Some financial records of NIH oddity Anthony Fauci are released by the Senator he called a moron

By Robert Willmann

At a U.S. Senate committee hearing on Tuesday, 11 January 2022, Dr. Roger Marshall, a medical doctor and senator from Kansas, asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, also a medical doctor, about his income at the National Institutes of Health, since it did not appear to be limited to his large salary from the taxpayers, believed to be $434,312 in fiscal year 2020. This is more than the salary of the U.S. president. Fauci started to tap dance, and claimed that: “My financial disclosures are public knowledge, and have been so. It is totally accessible to you, if you want it. To the public”. This statement turned out to be off the mark, as an article in Forbes Magazine explained the next day, which was written by the founder and CEO of American Transparency, doing business as [1].

Meanwhile, Senator Marshall sent a letter demanding the release of the financial information [2]. In response, the NIH sent 178 pages to the senator–

However, the Forbes article said that American Transparency / had been told by the NIH that some 1,200 pages of financial information and conflict of interest disclosures about Fauci existed. The organization had sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the NIH initially on 28 January 2021. But since a complete response was not made, a lawsuit was filed in federal district court in Washington D.C. on 25 October 2021–

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42 Responses to Some financial records of NIH oddity Anthony Fauci are released by the Senator he called a moron

  1. walrus says:

    If there was ever an example needed of the declining intelligence of American society. it is the treatment of Fauci by the media and the worst elements of the legislature. Taking the finances first, $400k+ as an annual salary is chickenfeed by corporate standards as is his $680k IRA account.

    I am sick and tired off ignorant axe grinders abusing him as he tries to make complex topics intelligible to morons, yes morons, who don’t want to listen and have an opposing idea anyway.

    NOTHING the virus has done, not one event since it arrived is inconsistent with expected statistical, mathematical behaviour, period. The fact that you can’t understand it, that you cannot understand Faucis explanations, nor the changing answers as the virus mutates is irrelevant.

    Since this is a respected military blog, then the military equivalent of Faucis critics are the old generals, expecting troops to conquer german machine guns by elan alone.

    Faucet is not the problem. Your (and my) elected representatives are.

    • Pat Lang says:

      walrus is whatever I say it is.

    • Fred says:


      Thanks for insulting every American, well, except Mr. Science.

      “chickenfeed by corporate standards as is his … IRA account.”

      If I recall correctly my conversation with my brother his retirement pay with 43 years of consecutive federal service (including the military service for which he bought into the federal retirement system) his retirement pay will be 80% of his top three years of pay. Fauci will have the same thing. That isn’t ‘chickenfeed’ by any standard.

    • Marlene says:

      The annual salary amy be chickenfeed for corporate standards, but the commitee was considering it for public office standards.
      As it is stated in the article, how cna fauci earn more than the POTUS?

      Also, you do not need to be a big pharma investor in vaccines to understand Fauci arguments, even a moron find a huge conflit of interests in the fact that his wife is in charge of Clinical Center´s Bior¡ethics in the middle of a very controversial pandemic, protocols and EAU already widely proven dangerous genetic based meds impossed on the citizenry of the whole world at unison by all governments clearly pressured to do that by the hedge funds which control international finances and at the top the central banks directed by BIS.

      “Climate change and sustainability

      Climate change and sustainability are global challenges, in the sense that polluting particles know no borders. A lax environmental policy of a certain country, without a doubt, directly affects the surrounding countries and, in the medium term, the entire planet. Therefore, fair planetary environmental policies must be implemented, with which all countries commit themselves to contribute to the fight to preserve the planet in the best conditions for human life, being subject, if they do not do so, to an effective sanctioning regime. . However, as is often the case with decisions with a high social impact in any society, the perception of a non-imminent and inconcrete danger in terms of its tangible consequences means that decisions are not made with the force or criteria that would be necessary. For example, Covid-19 has shown it: governments and the population do not attend to or accept structural and systemic changes until the danger is perceptible and evident.(….)

