivation is not faith, but money ☝🏻


    A very important factor. We believe that there was a mistake with the timing, and we must proceed from this in the analysis.
    Such a terrorist attack was needed before the elections. Along with RDC attacks and attacks on oil refineries, it could have caused a significantly greater electoral effect.
    Most likely, the attack was planned before the elections, as the US Embassy warned.

    Probably at the Shaman’s concert in the same Crocus. The important thing is that Shaman is Putin’s main propagandist for young people,
    and the Picnic group is for the older generation of 30-40 years old.
    Can you imagine the effect of the death of 150 children? This is Beslan 2.0 with a corresponding emotional request for escalation.

    Crocus is the ideal place:

    ✔️ located on the outer side of the Moscow Ring Road, which ensures quick escape;

    ✔️ There is very weak security there; the Agalarovs have been saving on this for a long time.

    However, TOPs like Shaman, Bilan and others have their own separate well-armed security at concerts. Apparently, this is why the perpetrators suffered the attack after reconnaissance.


    The attempt to bind ISIS by all means is understandable ( the first false flag!!️ ). If you don’t give a clear version to the Western public, then support for Ukraine after such a terrorist attack will completely stop.

    Just like with the explosion of Nord Streams, for which the West blamed Ukraine through the media. Which, of course, shocked the SBU, but they had to remain silent.

    Therefore, the same people who believed that the SBU blew up pipes at a depth of 80 meters will easily believe in ISIS.

    But there are a lot of inconsistencies regarding ISIS:

    ✔️ in circulation, the left (“dirty” in Islam) hand is facing upward;
    ✔️ the attack took place during Ramadan;
    ✔️ the attack was carried out on the property of Muslim Agalarovs.

    In general, it’s like ISIS. At the same time, we cannot rule out that the performers once took part in ISIS events, as our subscriber suggested .


    The safest handwriting was chosen, hiding traces as much as possible, through anonymous telegram recruitment. This is exactly how every day the GUR organizes a bunch of small sabotages in the Russian Federation, using performers in the dark. Therefore, for Russians, the trigger should immediately work – the handwriting of the power steering ( the second false flag!! ).

    Also, the attempt to hide near the Ukrainian border should have pointed the Russians to the customer. It is clear that no one was going to meet them. For the performers, it was a one-way ticket.


    ✅ many lines of division have been created within the Russian Federation for the future. We remember that the Britons have been fighting the Russians for 300 years, and the Ukrainian conflict is just a step in the game;

    ✅ Russians are sure that these are Ukrainians and demand retaliation;

    ✅ Ukrainians are sure that it is the Russians themselves or ISIS;

    ✅ the average person in the West must believe in ISIS;

    ✅ the negotiating positions of the parties are as distant as possible, and mistrust between the United States and the Russian Federation has increased.

    Objectively, only DeepState+ can organize this 🧩

  21. wiz says:

    a second part

    link to the post on telegram

    🇬🇧🔥🇷🇺 Crocus City Hall. Motivation: DeepState+

    We will begin our analysis with the motivation of possible customers.


    Putin has minimal motivation for this. He won the election with a record result, and the inauguration is ahead. There is no point in announcing mobilization now – there are still enough people, but nothing is stopping him from announcing it.
    The same thing with the “war” that was voiced by Peskov the day before yesterday morning. Therefore, the Kremlin does not need any justification for any escalation; there are enough shellings of Belgorod.

    For Ukraine (Zelensky), this is more problems than benefits, as are the RDK raids,
    which led to a new level of escalation, without increasing either the motivation within Ukraine or the desire to help.
    A terrorist attack a la Hamas will put an end to some of the Western aid and will completely untie the hands of the Russian Federation.
    Note that before this, Ukraine carefully selected targets: the Crimean Bridge, oil refineries, military bloggers, and suddenly area shelling of Belgorod + Crocus.
    After this, pro-Ukrainian positions in the world will certainly weaken, especially in third countries.

