Nasrallah Is Angry by Walrus.

Just listened to the Al Jazeera live translation of Nasrallahs speech. My take ,- not necessarily accurate:

Message to Israel and the U.S:

1. End it, right now. Or else, This battle is different.

2. Any attacks on Lebanon will be met with force.

3. This isn’t about Iran.

4. Other Arab rulers – get on the right side of history, or else.

And the key message, touched upon by Col. Lang many times is that the latest generations of Israelis don’t wish to die for their country, especially if migration back to the west is an option. The Palestinians have no where else to go and will fight to the death.

This is Vietnam and Afghanistan again. We (israel and the U. S. ) can’t win. Blinkens hair splitting about humanitarian “pauses” is BS compared to Nasrallah.

Col. Lang educated us about the fundamental weakness of the Israeli society many times.

We are starting to see domestic revulsion over Israel’s policy.and this is expressed in low level anti semitism.

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  1. F&L says:

    “And the key message, touched upon by Col. Lang many times is that the latest generations of Israelis don’t wish to die for their country, especially if migration back to the west is an option. The Palestinians have no where else to go and will fight to the death.”
    —– ——–

    Yes, their deaths, unfortunately for them. They will die.

    Much as I devoutly despise Israel as a criminally insane enterprise which got itself born despite the revulsion of most Jews at the idea of returning to that place and only due to the horrors of the death camps opened for viewing in 1945. That revulsion was overcome because enough people were convinced that antisemitism is simply too real and deeply embedded worldwide for it to ever go away, and the death camps were a permanent object lesson in the age of photography and film which said “look here, there’s actually something that can be done about the Jewish question ladies and gentlemen – you can outright eradicate them. See – just look, we were doing it and would have succeeded but but for those damn no good commie Russian and Soviet slav brute worker and peasant untermenschen commies! Oh, and the Atlantic Ocean. No wonder Irving Berlin wrote God Bless America .. ”

    That’s why they are where they are and for no other reason whatsoever. Everyone with brains and a sense of the middle east and how dearly the west would come to pay for their sustenance and defense knew it was a very bad idea save for the lessons which were derived from the horrors of the death camps. The biblical right stuff is pure extreme idiocy, which is lavishly supplied by mongers of absurdity and afterlives in rapturous heaven after an all consuming nuclear or other apocalypse. It’s sick on an uncountable number of levels, including promotion of the delusion that thousands unto tens of thousands of nuclear weapons in arsenals are part of some holy genocidal racial tribal volcano deity’s plans.

    The Hamas attack, if that’s what it really was (I think there was more to it), was too spectacular and clever for its own good – for the time being, and with increasing likelihood with every passing moment it appears, only the time being. It aroused and mobilized 300,000 Israeli troops who are deep into a blood lust phase now and brought highly armed international armadas into nearby waters, while the previous superpower champion of the Arab world – the Soviet Union – is 30 years in the grave and its successor empire Russia is struggling with staggering human losses and hopelessly incompetent leadership to retain Crimea and maintain a little land corridor. Nasrallah knows he can’t do anything unless he desires obliteration, unfortunately.

    The real danger for that part of the world is that of extermination in a more contemporary style than what the mongols visited upon them, because we have religious maniacs in high places who will jump at the opportunity this ongoing disaster affords to nuke Iran and devastate its potential for obtaining nuclear weapons. Those people are out there. Hopefully the opportunities for trade and ongoing enjoyment of life will win out. I’m not optimistic because frankly this is being hyped into a spectacular huge public execution and ancient blood sacrifice which tends to lead addictively for pitiless cravings for more excitement and gore.

    The war fighting strategy for Israel’s opponents is to over the course of time continue to force America to overcommit and overcommit until it simply cannot do so further and either collapses or retreats. The smart ones know that and are well on their way. But America is not wholly unawake, close, but not quite. With high probability though they will continue on their psychotic path to do something exceedingly destructive and cruel and continue to do so until they just can’t do it anymore.

  2. Whitewall says:

    #3 Not about Iran. Like hell it isn’t. Has been since since 1979. Iranian Mullahs seem to be able to manipulate those lowly Arabs to do a lot of fighting and dying. Egypt and Jordan have managed to get along with Israel lately and it is becoming economically and militarily advantageous for Saudi Arabia to do so because of…Iranian Mullahs.

    • Stefan says:

      As if groups like Hizb’Allah, Hamas and the Houthis need manipulating? Does Iran help? They sure do. Do they control these group and have command level authority within these groups? No they dont. It is the Saudis, pro Israel types and neo-cons who push the idea that these groups are nothing more than Iranian organisations. They have their own agendas and control their own actions. Period.

      • Whitewall says:

        What ever you say. Also, there is no-period-in the Middle East.

      • aleksandar says:

        1 – Hezb agenda is first about Lebanon.
        People in the West are so feeded with propaganda ( Hezb is Iran’s vassal and others stupidities ) that they will never understand that Hezb is first a political party and, in fact, a state inside Lebanon state.