      Towards global governance

      Faced with challenges such as those raised up to this point, diplomacy must definitely be global. For this reason, the architectures of supranational institutions will have to be reconstructed or redefined. In parallel, in the coming years we will see a resurgence of the city-state, to the detriment of the nation-state. This trend has been observed incipiently in the management of the recent socio-health crisis due to Covid-19, in which local leaders of large cities such as Madrid or New York have reinforced their role as real manager to the detriment of a central government in many cases. overcome.

      The reason for this process of reinforcing the city-state is that problems on a planetary scale will not be able to be addressed from the nation-state, but rather from the new supranational architectures, while the particularities of each region will be able to be managed more efficiently at the local level. In governance, both city-states and supranational institutions will undermine the importance of the national. “

    • blue peacock says:


      Utter nonsense! Don’t want to have an argument with you since you were a huge proponent of lockdowns that disproportionately harmed kids, the poor, the infirm and the working class. In that sense you are the epitome of the laptop class. How’s that zero covid strategy working out? And at what price?

      IMO, Fauci should be testifying to a grand jury investigating genocide. He’s a venal, thin-skinned, megalomaniac lab scientist turned bureaucrat who should never again be near public health policy or doling out billions of dollars of taxpayer money to molecular biology research.

      History will not treat this Dr. Mengele kindly.

      • Carey says:

        Don’t forget the intentional destruction of Small Business via the
        ruling class’s “lockdowns”. This is very evident in my town of 11,ooo.

        Way to go, walrus- Mission Accomplished!

      • longarch says:

        History will not treat this Dr. Mengele kindly.

        There is a definite resemblance between Fauci and Mengele.
        But in my opinion, Fauci and his wife bear more resemblance to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg than to Mengele. They seem to be much closer to the Bolshevik than to the Nazi end of the spectrum. As with the Rosenberg case, the collaboration of the wife should not be overlooked.

    • jld says:

      Amazing, just amazing, wait for a few years (or maybe months).

    • akaPatience says:

      Walrus, he directed funding to the Wuhan lab’s gain-of-function research — continues to deny in a weasely way that GOF research even took place there — tried to cover it up, vilified scientists who dared to suggest Covid was a lab-created virus, and repeatedly lied to Congress. All to cover his own ass.

    • Claudius says:

      Walrus, I gave Fauci benefit of doubt for several months before my life experiences stacked up against his and, by extension, the major media. The continuous over the top hype, as if the Black Death had returned, made me suspicious. His early on mask flip flops added to that. So I thoughtfully and rationally watched the cruise ship SS Diamond Princess saga, and set that up as my ground truth marker. I have been in more than a few ships, am familiar with ventilation and close quarters. From the ship’s numbers that I determined that I was likely being conned. But even then I listened and evaluated. I have heart trouble, so accurate, informed discussion is essential to me in management of my health.
      I have worn masks: Navy Oxygen Breathing Apparatus and Scott Air Pack (both firefighting) Navy Mk5 gas mask and MCU2 gas mask, surgical masks in Medical training, dust marks, and hazardous material/paint respirators. None of these stop a virus, or impede it. Ditto the full Nuclear Chemical Biologic warfare ensemble that I’ve ocassionly donned.
      At my last duty station in the Navy I watched senior DC civil servants lie, backstab and torpedo their opponents to protect their turf. Fauci’s (and others) behaviour sadly reminded me of that loathsome four years.
      The blatant incongruity of fully open borders with the lockdowns, masks and other actions cannot be rationally explained. Fauci dodged and weaved.
      I know what a vaccine is. Changing the definition doesn’t alter the fact that these medications do not prevent infection; a proper vaccine does.
      I, like many other thinking people, am not an early adopter of new technology, much less one that has not been subject to long term testing.
      I expect manufacturers to be subject to product liability; product liability exemption is a huge red flag.
      I have taken anti malarial medicines, perhaps Ivermectin or something like it, without ill effect. Fauci’s segniorial dismissal of this and other medicines made me very suspicious, very quickly.
      I looked over Open Secrets and saw large Pfizer donations to local pols.
      I read foreign press to get other opinions.
      I suggest you read RFK Jr’s book on Fauci!

    • Babeltuap says:


      Dr. Donald Henderson who rolled out the most successful vaccine in history said do not attempt using restrictive measures and forcing it on people. He said people would lose trust in governments.

