“presidency will not recover” Telegraph

“Eventually, nearly eight hours after the attack, Mr Biden shuffled into the White House East Room. He looked shattered.

His voice was hoarse, his eyes teary. There were long pauses as he spoke.

At one point an inquisitor from Fox News asked him if he felt responsible for what had happened.

Mr Biden clasped his hands and bowed his head as if in prayer. It seemed an age before he raised it again. Eventually he admitted, yes he was responsible.  But a moment later, he blamed Donald Trump.” Telegraph

Comment: Actually, I think he was enraged by Peter Doucy’s question and was trying to regain control. From personal experience I can tell you that he has a nearly uncontrollable temper. pl


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27 Responses to “presidency will not recover” Telegraph

  1. Barbara Ann says:

    My concern is that it is not the Biden presidency that will not recover, but the Presidency.

    Biden’s slip yesterday about being “instructed” is pivotal. He’s said out loud what many suspected; that “Biden” is merely code for the powers that operate policy through him. Advice of course is natural, but instruction carries the unambiguous connotation of subordination to higher authority. This President, at least, has been reduced to an avatar. America is ruled by goodness knows who. The CinC and head of the Executive is what? It is a hidden cabal issuing instructions through a titular presidential figure.

    So Biden may be impeached, then what? Does Kackling Kamala become the next “Biden”? Kamala may be in possession of greater cognitive ability, but it seems clear her selection was very much driven by her lack of leadership credentials. We will perhaps start referring to the “cabal” as the “kabal”, but I doubt a “Kamala” will be any less of a “Biden”.

    Does this indeed matter? I think so. The reaction to the Trump interregnum (of Deep State control) has been extreme. All pretense that a president will be permitted who will mess with Deep State interests has gone. The Dem Politburo runs the show now and as Joe helpfully told us, it already has “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”. Once they get the “democratic or moral infrastructure” (Buttigieg) of the Orwellian named voter protections into the infrastructure bill, democracy itself will be reduced to an avatar. That 19 Senate Republicans voted for the bill indicates to me that the Politburo will permit some nominal opposition, as window dressing.

    Joe’s fate is not what is important.

    • exiled off mainstreet says:

      That certainly looks like what is going on. He is too incompetent to run a carwash.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    No doubt Biden is a super narcissist Mr Lang. I do believe however he has hit the wall and bleeding out. His approval rating is Nixon level at the end. He will not survive or recover from it. SC just handed him two massive defeats on illegal aliens and rent squatters. Another defeat is looming on Newsom getting figuratively decapitated. It does look like the old magna carta “liberties” have finally had enough. Time to drag the king and his court into the streets (figuratively).


    • Deap says:

      There is also no “right to abortion” within the four corners of the US Constitution. This is a fragile legal underpinning as well, soon to come up on Biden’s watch.

      Creating the Right to Privacy to support abortion (infanticide) out of judicial decree whole cloth is a prime example of the prior activist court – which no longer represents the court current majority. There is now a majority of alleged originalists, claiming to look for guidance within the written document’s express terms themselves. (Per their Senate confirmation hearing statements)

      However, each state has reserved powers under the express terms of the constitution to enact their own state abortion (infanticide) legislation. Interesting times – a living civics lesson. I don’t remember another time when there was so much detailed interest in the express terms of our master governing document.

  3. Sam says:

    IMO every effort will be made to rehabilitate Biden and the Democrats by corporate media and allied think-tanks and media pundits who get all the airtime.

    We can be certain the next hysteria will be ginned up shortly to continue to provide the circuses for the American people.

    • TV says:

      More covid from the open southern border and ISIS terrorists brought in as Afghan refugees can make for a never-ending crisis maker.

  4. Deap says:

    I suspect Biden “collapsed” so he could better hear his earpiece messaging in response to the Doucy question.

    I suspect the transmission repeated just one word: Trump, Trump, Trump. And thus, Biden pivoted his response. Though the earpiece also telling Biden to slow down, catch your breath and don’t explode is equally likely: Trump – Breathe – Trump – Breathe

  5. Deap says:

    Deja vu all over again – Biden plagiarizes someone else’s speech yet again, this time the exact words of GW Bush threatening to avenge those responsible on Sept 12, 2001


  6. Pollychrome says:

    YES, THANKS, dear Colonel: NOTHING Prayerful about it: that was sizzling FURY.
    And THANKS always for telling us about your work with bent Tyrants like GrabbyJoe.

    And, Yes, Thanks, Deap: Biden’s always been a power-mad Kleptocrat of Words and Money—-and the Words are even more dear than the Lucre—-, forever onward,,,,

    • Pollychrome says:

      And VOTES !