        2 – Hamas and Hezb are in no way “friends”.
        Hezb was on Assad side, Hamas on djihadists side.
        Scars don’t heal easily there.

        3 – Hezb has won the war in 2006, and since is stronger, best equipped and more experienced having fought in Syria ten years thanks to west stupidity.

        4 – Whatever you think about Nasrallah, this guy is smart and wise. And he will not squander his forces.
        Hezb will win in the long run, there’s no need to hurry, a thousand needles will suffice.
        It’s Middle East,” you have watches, we have time”

        Good luck to israel’s army facing urban warfare in Gaza against people so desperate they’re not afraid to die.

        • English Outsider says:

          No matter the rights and wrongs of it Netanyahu ought to get his troops out of there. He seems to be putting green troops right through the middle of densely populated areas. Isn’t this asking for trouble when those troops are trapped in the middle of such areas?

          They’re not fighting regular soldiers. Any civilian can suddenly become a hostile. I see people comparing this with Fallujah, but in Fallujah the troops were allowed to treat the area as a free-fire zone. If they treat the middle of Gaza as a free fire zone they kill civilians. If they don’t, the civilians revealed as soldiers will kill them.

          “That attack, code-named Operation Phantom Fury, was one of the fiercest of the entire U.S. occupation. Independent human rights groups estimate it left 4,000 Iraqi civilians dead.

          “Fallujah was declared a ‘free-fire zone’ in November 2004 and we told the civilian population that they had to leave because the entire city was going to be deemed hostile territory,” explains Zollie Goodman, a former U.S. Navy petty officer who served in Fallujah and doesn’t know Nazario. “Some of them left. They carried TVs or food and sat outside the city and waited for the firefight to be over so they could go home.”

          But, Goodman said, “some of them didn’t leave,” leading to many innocent civilian casualties.

          “We would just leave the dead Iraqis in the streets and they piled up,” Goodman said. “It was disgusting. We ended up sighting in our weapons on these dead bodies. We’d been trained to keep our weapons ‘on point.’ You always want your weapon to be sighted in. So when we didn’t have a target to shoot we sighted our weapons on dead people and dead animals. That happened a lot at the tail end of Operation Phantom Fury.”

          “In Fallujah, “leveling houses before we even went in became pretty commonplace, using bulldozers and tanks to do the job for us, and walking through the rubble,” former Marine Corps Corporal Michael LeDuc testified at Winter Soldier.”

          “The battalion JAG officer wrapped up by sort of going, “Okay, Marines, you see an individual with a weapon, what do you do?”

          We mutter in silence for a minute, waiting for somebody else to answer, and one guy said, “Shoot him?”

          “No. Shooting at a target, putting rounds down range and suppressing a target, is one thing. Sighting and killing a target is another. So again, you see an individual with a weapon, what do you do?”

          “Kill him.”

          “You see an individual with a pair of binoculars, what do you do?”

          “Kill him.”

          “You see an individual with a cell phone out, what do you do?”

          “Kill him.”

          “You see an individual, who although may not be actually carrying anything or displaying any specific hostile action or intent running from, say, one building to another, running across the street or even running away from you, assume that he is maneuvering against you and kill him. You see an individual with a white flag and he does anything but approach you slowly and obey commands, assume it’s a trick and kill him.”


          If it goes like that then the fighting must inevitably be a mess. The IDF would be better out of it.

          • TTG says:


            Of course it will be a mess. It always is. The IDF has to go into those tunnels one way or another. It is a certainty that more civilians will die. The hostages will most likely die. It is also a certainty that IDF soldiers and Hamas soldiers will die. Probably lots of them. To not destroy the Hamas fighters in those tunnels would be a glorious Hamas victory and may destroy Israel psychologically.

          • Stefan says:

            Israel has long sense been destroyed psychologically. Occupation of another people by generations will do that to a people.

            This is how an IDF soldier can “confirm a kill” by emptying a clip into a little girl walking to school and there is no outrage in society and such soldiers are seldom held to account, when they are the jail time is less than shop lifting in the US.

            It is one reason they make such poor decisions, have such a major issues with arrogance on almost a pathological scale. All of this is culminating in what is happening today.

          • Fred says:


            When did the ‘IDF soldier’ do that? Did anyone identify the individual? Did Hamas or anyone else make a personal visit yet?

        • mcohen says:

          National service days

          So the sergeant is teaching us urban warfare and says if we encounter enemy,not to bunch up but spread out as it could be a decoy to lure us in for a strike.
          I pipe up but would it not be better to just surround them sergeant and have lunch.
          He says to me run to the tree up on the hill and bring me a small branch.take the sandbag with you
          So I get to the top and stealthily empty the bag of sand and stuff it with leaves and it is full.
          Grab a small branch and struggle back down with “heavy sandbag”
          I get back to our platoon and he says to me, go back to the tree and bring me a handful of sand.Took 10 trips to bring it all back.