      Fauci did not listen. He went well beyond restrictive. And look what happened; exactly what Dr Henderson said would happen. Now why did Fauci go entirely against the grain of someone far superior to him in vaccine protocols? I would love to hear Fauci’s response but unfortunately nobody will ask him. People lost trust in the Government. The SCOTUS finally had to do what should have been done; dial back restrictive measures.

  2. Marlene says:

    This has nothing to do with public health, but with control, even in the middle of clear exposition of the “vaccines” and “plandemic” fiasco, its obvious counterproducent effect which surges in infections and deaths in unkown numbers through the whole pandemic due to, already recognized even by EMA and WHO, VAIDS, the governments in the Wets insist on mass vacciantion of the masses with the only end goal iof impossing the digital pas.

    Total control becomes a reality, the digital identity.

    “The Bank for International Settlements has declared itself in favor of widespread vaccination, with the strange principle that it is the only way to achieve economic recovery.

    In its recent 2021 annual report, it also advocates a global digital identity system, that is, associating each of the world’s inhabitants with a barcode.

    Finally, the Bank is in favor of the introduction of central bank digital currencies (CBCDs) that will replace dollars and other fiat currencies.

    In the absence of original ideas, the Bank pulls from known topics. Digital currencies, such as bitcoin, are used for money laundering, to finance terrorism and, of course, they are a threat to the environment because they consume too much energy.

    Some digital currencies are bad, but there are others that are good because they can be controlled. To do this, they must be issued by the central banks and it is necessary to control each one of the global transactions and, consequently, each one of the people, companies, companies and institutions that exist in the world.

    Cash has to end and the pandemic has taken a great leap in that line with the imposition of card payments, so that control extends to the last cent.”

    Pdf on the BIS´report at the end of the article linked.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      And the true power behind the Great Reset reveals itself – the bankers. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) linked to our Vaxx passport digital ID are of course how they aim to get us to the owning nothing (and being happy) stage.

      Bitcoin’s inventor (a proud Deplorable far removed from Big Tech who hates the WEF with a passion) was not a fan of the banking system – which, lest we forget, almost collapsed in 2008. Bitcoin is his alternative to it. His aims were to provide the individual with complete control over his/her money and disintermediate the banking system entirely. No wonder they don’t like it.

      There is a ridiculous rumor circulating that Bitcoin is part of the GR. In reality it is the CBDC’s. They are the very antithesis of Satoshi Nakomoto’s invention. The concept of Bitcoin can be attacked on a number of fronts, but the vision is rooted in guaranteeing sovereignty of his/her money to the citizen, such that the government cannot touch it. It is as American as apple pie.

  3. Marlene says:

    What the social control system is about, both, in China, and what the recently legislated UK model includes ( down in the right side square ).
    This is for the proles, of course, Boris de Pfeffer will be able to continue jumping over any “rule”.
    Both model includes low score for criticism on governments and which your social media activity and contacts are…
    With all in the hands of the current mafia at the head of the plandemic, you know they will not allow you to live, this is why this is a matter of life or death…

    Them you will be charged for every step you make once a fioot out of bed, and probably even while in bed soon, but, for example, yatchs will get out of taxation on carbon footprint….One guesses private jets will get out too, that is why they go to Davos in their private toys while at the same time acusing you of ending life in the planet because you take your car to do your daily job ot to go on vacation.
    One guesses they will terminate vacations as a way to protect the planet.

    Wondering how walrus will explain this unexplainable exemptions…Unless he owns a yatch himself…
    And how this fits into an alleged, now increasingly clearly created by the elites, social, economic, and health crisis….
    Also he must answer why the parliamentarians and their parliament´s restaurants are free from Covid Pass.

  4. Sam says:

    The two biggest failures in COVID19 policy were
    1. Hubris to think humans were all powerful & could entirely change mother nature
    2. Not subjecting our interventions to empirical testing, creating bitter tribal disputes, based on no credible data & never learning the answer 🧵🧵

    The Science had the policy result first. They then built the narrative to achieve that result. Good example of cart before horse. What has died as a consequence is trust in real science, scientists who were conflicted due to the narrative engineers controlling the research dollars, and trust in public health policy. There is now more vaccine hesitancy than ever before.