    Parts of the US elite (Burns, Kerry – conditionally pigeons) also do not need escalation.
    They are negotiating formats for a global deal. It is important for the White House to hold out, plus or minus, the current state until the elections, without recording losses or escalations. Therefore, the pigeons, having received information about the preparation of a terrorist attack, and being fundamentally opposed to attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation, published information about possible terrorist attacks.

    This was a last resort. They clearly tried to play an active role, but apparently understood that the organizers could not be stopped through closed channels, and therefore they had to go public, which now plays against them and gives the Russians a chance to “knit” the United States.

    US + GB:

    All this generally leads us to the version with DeepState+ (Part of the US + UK elites),
    which constantly interfere at bifurcation points, preventing negotiations.
    After all, only for them such escalation is a win-win option.
    They could organize this either directly through the GUR, which is an MI6 circuit in Ukraine, or not from Ukraine at all. Once again, the GUR is not Ukraine, it is the external control circuit of MI6 (remember the article about how the CIA was against some GUR operations on the territory of the Russian Federation?).

    We designated DeepState+ because the term DeepState initially refers to the American elites, and in these processes MI6 plays an important (rather even the first violin) role

  22. jim.. says:

    The Four Terrorist Suspects Were In Court For A Hearing…There
    are Photos of Each and A Detailed Story about Them online Now
    At The Guardian….https://www.The

    Its on The Guardian at World News-Europe. Story Header,
    Moscow Concert Hall Attack By Andrew Roth and Pjo tr
    sunday 24 mar 2024

    • jim.. says:

      I Am Pretty Convinced Russia Intel..of All Types Knew of the ISIS-K Threat.
      .And Were on High Alert..With thier NSA Systems…They Let The Concert Event Happen..To the Point It Would Be an Incident they Could Exploit…

      There Were NO Armed Guards..No Security…Everything Was Recorded by Them..Inside and Out..They Knew The Get a Way Vehicle..Had Photos of the Plate..Belarus…They tailed it out of Towng…Maybe Drone Surveillance..No Chopper Noise….They Knew after 400Ks or would Look Like it Was Crossing into Ukraine…

      They had all they needed For Propaganda…They Force The Car off the Road..
      And Arrested All Four Before They Could Even Get Out..and As you Can
      See in the Court Video…They were Noy So Injured To Prevent Them From
      Running Away..Like Illegals in Texas..

      I Suspect The Shooters Were Hired.. For What ever Reason..For The Timing..
      Russia Let It Happen…Ukraine is Pay the Price…Any Its WAR…

      The Kaiser has Been Shot Dead.. Typical Operation..Not Complicated..1-2-3

      • jim.. says:

        Looks Like Things are Getting More Interesting Every Day..
        I See Some Very Good Analysis on the New Thread..The
        Al Jazeera Question,,Smart Thinkers Here..Many Who
        Did Not Drink Thier LSD Down With CiaAicmov Vodka..

        Other Issues…Special Operators in The Night..Throats Cut..

        Poke in the Eye..223.. Bin Laden Found That Out…Frogs/Seals/UDT…The Best There is..They Do Americas Best…While we Hear Americas Worst. All Those Other WartPigs…..

        This is Still The Best Forum..and Thinkers On The Internet..
        And Very Very Good Debates..

        Im Going to Go Now..Place A Fresh American Flag on Ricks Grave..He Was UDT…A SUV Driver…Killed on Duty..Just Before His Son Was Born…An Operator..Like…Lang.. and
        TTG… Thanks..

  23. Yeah, Right says:

    It’s …. odd…. that ISIS now seems to make a habit of launching terrorists attacks against countries whose government the USA has a problem with.

    Didn’t use to be the case but, damn, that pattern does seem to be asserting itself.

    Netanyahu better watch out, because if he keeps flipping the bird to the Biden Administration then beady little ISIS-eyes might start turning in Israel’s direction.

    • TTG says:

      Yeah, Right,

      ISIS has their own enemies list to include Shia Iran, the governments in Baghdad and Damascus, Russia and, of course, the great satan US. What i don’t remember is any deliberate attacks against Israeli interests.