      Thievin’ Bribin’ Biden, bidin’ in a WH crypt as long as he can get his puppeteers to dig him up and wheel him out….

    • Bill Roche says:

      I am always informed by the opinions of correspondents who have commanded troops and been in action. Do any of you care to share your thoughts on USMC’s Lt. Col. Stuart Sheller. Some people have said USA Col. Vindman disregarded the chain of command and was applauded, Sunday talks appearances, I’m sure he’ll write a book, but what about Sheller? Was he ill advised. Did he step out of line, fray the chain of command. or was he just an honorable soldier?

  7. Deap says:

    Who told Biden to do X, Y, or Z in Afghanistan? It wasn’t Trump.

    Here is the definitive list of Biden Afghan missteps, for which Biden cannot blame Trump – they are Biden decisions, and Biden alone – or whomever is standing in for Biden:


  8. walrus says:

    The walk off the stage was that of a very, very old man. I don’t think we will have to wait much longer for public display of infirmity.

    His handlers? I suspect the Clinton fingerprints are all over this Presidency.

    • Pollychrome says:

      I hear it’s Obama, the sneaky and cruel.

      • Pollychrome says:

        But I could always be Wrong~~~~~

        • Datil D says:

          I have seen a couple speculations about who would wind up POTUS, none expect it to be Harris, Pelosi or Hillary. You might enjoy this speculation from Jim Kuntsler “Some of said bigwigs, including the managing parties behind “Joe Biden,” might be cooking up a neat operation in which “Joe Biden” resigns, Ms. Harris gets elevated to POTUS… Ms. Harris appoints Barack Obama vice-president… and then Ms. Harris resigns, making the popular ex-president president again. The 22nd Amendment only prevents presidents from being elected more than twice, not from being appointed by happenstance. Would they dare? Well, why not? They dared to engineer some pretty audacious election hijinks in 2020.”

          • Deap says:

            If Obama was so popular as you claim, why didn’t Clinton who ran as Obama III win in 2016? Trump won primarily because Obama was very unpopular. So this would not be a healthy scenario at all to get Obama III, even with or without the ValJar baggage..

            Democrats do lack competent stars in their farm club – Stacy Abrams, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren? Tulsi Gabbard is their only hope, but she got little to no traction during the primaries except with Republicans and Harris would never stand for it. Susan Collins as compromise?

            Reluctant Mooshell Obama is the only real Democrat dark horse. Who doth protest too much. So she needs to be put on the watch list. Not so sure Pelosi would ever give up the chance for the ultimate prize, so she remains a contender.

            Would Chuck Schumer try to make a power grab? All the California wannabes are now too tarnished to compete – Garcetti and Newsom.

            Who are the eminence grise for the Democrat Party, who could stand in as noble caretaker? None. William Jefferson Clinton, fercrissakes?

          • Pollychrome says:

            YES, thanks, Datil D:
            I read wise Kunstler every Mon and Fri, too, and blanched at that smart, ugly prophecy.

          • lysias says:

            The Constitution says that only people eligible to be president can be vice president. Barack Obama is no longer eligible to be president. Michelle Obama on the other hand…

          • JerseyJeffersonian says:

            Lysias makes a good point concerning Obama’s eligibility to serve as VP. But can you count out, shudder, Hillary Clinton? She’s, um, presidential, right? And like Gollum, she lusts after “her Precious”, and as The President Who Should Have Been, why not expect one more maximal effort from her?

          • Deap says:

            Appointing Trump as VP would work – he is not tainted by two prior terms.

  9. Chris Bray says:

    He has an uncontrollable temper because he’s spent his entire adult life in a privileged position, and a United States senator can direct performative rage at people without being attacked in kind. It’s feudal rage, and it’s safe for the person who supposedly can’t control himself. He’s like a colonel who has uncontrollable rage in the presence of captains, but exquisite self-control in the presence of generals. The man was born to punch down, and it’s written on his face. “Look, fat.” He demeans ordinary people in the presence of his protective detail.

  10. John+Merryman says:

    My sense is that while he has managers, the fact remains that he is the “Decider.”
    Yes, they can steer him this way and that, but as an old man, he is functioning on two elements, memory and impending mortality.
    Basically he is writing what amounts to an institutional last will and testament. The management might be horrible, there is no planning for any future, just organizing the past.

  11. jim ticehurst says:

    obama Bin Biden….More Liberation Theology….and Drooling Diplomacy..

  12. A. Pols says:

    Hey hey, ho ho, Dementia Joe has got to go.

  13. Deap says:

    Biden team just provided the perfect defense for the 2nd Amendment:

    “Guns have lethality, but do not pose a threat”….. When asked about the numbers of weapons Biden left behind in Afghanistan.


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