    Neil Oliver remains eloquent on this topic.

  5. Sam says:

    This is a very troubling email from the set released yesterday, related to discussions among leading scientists about COVID-19 origins

    Here, the head of NIH is asking other government scientists to help the NIH to “put down” perfectly legitimate inquiry

    These are the guys that walrus lauds. Guys who got nothing to hide and exemplars of The Science.

  6. Deap says:

    Interesting trend we noted in our past decade or so of cruising travel which we typically shared with other older retired persons, since we liked the longer, more far ranging cruises. Conversations with fellow passengers drift into what did one do before they retired. We, like them, had saved for our retirement travel “bucket lists” and were enjoying the payoff of our years of thrift and nest-egg planning.

    More typically, also they were upper management in private industry or retired professionals. Then in the past five years or so, passengers got younger and invariably they were retired government employees most often from higher education.

    The website “Transparent California” discloses the public pension checks that roll in every month for retired government employees in this state. It is eye-popping. And they did not have to save a dime for this very generous lifetime income stream. As compared to other non-government employee payroll deductions funding later monthly social security checks.

    So this noticeably new group of cruise passengers required no prior thrift or nest egg planning because those automatic government employee pension checks -defined benefit pension checks – came in regardless of prior saving, thrift, delayed gratification or nest egg planning.

    Let alone ever having to worry about being a victim of economic forces or market ups and downs. The money the retired government employees spent on a month of cruising were fully paid by that month’s pension check while they mainly had no major living expenses while on the ship, and another pension check just the same size will be waiting when they did get home. Ad infinitum.

    That was our contract with our government employees – so no one can take it away from them now nor cry it’s not fair or reduce it any way. This is just the way it is. But it does cause me to turn a deaf ear when public sector employees continually complain they are under-paid, over-worked and under-appreciated.

    In California since we still hand out “defined benefit” pensions, we taxpayers are on the hook to dig into our own retirement savings to fund any deficients in these government employee pensions, should their pension funds not deliver the promised 7% rate of return. The great ” unfunded liability” most public pensions suffer from. Many states a lot worse than California – New Jersey and Illinois are the worst.

    These public sector pension funds are huge (CalPERS – CalSTRS) but often poorly managed and presently being diverted into “socially responsible” investments, again at the taxpayers expense if/when they fail to deliver the promised rates of return.

    The downside of “defined benefit” funds for the taxpayers – the pension recipients get their “defined benefits” regardless. (In contrast to most private pensions – the 401K model – you get what your investments actually return; not what you were promised) When social security runs out of money, who will back fill those rather paltry promises in comparison to the iron clad public sector pension promises made in this state?

    When Kamala Harris was state AG she actively re-wrote the short ballot language for two voter sponsored and qualified pension reform ballot initiatives, which guaranteed they would fail.

    And they did twice – a vote yes will unconstitutionally take food from the mouths of widows and orphans was basically how she chose to present these pension reform measure to the public when all they did was tighten up future tax payer liabilities to back-fill these unique “defined benefit” pension promises.

    All of the above underscores why Democrats have an existential interest in who sits on the other side of the public employee bargaining table. 20 million government employees who reasonably have an immediate and direct interest in election outcomes is a confounding vote constituency.

    Our Founders would be appalled if they saw what we did with our “Republic” today. And how we define everyone’s “fair share” of other people’s money.

  7. Sam says:

    Australian 🇦🇺 government argued in court that letting Djokovic stay risks making him “an icon of free choice”.

    And the court agreed that this is indeed too risky.

    A kangaroo 🦘 court in a banana 🍌 republic.

    The Australian immigration minister by law can terminate any issued visa for any reason or no reason. That’s his prerogative and Australia’s parliament has given him broad latitude. However, a key reason provided by the government’s attorney to the court was permitting Djokovic to participate in the tournament would be rewarding “an icon of free choice”. This is the heart of the matter. Public health is just the fig leaf.

    • walrus says:

      Sam, I agree with you that the Djokovic deportation is a travesty. However in my opinion, it had nothing to do with Covid, that was just the pretext; it was all about grubby, dirty, interstate politics.