      • Stefan says:


        There is much in print about the relationship between Israel and ISIS in Syria. Israel has provided arms, ammo and healthcare to ISIS in Syria. There has been no significant attack by ISIS on Israel, which is rather interesting. It is a fact that is well discussed by the Muslim enemies of ISIS.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Since ISIS is Saudi (+Gulfies) funded, I suspect that the orders are to go out and have fun killing and raping infidels and invading Shia countries like Syria and (de facto) Iraq, but to not attack Israel lest the funding be yanked. This would be more of an order coming from the Arabs than from Israel or the US as there are all kinds of deals and arrangements that have brought the Arabs close to peace w/ Israel and no one in that world want to upset that apple cart. I’m sure the CIA/DIA is in the mix somewhere, but again, it’s much bigger than that.

        I suspect that “moderate” rebels are those who stick to the above, probably b/c the are Arab funding dependent. The non-moderates are the ones that run wild and attack everyone. These would be more rag-tag cells. Hence why we haven’t experienced any more 9/11 sized attacks.

        All of those arrangements are also in Israel’s interests b/c ISIS is left going after Israel’s Shia enemies. So maybe Israel does help ISIS from time to time for that reason. As I always say, it’s a devious and treacherous region of the world.

        The Shia, with power base in Iran, seek to become the leader of Islam some day and, therefore, persist in wanting to kill all the Jews. They also persist in wanting to kill Americans – and they want to kill Sunnis. Their brand, along with that of their tools, like the Yemenis, is jihadi purists.

  24. Yeah, Right says:

    Just out of curiosity, but has any reporter from the Main Stream Media reached out to Cookies Nuland to ask for a comment?

    It would seem appropriate, since she has set herself up as the self-confessed expert on “nasty surprises for Russia”, so I’d be genuinely curious to hear her opinion on this latest bit of nastiness.

  25. fredw says:

    Accepting that these were in fact the gunmen, the only scenario for the escape that makes sense to me is that it was completely unexpected even by them. They found themselves after all the mayhem having accomplished all that they had planned to do but unaccountably still alive. Not seriously harassed, even. There was no plan for them being still alive. Russian security’s complete failure to respond was a complete surprise. “So what do we do now?”

    So they got back into their vehicle and headed out of town. Astonishingly, nobody stopped them or even noticed. They didn’t even change vehicles! What they might do in Bryansk is irrelevant. They had no plan. Just “Run!” If anybody had set up an escape valve for them to get to safe territory, then they would have had some accompanying plan for how to get to it. There might in fact be such escape mechanisms, but clearly these guys were not prepped to use them.

    So to my mind the only useful data about their escape is that it happened and was unexpected. Every other detail that comes out will be tainted by the interests of the parties that discuss it. We can see lots of that from different viewpoints in the posts above.

    • TTG says:


      That’s the best explanation I’ve heard. They were winging it.

      We developed detailed plans for infiltrating and conducting ops behind Warsaw Pact lines, but one glaring hole in those plans was any thought from higher up for an extraction plan. No thought was given to those plans because we were not expected to survive beyond 90 days when follow on Reserve and Guard SF was to be deployed. Any unassisted extraction planning was on us and us alone.

      • cobo says:

        Any Bay Area retail theft gang would have used stolen cars and stolen license plates. These international dudes need to watch more gaming.

    • Fred says:


      “complete failure to respond ”

      You mean they didn’t have an armed guard on site like at Uvalde or Parkland and they just stood around for hours?

    • LeaNder says:

      accepting that these were in fact the gunmen, the only scenario for the escape that makes sense

      fredw, I am not sure, I accept anything. Ever. Other than something I can touch myself. Maybe since videos of suspects confessing aren’t that familiar? The only slightly comparable video I watched was the only video at which George Zimmerman actually told his story. And no, he did not confess, he never opened his mouth after and let his lawyers speak after. 😉 Unfortunately! 😉

      That’s an everyday event for you?