          Moral of the story.Stay away from the military.also don’t bunch up in one place now

  3. Christian J Chuba says:

    Nasrallah will be very reluctant to order a large missile attack against Israel because he knows that Israel will ruthlessly destroy all that’s left of Lebanese infrasture with the complete blessing of the United States. Pretty much the only thing that will trigger an attack by Hezbollah would be one of those IDF preemptive self-defense attacks against Lebanon (or Nikki Haley becoming President).

    It’s interesting that the stock markets do not believe that this war will spread beyond Gaza. If the stock market considered that a possibility then we would not be trading near all time highs.

    • Stefan says:

      Nasrallah and Hizb’Allah will not start the fight. They have their own agenda and their own time line. That doesnt mean that they will not respond and go all in if the Israelis push them into it.

      It wont just be Lebanon that will come out of it badly. If Hizb’Allah gets involved it will make October 7th look rather tame. It is very clear the IDF did not learn from 2006 and this time will be worse.

      The Israelis dont want war with Hizb’Allah either, but brinkmanship could cause what either side do not want.

      • Muralidhar says:

        I agree with you. If Israel can handle the situation all by itself, why did we send 2 carrier battle groups to the neighborhood. If the shooting war starts there will be no winners. Oil will be scarcely available to the west and also East plunging us into a deep recession and quite possibly a depression. I hope cooler heads will prevail.

        • Mishkilji says:

          There are two reasons to send carrier groups: 1) it enhances our situational awareness of what is going on; 2) in the event this spirals, the US military will conduct the largest NEO in it’s history.

  4. Fred says:

    Where do the Israelis have to go? How many Israeli Arabs have renounced their citizenship or refused service in the IDF?

    You are seeing low level antisemitism in Australia? Australia is closing borders and not accepting Palestinian refugees? Shocking.

    • F&L says:

      It will simply be going away gradually on all media till it’s forgotten and replaced with “Will AI control the 2024 race? Does it even matter if you vote? What if the machines make it into a perfect 50-50 race? Is the constitution even designed for the AI era? 21 more Hamas die in firefight. Police apprehend kidnapper. New Mortgage Insurance is not a scam says FBI. Can thoroughbred racehorses be gay? Can cats tell if it’s tuna or salmon? Is a cockroach bite dangerous? ..”

      • Muralidhar says:

        You are absolutely right about us. But there is a different world out there who are not distracted by these shiny objects our so called free press presents us. So we might forget about the war in Gaza just like they made us forget about Ukraine (did you read about the piece in Time magazine about Zelensky being delusional). Thanks

    • Yeah, Right says:

      “How many Israeli Arabs have renounced their citizenship or refused service in the IDF”

      Israeli Arabs are not called up to serve in the IDF.

      Military service is “compulsory” in Israel, but by law that means is: if you are called up them you must report for duty.

      So the regime simply doesn’t call up Israeli Arabs.

      That’s also why Haredim Jews don’t serve in the IDF. Not because they are “exempt” from compulsory military service, but because the IDF has a policy of not calling them up.

      • Stefan says:

        Druze and Bedu serve in the IDF. The wider Israeli Palestinian population does not.

        • Yeah, Right says:

          Druze and Beduin serve because both communities went to the IDF and complained that their people were not being called up for service.

          The Israeli Defense Minister looked at their argument and decided that, yes, alright, fine, we’ll call your men up.

          But it required direct intervention by those community leaders, and without it neither group would be serving in the IDF.

          The IDF is not a volunteer army. Far from it.

      • John Minehan says:

        A lot of the Haradim do serve. My impression is that they tend to be Mignadim, not Hassidim.

        There are a lot of Yeshivas that prepare people for IDF service as a co-curricular kinc of thing, think of the MS Department at Georgetown or Xavier as a loose analogy.

    • Yeah, Right says:

      “You are seeing low level antisemitism in Australia?”

      I live in Australia. Born and raised here.

      There is nothing “low level” about racism in Australia.

      It is a very racist country, and has a very strict policy regarding refuges of any kind. All quite shameful, really, and unlikely to change any time soon.

      But, having said all that, antisemitism is low down on the totem-pole. There are plenty of other ethnic or religious groups that are far more the focus of ire.

      • Stefan says:

        Interesting when you look at the history of Europeans in Australia.

        • mcohen says:

          I emigrated to Australia from south Africa because the whites in Australia were my kind of racist.Archie bunker Soho style.Not all but quite a few.
          White Australia paper from 1950 was the same as south africa

          Stiff upper lip but a gentle calling out of the wog.

          When I arrived in Australia I was surprised to find that italians and greeks were called wogs.Back home blacks were called wogs and italians and greeks were whites
          Any way a Lebanese told me,every white skin counts.