    • Marlene says:

      Djokovic got without beaing able to play, but with is health and immunity .

      Others, indeed a bunch, got to there to just find they are not able to play anymore..
      After the Georgian, several had to abandon….

      Scared’ Dalila Jakupovic leaves her Australian Open qualifier after a fit of ‘coughing and anguish’. Dalila Jakupovic was leading when she was forced to retire due to “the cough.” The Slovenian later admitted that she was “afraid of collapsing” in Melbourne. British player Liam Broady, who lost his match, also said he was “gasping for air”. Australian Bernard Tomic requested a medical timeout due to breathing difficulties. The Australian Open is becoming, like soccer and other sports, high-risk games for life. Something normal for many people who are still asleep in deep sleep and do not see anything unusual….

      Notice in this video allowed by YouTube how they now try to link the obvious vaccine side effects to climate change, to protect the vaccine corporations and governments forcing them on the people….

    • smoke says:

      letting Djokovic stay risks making him “an icon of free choice.”

      How did the Australian government argue that with a straight face? Or have they lost all their skill for popular politics?

      Anyone could foresee that revoking Djokovic’s visa, which was in compliance with legal requirements, would draw wider attention and make him a martyr to covid authoritarianism and a much greater “icon of free choice.” An “honor” Djokovic never sought, and would never have arisen had the Aussie guvmint simply adhered to its own laws and allowed him entry upon his arrival.

      It appears that the guvmint’s only concern was to demonstrate to all their unlimited powers to punish anyone, no matter their stature, who questioned the clumsy narrative of plague, esp anyone who had the effrontery to skip the vaccine, catch the virus, and survive to play the most competitive tennis.

      walrus, could you pls explain the “interstate politics” that you suspect?

  8. walrus says:

    Regarding the Fauci salary, I wasn’t aware that his pension was that generous, however he has a direct impact on the health of 300 million people. As for comparison with Presidents, etc., who cares? You want the best people for the job and you pay them accordingly. I’ve paid people more than myself before now.

    In addition and with respect to everyone here and Col. Lang, if the criticisms levelled at Fauci are representative of what he has to deal with every day then $600,000 is not enough.

    As far as Australia is concerned, yes, the restaurant/ entertainment / tourism industry has been decimated.

    However – approximate figures:

    Australia – 25 million people – 2673 deaths – 90% vax rate.

    USA – 300 million people – 850,000 deaths – 64% vax rate.

    You make the policy settings, you get the results.

    • Deap says:

      Fauci has no “direct impact on the health of 300 million Americans”. He has direct impact on doling out billions of dollars of research grants to favored recipients supporting his dogma, which in turn supports even more mega billion dollars worth of tax payer support to BigPharm cronies. Fauci runs a tax dollar pass through agency – not a basic science or health agency. Just one more tax dollar grift that floats with political winds. (RFKJr – The Real Dr. Fauci)

      Fauci actually played no significant role in the “covid” task force, had nothing of value to offer the discussion and provided no science guidance whatsoever – merely fawned in front of the cameras after the meetings were over. (Atlas – A Plague Upon Our House)

      We would not be in year three of this “infectious disease” hysteria mess had we actually had a dedicated scientist in charge of this infectious disease health agency Fauci runs. Name one breakthrough his agency has discovered or policy that has worked over these past three years.

      “mNRA clot shots” had been in the pipeline for years and were simply exploited the splendid opportunity the politicized covid porn offered them to push their continuing experimental use now on millions – billions – world wide.

      Fauci has not lifted a finger to support the health of 300 (actually 350) million Americans. Just the opposite Other than expose 350 million Americans to the folly of government run health care.

      • A Convert says:

        Every government-run healthcare system that I’ve ever had experience with has been far superior to the system in the U.S.

        Also, I’m not sure how you get to “Fauci is a bolshevik” when the guy is colluding with Wall St. and Big Pharma to amass a huge mountain of wealth. That’s literally what the bolsheviks were fighting against.

        • Deap says:

          Two points Convert: (1) US “health care” is hideously inefficient and expensive though it excels in trauma care, it fails miserably in general health care maintenance and prevention; and (2) I never called Fauci a bolshevik, just an over-rated megalomaniac, petty bureaucrat who should be terminated from government employment, yesterday.