      Every other detail that comes out will be tainted by the interests of the parties that discuss it. We can see lots of that from different viewpoints in the posts above.

      May I play script doctor on your storyline? There was no payment? That’s only a narrative offered by the Russian State to cover up Leith’s Gleiwitz scenario? The payment was accepted since family members back home have access to the bank account.

      Migrant workers in Russia have bank accounts?

      • fredw says:

        “There was no payment?”
        My reaction was to an initial account that the Russian interrogators reported that the motive was money at $1000 apiece. That is obviously way too little money motivation even in that part of the world. I have no problem believing that their families have or will receive money. From someone. But it would take a lot more money than that to constitute a credible motive.

        I do actually have some credentials for how people act under interrogation. I was an interrogator in Vietnam. I have broken lies that people told me. (That is a lot easier than it sounds. It required no violence.) I have experienced people previously subjected to violence, not by me, lie to try to tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. It is impossible to get almost anything useful from such people.

        • LeaNder says:

          Yes, something I never thought much about, but only a small fraction of troops actually fights. Thanks, fred. Interrogation of suspects/Vietcong? Or military police?

          I watched a couple of interviews with Islamists decades ago. No interrogation, true. They were quite smart people. Curiously soft-spoken. But yes, we have no idea about the recruitment processes and whom they sent out to suicide themselves.

          Guys like the ones presented? Steeple? The Paris crew did not kill themselves either. They were paid too? … The Paris crew wore masks. These didn’t. …

          Wundruk’s link above is interesting. The financial angle.
          The extraordinary good execution in our present scenario is indeed stunning. Four people manage to both shoot while setting the place on fire? Someone prepared the environment so it only needed one match?

          I have to pack my things now. I am heading South. Half of my family, including me, celebrate their birthday o or around Easter together this year.

      • leith says:

        LeaNder –

        I backed off on the Gleiwitz & 1999 Apartment Bombing scenarios after Amaq released the video. Plus I started thinking about the 13-million Muslims in Russia made me reconsider my first thoughts on the incident. And I doubt that 13M counts all the migrant laborers from Central Asian Islamic countries. How many are in Moscow itself?

        But on the other hand it looks like the Kremlin pet media and Putin’s internet bots are now pulling a reverse false flag with their “Operation Blame Ukraine”. Good article in The Economist:

        The terrorist attack sank the prestige of Russia’s security services. They are heavy-handed, but in this case their paranoia of the US and their arrogance cost over a hundred-plus lives. “The brutality of the assault, with victims falling prey to gunfire and suffocation as the auditorium was set ablaze, has shocked the nation. Questions abound regarding the inept security measures at the venue and the failure of local police to respond effectively.” Same thing but an order of magnitude worse happened to us back on 11 September 2001 when Junior Bush ignored warnings.

        • LeaNder says:

          Leith, I am familiar with the rumors around the appartment bombings. Yes, I am not fond of Russia claiming to de-Nazify Ukraine, but I am not fond of an easy equation of Putin with Hitler either. And I do dislike the guy almost as much as Trump.

          A young Russian speaking Ukrainian here in Cologne would prefer not to go home to fight, as someone whose native language is Russian he deeply dislikes the nationalism in the Ukraine. Considering some of its features I can understand.

          190,000 men of military age are presently in Germany. They have no trouble to stay. Of the only 3,500 Russian ‘draft dodgers’ who tried to get Asylum only 95 were granted one. One or the other case baffles me, deeply. Would it help to tell authorities you are firmly convinced that Putin himself ordered those bombings to start the Second Chechen War?

          I misspelled sheeple above. And now I must get a lot of things done.

    • Mark Logan says:

      Plausible, but there is room for doubt as had had dedicated themselves to suicide they would’ve planned to hang around to plink away first responders and keep as much contain as possible on the crowd inside the burning building…and offing themselves to dodge capture.

      I suppose this line of work does not attract many rocket surgeons, the recruiters must work with they have.