          My plumber mate (white is right) from Broadford called me up and got me to expose my “racism”.Which was quite funny.
          Especially when he exclaimed the nig nogs were inbred.

          Australia voted no ,fuck off were full….of it

          I voted no,not because I am a racist,but that I am sick and tired of having to apologise for British colonialism.Let the British apologise.Charles can bend the knee and sunnypak can spread the curry around
          In South africa
          In Palestine
          In Rhodesia
          In India
          In Australia
          In America
          In Africa
          In Ireland
          And even the Falklands.

          One thing I know for sure.Uplift comes with a price.That is the nature of the human condition.

          Israel has stepped up.It has earned the right.

          Whataboutery not replied to.

      • Fred says:

        Yeah, Right,

        Do you and walrus plan on de-colonizing yourselves? It seems to be the political flavor of the month.

        • Yeah, Right says:

          No, not me. I can’t speak for Walrus.

          Unlike so many Israelis I don’t hold two passports. It is Australia for me or I am a stateless person.

          And we are currently seeing how lonely a world it can be when you are a stateless people.

          So, no.

  5. mcohen says:

    Go on google earth and check out all the great villages and development in the last 10 years in the south lebanon.The restaurants and roads,the hummus and hash the lamb too.
    All gone in a flash.This smo (putin speak)is about 3 futures and the bearded man choose wisely because his team has a new owner.Plus what about that big usa embassy newly built in Beirut.
    Arab spring version phase 2 is in full swing and 3 futures are at a crossroad.

    • James says:


      Hezbollah now has precision guided ballistic missiles – the kind that can be aimed at power plants, water treatment plants, and sewage plants. I don’t know who would win in a showdown between Bibi and Nasrallah – but it is not obvious to me that it would necessarily be Bibi.

      • Gordon Reed says:

        Hezbollah has the capability to inflict terrible damage on Israel because of their thousands of missiles which would neutralize Iron Dome which is already been overused. Israel would do irreparable damage to Lebanon but Hezbollah would do the same to Israel.

      • mcohen says:

        Rewind to the Beirut port blast.
        In any event do the Lebanese really want to destroy what is shaping up to be a chance at normality and the possibility of a prosperous future.All the pieces are in place and peace will deliver.
        3 futures are at stake in Arab spring phase 2.
        We shall see

      • Eric Newhill says:

        I think people in the west have forgotten something that they once accepted bravely. That is that war means sacrifice. There will heavy casualties, rationing and general pain. If the war is worth fighting, then victory is worth those sacrifices.

        It’s like a boxing match. You go into a bout knowing that you are going to be hit and hurt, maybe even badly, but you also go in confident that you will win because your combination of training, resolve, intelligence and physical attributes ensures victory. In other words, you’re going to beat up the other guy worse than he beats you up – and if it’s a reasonably fair match, he is going to beat you up.

        So all of this talk about how Hizballah could strike with drones and missiles and kill a lot of Israelis and destroy critical infrastructure may be very true, but in an existential war, Israel would take those hits as long as it and the US wipe out Hizballah (or whoever).

        Same with the idea that Iran could kill US CENTCOM troops scattered around Syria. In the big scheme of things, the loss of those troops is barely a mere pinprick. The US military would shrug off the loss just as it did much greater losses in multiple events in the big wars, like the Normandy “D-Day” – and then go on to victory; in this case victory being the long wished for annihilation of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary government and its military.

        Same with Ukraine desperately firing some missiles or launching drone strikes into Crimea and sinking a ship or two and taking out some aircraft on the ground or taking a few miles of farm land from Russian front line troops. Annoying to the Russians, but hardly a game changer or winning strategy.

        Btw, I do not personally want the US involved in any of this, but no one listens to me. There are far more influential forces that do want exactly that. Given that fact, one should analyze the situation from a big war advocate’s perspective. Groups like Hizballah and the Iranian government should do the same, and no doubt are.

        • F&L says:

          “It’s like a boxing match.”
          Having trouble following breaking news while unable to with Thin King out of the box?
          Subscribe to Bo Xi Ng News Asia!
          A sample of coverage today –

          Regarding Mid East, PM Netanyahu yesterday evenings say:
          “Forget Bo Xing – now is time for Ju Jitsu!

          In comment, Miss Yellow River of July ‘23 responded:
          “Show us Ju Jitsu then but know this – day of June Jitsu over with now ..”

        • Frankie P says:

          “So all of this talk about how Hizballah could strike with drones and missiles and kill a lot of Israelis and destroy critical infrastructure may be very true, but in an existential war, Israel would take those hits as long as it and the US wipe out Hizballah”

          Why should the US even be involved in this? This sounds like privileged Jewish thinking to me, kind of like a “Let’s you and him fight” thing.


  6. Eric Newhill says:

    All of these players have to make big talk, but that’s all it is. No one is coming to join the fight and Hamas/Gaza will take its beating like a dog. Play stupid games/win stupid prizes.

  7. mcohen says:

    Rewind to the Beirut port blast.
    In any event do the Lebanese really want to destroy what is shaping up to be a chance at normality and the possibility of a prosperous future.All the pieces are in place and peace will deliver.
    3 futures are at stake in Arab spring phase 2.
    We shall see

    • Frankie P says:

      There’s no need to tell Nasrallah to “rewind” to the Beirut port blast. He has catalogued it and the conclusions drawn from it in his brain, and I’m sure he has altered strategy and implemented tactics to avoid the same in the future. I’m shocked that you say “a chance at normality and the possibility of a prosperous future.” The global financial hegemon has destroyed the economy of Lebanon, Hezbollah and Nasrallah are fully aware of it, and yet they continue on, increasing the guided missile supplies, manning the deeply dug tunnels and caves that criss-cross south Lebanon, standing at their posts, ready.

      Meanwhile, the IDF and their sitting ducks in Gaza aren’t faring as well as they had hoped. I would appreciate an analysis on this video from TTG or other specialists.

      • TTG says:

        Frankie P,

        In that video we see Israeli armor lumbering into a built up area without dismounted infantry support. That’s just flat stupid. Their commanders are either inept, frightened or both. As far as the RPG hits on those armored vehicles go, we see a strike but no film of the damage done. It’s the same trick that has been made in films of strikes for years. We see an explosion. So what. Does it penetrate? Does the crew bail? Is the vehicle imobilized? Israeli armor is probably made to withstand an RPG hit, even a tandem warhead RPG. That may be why the IDF infantry stays buttoned up. If the Hamas fighters only have RPGs, they’re notgoing to have a lot of luck against IDF armor. As long as they can get that close, they need to try volley firing. We learned that technique in the 70s. Plus, driving around the streets in their armor is not going to get the IDF into those tunnels.

        • Frankie P says:

          Much as I suspected on all accounts. Thanks for the explanation.

          The tunnels are going to be a trip to hell.

          Reservists won’t have the backbone for it.

        • Yeah, Right says:

          I wonder if the lack of dismounted infantry is a function of their awareness of how the Trophy system works.

          As in: any dismounted troops are going to resemble a colander if/when a Trophy system detects an incoming threat and fires off its shrapnel.

          From a foot-soldier’s PoV the equation needs to balance out: if the tank Corp doesn’t care about their safety then they probably aren’t going to care about protecting the tank crew.

          • TTG says:

            Yeah, Right,

            A very good point. Dismounted infantry would have keep a good distance from Trophy equipped armor. I wouldn’t want to be close to anything with reactive armor, either.

          • English Outsider says:

            These big explosions that envelope the tank or APC that are shown on the few videos one sees out of Gaza. If they don’t disable the machine they must make it less useful.

            The Namer for instance does not seem to be invulnerable. (Wiki)

            “Combat history

            “In 2014, Namers took part in Operation Protective Edge. During the fighting, Namers (which at the time were not fitted with Active and Soft Protection Systems) were hit multiple times by RPGs and ATGMs, including suffering direct hits by 9M133 Kornet ATGMs, but the vehicles emerged undamaged and in no instances was the armor penetrated or injuries caused. In another case, an explosive charge weighing half a ton to a ton of explosives was detonated near the Namer, and a house collapsed on the APC: nothing happened to it and the soldiers continued their mission as planned.[citation needed] As a result of its success on the battlefield, there were calls for the number of vehicles to be increased (beyond the 170 on order), and for them to gradually replace the many M113s currently fielded by IDF combat units. [26] In 2023, Namers took part in Operation Swords of Iron. On the 31 October 2023 a Namer was struck by an anti-tank missile while fighting Hamas militants in Northern Gaza. 11 IDF soldiers were killed. [27]”

            The reference given is to a report in the Guardian.


            Some losses, though not specifically this one, confirmed by the Israeli defence minister.

            “Commenting on the losses on Wednesday morning, Israel’s defence minister, Yoav Gallant, said on X – formerly Twitter: “The loss of IDF soldiers in battles with Hamas terrorists in Gaza is a severe and painful blow. Our significant achievements in the powerful fighting deep in the strip are taking, to our sorrow, a heavy toll.”

            So probably not invulnerable and if (as mentioned by TTG) the various machines are going in without an infantry screen, even less so.

            But this leads to a question I did not see covered here or in the fighting in the Donbass when tanks are used.

            All these machines have parts or equipment that cannot be armoured or kept protected inside. Tracks, of course, but also antennae, sometimes TV cameras, the trophy system, externally mounted weapons.

            So the men inside tanks or APC’s may be kept safe most of the time. They are, often. One sees videos in the Donbass in which the machine is hit but one can then breath a sigh of relief as soon afterwards the men scramble out seemingly unscathed.