  26. fredw says:

    One further observation: $1000 each for the job is ridiculous. Presumably an artifact of Russian interrogation techniques. Nobody could expect to do that job and live to spend the money.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Yes. It is ridiculous and not a motivation, but it could be true in that they were given a $1,000 for operational expenses that might crop up, gas, food, lodging, etc.

  27. Christian J Chuba says:

    I’m leaning towards ISIS being responsible. It’s true that this is not a standard ISIS attack but perhaps ISIS-K is branching out to include contractors. While this is attack is not in the mold of the Paris attack, it would show that they are capable of hitting their enemies where they live even if it does not end in a glorious self-sacrifice.

    Russia has been preoccupied (for good reason) with Ukraine and NATO and this created a window for ISIS to pull something like this off using a network of Islamists operating in Russia. I still think it’s possible that Ukraine’s GRU was involved but I’d have to see more evidence.

    • Jovan P says:

      And where would ISIS find their finances, knowledge of organization, resources, etc?

      I still keep on thinking about what Victoria Nuland meant when she mentioned asymetrical warfare?

      • Eric Newhill says:


        How much finances, organization, resources does it take to shoot up and burn a concert venue? In the US we have school pimple faced teen-age shooters that accomplish similar attacks all the time. One self proclaimed jihadi shot up the Pulse nightclub a few years ago. Multiply by four shooters and the damage level, per shooter was the same as Moscow. Simple stuff.

      • Christian J Chuba says:

        “And where would ISIS find their finances, knowledge of organization, resources, etc?”

        ISIS has money from taxes, extortion, and plunder, they can certainly scrape up a few thousand $.

        Organization? From recent Muslim immigrants from the stans.

        Russia is 10% Muslim, more so than France, and the Paris attack was carried out by their local Muslim immigrants. The only difference here is that these guys may have been more mercenary and less religiously motivated but the jury is still out on that. But even if it’s true and they did this for money, why wouldn’t ISIS still use them?

        All it takes is a little money and a few couriers.

  28. F&L says:

    Here you go, sports. Popcorn sales will increase. Photo & video at link of Klitschko at the ruins of the Ukrainian Intel building in Kiev.
    🐱 The target of a Russian missile attack in Kyiv today was the top leadership of Ukrainian intelligence, Western sources report.

    • d74 says:

      In my opinion, and I’m not a specialist just intuition, this is a provocation by Daesh (Isis-K).

      We know that Daesh hates Christians. Bingo, let’s make them fight each other.
      Obviously, the Ukrainians can’t let this crime go unpunished. They’re going to revive the war and take the offensive for real. The Russians, surprised at first, will slowly retaliate. The two will reach a stalemate, but with heavy losses on both sides.

      And Daesh will have done all this independently. They’ll be talking about it around the campfire for centuries to come. That’s the privilege of those who make history.

      That makes sense. Above all, Daesh will have done all this independently.

  29. Morongobill says:

    I believe that Telegram is going to get it’s wings clipped, and not just in Russia. Such an attack could be organized via Telegram in any country on the planet. Governments will have taken notice.

  30. Christian J Chuba says:

    How would Victoria Nuland instigate a terrorist attack?

    Many are mentioning VN’s loathsome words but how could she order a terrorist attack on Russia? Walk me through this, she strolls into Foggy Bottom and orders one up and the CIA chief says, ‘sure, we’ll have it by next Thrs with an order of fries’.

    She was the under-secretary of state, would she even have the authority to order a terrorist attack if she wanted too? If I was the CIA guy, I’d think, ‘hmm… this is kind of a big deal, perhaps the President needs to make this decision’. It’s hard for me to imagine people in the CIA taking orders from a third tier person in the Executive branch.

    Try to overlook my sarcastic tone but I just want to drive home this point so that you know what I am asking. For those of you who have served in govt, who, in our govt would have to be involved to organize such a diabolical project? Bombing Syria is relatively benign compared to this type of terrorist attack and the President has always authorized it.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      IMO, Your sarcasm is warranted and you are, of course, right. However, the conspiracy theorist response is that she would go to “rogue elements” of the CIA with their slush funds, super secret black-ops teams, etc.