            But is the machine of much use when all this external equipment is damaged? Surely they’re then driving around maybe blind and certainly no longer unable to communicate or to use externally mounted weapons..

        • F&L says:

          If it helps – official figures are unreliable but FWIW as of this morning, Reuters reported quoting Israeli sources that the IDF had lost 31 troops since inception of the entry into Gaza .. while Gaza has lost 9,770 which is known to be an intentional undercount, both because of the psychologically significant 10,000 barrier and because so many are under rubble. So 31 vs 9,7770. It’s Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers versus Pop Warner scrubs.

          And also, TTG – Luttwak in that brief piece I posted a link to from discusses an Israeli armoured vehicle called a “Namer” which is reputedly designed to be about as capable in the foreseeable actions here as such a machine can be expected to be. Remember, I am Sgt Schultz on the subject. Shooting messengers is a no no.

          • TTG says:


            There were a few Namers in Frankie P’s video. There were RPG hits, but no evidence of damage or immobilization. Given the Israeli’s design philosophy since the introduction of the Merkava, survivability and crew safety are pretty high priorities. I would expect these armored vehicles to be able withstand side hits from RPG rounds.

            That close to 10,000 figure is mostly civilians including a lot of women and children. That ratio is nothing for the Israelis to crow about. On the contrary, it marks them as monsters.

      • ChrisB says:

        I have no idea if this video is true but I have gamers that I work with who record their video games,add extra which look very much like this

  8. F&L says:

    Edward Luttwalk on the tunnel demolition war. Must read.

    What Israel will face in Gaza. Edward Luttwalk.

  9. mcohen says:

    Also nanoparticles once in the bloodstream are made to vibrate by a frequency wave generator.sorry did I already post this.thats what causes that havana syndrome

    • Yeah, Right says:

      I have long been of the opinion that Havana Syndrome is a real affliction, but that it isn’t caused by external actors.

      It’s caused by something super-secret, ultra-hush-hush, in the basement of US Embassies around the world.

      Something that broadcasts out of the building, not something that is beamed into the building.

      What it is I have no clue, but it fits the known facts just as well as the alternative theory.

      And, honestly, if this was the work of “adversaries” then why does it only affect US diplomats? Why not turn that spy-beam on other Five Eyes embassies?

  10. Keith Harbaugh says:

    I commend this piece specifically to you:

    I think Bertrand Russell got the issues right here.

    • mcohen says:

      I read the article and it sounds fantastically idealistic but a 1000 years too late.The pope need to apologise again to the Jewish people for forcing us to defend ourselves in this most despicable manner

      Whataboutery is not my cup of tea so no

      • Keith Harbaugh says:

        “The pope need to apologise again to the Jewish people for forcing us to defend ourselves in this most despicable manner.”

        Which Pope are you talking about?
        If it is the current one, Pope Francis, how did he force the Jewish people to do anything?
        So, to which papal act(s) do you refer?
        Just seeking clarification of your views.

        Oh, and let me clarify my own views, for what they are worth.
        Bertrand Russell’s essay could be read as opposing Israel’s very existence.
        I certainly do not take that view.
        What I do advocate is a two-state solution, with Israel withdrawing to its pre-1967 borders.

        King Solomon rightly observed that a baby cannot be divided into two parts.
        But what was once Palestine could be, unpleasant as that would be to each party.
        Perhaps each could honor the old saying
        “Half a loaf is better than none.”

        • mcohen says:

          Nio what about erysipelas allowed.

          Google pope apologise Jewish people
          Church of England apologise Jewish people

          I personally apologised to a black taxi driver in south africa.

        • Stefan says:

          “What I do advocate is a two-state solution, with Israel withdrawing to its pre-1967 borders.”

          This, incidentally, is what the international community also demands expressed through multiple UN Resolutions. The same types of resolutions that the US used to attack Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait.

          The US deems occupation by some as a cause of war to be carried out using American blood. Other occupations are to be defended, using hundreds of billions of dollars of US tax payers funds, and American blood, if our leaders deem it needed.

          The American leadership does not view all occupations the same. If you are our ally, you get a peace. Rules are only enforced on our enemies. Same goes for Russia and China, one of the many things that makes the international community a farce.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            The “international community”. What the hell is that? Sounds like severe colonialism. Why would anyone dealing with local problems pay attention to what some self-interested parties on the other side of the world have to offer as alleged “solutions”?

            More US bashing I see. No surprise from a globalist/colonialist. The US does what it perceives to be in its interests. Sometimes it gives lip service to some artificial rules and sometimes it doesn’t – just like everyone else in the world does and always has. Actually, so do the globalists/colonialists.

            I’m still waiting to hear from someone who isn’t standing on land taken from someone else – or at least someone who’s honest about that fact and therefore not the kind of hypocrite you pretend to deplore.

  11. F&L says:

    How did it go, Lloyd? I mean, er, Secretary Austin, how was it?

    “Well, I’ll tell you, if people only knew the trouble I go to, what with bouncing up and down and up and down sitting in the back seats of limousines all day .. “

    US Senator Chris Van Hollen Accuses Israel of War Crimes | Dawn News English

    US Senator Chris Van Hollen has questioned Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin about Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza during a hearing on additional US military assistance to Israel and Ukraine.
    Van Hollen presented Austin with statistics and a personal story of loss when questioning him about Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza.
    The senator expressed concern about the relentless bombing in Gaza, citing the number of bombs dropped by Israel in the densely-populated Gaza Strip. He also highlighted the high number of civilian casualties, including women and children, and called for the US to ensure that its support is used in a manner that complies with the laws of war and US law.

    • mcohen says:

      National service days

      So the sergeant is teaching us urban warfare and says if we encounter enemy,not to bunch up but spread out as it could be a decoy to lure us in for a strike.
      I pipe up but would it not be better to just surround them sergeant and have lunch.
      He says to me run to the tree up on the hill and bring me a small branch.take the sandbag with you
      So I get to the top and stealthily empty the bag of sand and stuff it with leaves and it is full.
      Grab a small branch and struggle back down with “heavy sandbag”
      I get back to our platoon and he says to me, go back to the tree and bring me a handful of sand.Took 10 trips to bring it all back.

      Moral of the story.Stay away from the military.also don’t bunch up in one place now

  12. John Minehan says:

    I think what COL (R) Lang said about the younger generation of israelis. in general, explains the great influence of the “Settler”/Haredi voters and partys in Israel. They are committed to Israel as a Jewish State and are willing to fight for it (thet tend to be overreprsented in the IDF). Since this viewpoint is less common than in 1948 (or 1956, 1967 or 1973), this view becomes politically dominant.

    Consider this in light of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Most Intolerant Wins from The Incerto.

  13. F&L says:

    The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll (Jill) and Mister Hyde (Biden).
    Husband and wife team. Jackal and Hyena, Je Kill and Hide .. in the White House.
    Why mention?

    In a 1941 musical version … “they originally decided to name Jekyll’s fiancée Lisa Carew, and the prostitute Lucy Harris. The names stayed this way until midway through the First National Tour when they decided to better differentiate the two characters and to make her sound more upper class to rename Jekyll’s fiancée Emma Carew.”

    “To Lucy, Jekyll is an ideal, something she will never have. Hyde is all she believes she deserves. She is massively attracted to the part of Hyde that is Jekyll, but this confuses her as she also knows Hyde to be cruel and brutal, both mentally and physically toward her.”

    That’s right. Harris. Lucy (Lucifer, Loosey ..) Harris the Loose prostitute.
    So we’ve seen this show before. Where did the missing “ek” go to in Dr Jekyll’s name that turned him into Dr Jill? Dr Jillian Jekyll Henry Edward Hyde. Now you have a mystery to solve. Lucy finds Jekyll (Jill) to be ideal. She wants to bed Hyde (Biden). Yes it sounds crazy? Look around.

  14. F&L says:

    Hazy photo but it sure makes a sick mind think, looking at the Aircraft Carrier and the cruise boat in the narrow passageway. Remember the explosion on the Kerch bridge last year – the first one where one theory was about a vehicle moving opposite to the van was detonated? Ok, I need some rare uncooked meat, and then take my dinosaurs out for a walk. The older one is called Oddzilla. He enjoys a game or two with little Ping Pong.
    As expected, this morning the American AUG, led by the nuclear-powered multi-purpose aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, began passage through the Suez Canal from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.
    Now the group’s flagship, the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea, as well as one of the guided-missile destroyers, USS Mason or USS Gravely, are in the southern part of the canal.
    As for the composition of the aircraft carrier group heading south, the absence of the second URO destroyer in the convoy may indicate that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow it will also pass through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea, but already accompanying the US Navy multipurpose submarine USS Florida. .
    We will find out about this no later than Monday evening.

    • elkern says:

      Yikes, the Ike’s in the Red Sea??? And the Bataan group, too???

      I thought the plan was to move both to the East Med, which sounded reasonable to me. In the East Med they could Wave The Flag, keep an eye on Hezbollah, and generally “support Israel” with minimal risk of getting us dragged into WWIII.

      But damn, the Red Sea? Are they being stationed there (very dumb idea), or moving closer to Iran (even dumber idea)?

      The Bataan is designed to deliver a bunch of Marines; what ground would we put those boots on??? Yemen??? Iran??? Again, Dumb & Dumber…

      The Eisenhower can make rubble of anything within a few hundred miles, but where are we planning to make [more] rubble?