      The conspiracy theorists never explain or consider just how large the rogue elements would have to be to internationally coordinate all of the different players, especially to do so without non-rogue elements learning about what the rogues were up to.

      Some people not only stayed in a Holliday Inn, but they watched the Bourne Identity while there. So they are smart X2.

    • babelthuap says:

      Nobody knows but the people who make good dot connections get blasted on here then go off with petty name calling but the good dot connectors explain she didn’t order anything. She however knows the process well and had a broad knowledge of future actions hence the “nasty surprises” comment.

      They also state the attack was planned to happen before the election at the same concert hall but that event had way too much security so they went with plan B. An event with almost no security.

      The ultimate goal is to make Putin over react. He’s not going to fall for it.

  31. Barbara Ann says:

    Putin has admitted the attack was done by “radical Islamists” and having now seen the body cam footage myself that seems beyond dispute. But more questions arise:

    Can anyone explain where the ‘Amaq News Agency’ material comes from (link please)? Also, why are the 4 faces in the selfie with the flag blurred and why are the faces blurred and voices disguised in the body cam video? Who wants us to know its ISIS-K, but doesn’t want these guys identified. Bizarre.

    I was initially skeptical that the 4 Tajiks are even the perps and I won’t be completely convinced until I see the undoctored footage from inside the hall. However, you can see the logo on the T-shirt of the shooter at 21 seconds matches the shirt on the captured (now one-eared) guy (here). The ‘we did it for cash’ confessions now look ridiculous, maybe that was the FSB acting on their own initiative.

    • LeaNder says:

      Thanks, Barbara, none of these links would be accessible for me without Tor. Once Again. Apparently my government and/or the EU wants to protect me? So it is not really clear if these guys were masks or not.

      Can anyone explain where the ‘Amaq News Agency’ material comes from (link please)?

      I stumbled across an Europol study as pdf yesterday, and fortunately immediately downloaded it. Today it is not accessible for me anymore:


      One keeps stumbling across research but is unable to take a look at the sources. That is pretty frustrating. They cite Amaq News Agency up to November last year. Amaq is only one source among many. Apparently some are getting more open to spread Isis news.

      Had no time to read it yet, arbitrary snippet:

      In 2022, IS messaging remained dispersed across different online spaces. The feed of IS official propaganda remained available on the main aggregators Telegram and Rocket Chat, but instances were also detected on more mainstream platforms, including X (previously known as Twitter), Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. IS propaganda gained a larger foothold on Odysee, an open-source video sharing platform that relies on the LBRY decentralised blockchain. The Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS),52 a distributed system for storing and accessing information, continued to be used by IS supporters to store issues of al-Naba and video releases by IS provinces.
      IS supporters also experimented with non-fungible tokens (NFTs),53 which were created with official IS statements to enhance their online resilience and potentially for trading and financing purposes.54

      52. IPFS is a modular suite of protocols for organizing and transferring data, designed from the ground up with the principles of content address ing and peer to peer networking. IPFS, ‘What is IPFS?’, 2023, [16.05.2023],
      ( is ipfs).
      53. Non fungible tokens (NFTs) are tokens that are individually unique. They can be use d to represent ownership of unique item , for instance art, collectibles, music and real estate. Ethereum, ‘ Non fungible tokens (NFT) NFT)’, 2023,[13.05.2023], (
      54. The Wall Street Journal, ‘ Islamic State Turns to NFTs to Spread Terror Message ’, 2023, [19.05.2023], state turns to nfts to spread terror message 11662292800 ).

      I guess it is a bit like “Russian propaganda”???? From the Western perspective that is. 😉

      • TTG says:


        Terrorist use of internet technology to communicate and disseminate is constantly changing. That’s been the case ever since they started using the internet.

    • LeaNder says:

      Probably too many downloads. Now the study it up again. It is not too long.

  32. mcohen says:

    4 april probably.

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