      The Red Sea is in a pretty bad neighborhood. Houthis in Yemen are the obvious threat, but I’d be worried about other parts of the coastline, too. I haven’t paid much attention to Eritrea recently, but even if the current government is “friendly”, there are bound to be groups that aren’t. Saudi Arabia is pretty good at internal security (per our Col Lang), so we probably don’t have to worry about most the East Coast of the Red Sea, but I wouldn’t say the same about the Egyptian coast. And if the ships sneak through the Bab al-Mandab, somebody in Djibouti and Somalia might try something crazy.

      Any (successful) attack on our ships is likely to get blamed on Iran, so they are probably doing what they can to keep their allies from attacking US ships, but a US Carrier is a *very* tempting target, and Jihadi groups don’t always have a reliable chain of command…

      So, WTF is “the mission” for our ships there??? I just hope they’re not there to re-enact the US Navy’s “victory” at the Gulf of Tonkin…

      • F&L says:

        A latter day Cecille B. De Mille could have a fun fest with Poseidon multi megaton torpedoes in a channel like that and some others near the Gerald Ford. That won’t happen except in scriptwriter’s notebooks. The only thinking I’ve heard re the Eisenhower is it’s headed somewhere in the Arabian sea to intimidate Iran. The US, you’d hope but not wager much, ought to be playing big brother to Israel in the sense that it’s positioning to shoot down missiles from either side of this madhouse. But I certainly don’t know if that’s the case.

        • elkern says:

          Well, at least the Arabian Sea is big, so Ike could be further from missile launches on the coastline, so they would likely have a bit more time to react. But to get there, they have to sail [too] close to the entire coastline of Yemen, including running through the Bab al-Mandab, which is only about 10 miles across.

          I don’t think Iran will be “intimidated” by a [single] carrier in the Arabian Sea, though waving the flag there might keep shipping insurance rates from going up.

          Bataan went through there a week or two ago, from Arabian Sea to Red Sea. Latest says Bataan will stay in Red Sea for now. Maybe we really would use Marines in Ospreys to jump on missile launch sites in Yemen?

          • F&L says:

            You’re welcome to read this pasted translation from a Ru Telegram ch. It’s not necessarily representative or correct or anything else. It’s interesting. The analyst sees preparation for a war or action at some level with Iran. On some levels and from the POV of certain party’s interests it makes a great deal of sense, from others exceedingly little.
            In the Gaza Strip, there are again strong explosions, again there are casualties among civilians, and again, in order to kill one Hamas member, 400 civilians are killed as collateral damage. Almost 4 thousand children were killed. The number of killed adults exceeded 9 thousand. Nobody is going to stop.
            A war of biblical proportions that the whole world cannot influence.
            The war drags on, plunging not only into a humanitarian but also an economic abyss.
            The IDF spends $1.5 billion a day on the operation, Israel purchased weapons from the US military-industrial complex for $12 billion and received support for $23 billion. Everyone is happy with everything.
            The war in BV will last for another 1-2 months, this can be considered the first stage of preparation for an attack on Iran.
            This week, a bipartisan consensus in Washington will decide in which case the US Navy will be ready to launch missiles and bombs against Iran’s critical infrastructure. Primarily on underground nuclear facilities.
            Humanitarian pauses are only 180 minutes long. Washington doesn’t interfere. The Saudis and the UAE have closed the mitten, otherwise the gold and foreign reserves will go towards the sea. The rest are looking for consensus on how to confront Israel. Turkey is trying to make good money on this, as was the case with us in 2022. Nobody gives a damn about the Gaza Strip itself. The entire civilized world closed its eyes.

          • F&L says:

            Continued .. same channel это ещё не конец (it’s still not the end) .. more data points, disinfo? I lean toward data points. Note claim re BN’s nephew, possibly hokum idk.

            For the fourth time, Israel has refused to cease fire and airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of all hostages.
            If the first three times Hamas was ready to release only citizens of third countries, this night B. Netanyahu rejected the proposal to release all 179 hostages who remained alive. 64 hostages were killed by the IDF during airstrikes, and another 27 were executed by Hamas in response to the liquidation of the leaders of the militant wing.

            Tonight, in the coastal part of the Gaza Strip, the nephew of B. Netanyahu was killed, who was ambushed by the DRG with 14 IDF fighters.

            A. Arestovich is in Washington awaiting an audience with the new head of the US Congress, then Vice President K. Harris will meet with him.
            In a week.
            An incredible level for a former advisor.

  15. Kim Sky says:

    thanx for the interesting posts!!!

    my two cents, too terrible, i’m getting sick – litterally!

    second cent, talk about bad PR… people will not forget, slaughter on this scale, i followed Falluja, and lots of the war there, the Iraqis were less connected, people have been doing Palestinian activism for decades! Their media was in place, ready to go. Remember Rachael Corrie? Also, for many years the News Director had spent time in Palestine, married to a Palestinian in a wheel-chair. I’d never seen anyone so cool headed as news director before, she said something like, it was nothing, silly in fact when compared to Palestine!

    Rambling really, anyway, thanx for all the links too! They help

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