        • longarch says:

          I’m not sure how you get to “Fauci is a bolshevik” when the guy is colluding with Wall St. and Big Pharma to amass a huge mountain of wealth. That’s literally what the bolsheviks were fighting against.

          I think I am the only one who says out loud that Fauci and his wife resemble Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. I apologize: I did not mean to derail our trains of thought. Most of us seem to agree Fauci is a bad guy; we don’t have to debate the finer theoretical distinctions between Nazi bad guys and Commie bad guys.

          Rather I will note that now, in the 21st century, there are many anonymous researchers patiently looking for Fauci’s perversions of public policy.

          One such Internet sleuth recently posted screen captures (i.e. “pics”) of his sleuthing and speculated about whether banks and Big Pharma were quietly paying off Fauci’s family:

          [look at the largest] Non-profit private foundations, [and look at] federal government funding.  
          With the federal government being the largest grant givers to non profits, most of those listed on the pics receive a large amt from our government. Meaning citizens are paying for them[.]

          I’m searching non profits with Fauci’s name, because I’m positive he and his family [have] a lot more than $10 million in assets.


          I might be showing my ignorance of the details of Communist history when I call the Rosenbergs “Bolsheviks.” Maybe they were of some other faction. Whenever I analyze Communist character, I find narcissism.

          As far as I can tell, the inner party of the Bolsheviks were simply narcissistic psychopaths. Only the suckers actually thought that they were making the world better for the masses. I think Fauci and his wife are narcissistic psychopaths of this type.

          If I were historically ambitious, I would now waste several hundred words on the similarities I perceive between Fauci and Genrik Yagoda or Lavrentiy Beria. But I am not a professional historian, and many commenters here have forgotten more history than I have ever learned, so I will not bore you with my limited perceptions of 20th century Communism. May God protect the good guys and correct the bad guys.

    • Marlene says:

      The final countdown of this “pandemic” will not be available until the trial ends, some three years or so from now.

      Of course, taking into account the Big Pharma companies got rid of the palcebo group, nobody will be able to prove the coming mass deaths are related to these dangerous “vaccines”.

      This is why it is of outmost imprtance that the unvaccinated remain so even for saving the vaccinated or at least making them some justice even when already deceased.

      This is in the origins of Macron´s , European and Australian officials´rage agsint the unvaxxed, since they are not a danger to anybody.

      Of course, the account of victims of this “pandemic” is not complete without counting the deaths caused by mass bankruptcies and suicides induced by the lockdowns and dictatorial apartheid measures.

      May be it is that you are from Albright school, and consider it was all worth it.

      Enjoy your dystopian vaccinated world.

    • Fred says:


      “You make the policy settings, you get the results.” “As far as Australia is concerned, yes, the restaurant/ entertainment / tourism industry has been decimated.”

      Fixed your editing for you.

    • A Convert says:

      At the outset I, too, gave Fauci the benefit of the doubt. Now, I too have come to have grave suspicions about his honesty, integrity, and capability to perform his responsibilities dutifully and effectively.

      A glance at Fauci’s financial data will reveal if he has been receiving royalties from the medicines the NIH has been paying Big Pharma to develop. If that is the case, then he has essentially amassed his wealth through bribes. Moreover, from the outset of the pandemic we were told that Covid-19 was “untreatable,” and based on this advice doctors all over the world simply sent patients who had developed the first onset of symptoms home, and told them “wait until you’re at death’s door before you come back.” It was only at that point that “treatment” was given, and that often involved a respirator–which increased the likelihood of death to something like 80%.

      Now, we are finding out from groups like the FLCCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance) that there are, indeed, very effective outpatient treatments that significantly reduce the morbidity of the disease, with some doctors estimating that perhaps as much as 80% of the Covid-19 fatalities (many of which were likely ordinary flu case) could have been prevented.

      Neither Fauci, his wife, nor anyone Fauci works with has ever treated a Covid-19 patient. Meanwhile, groups of doctors who have been working with Covid-19 patients daily over the last 3 years have developed extremely effective outpatient therapies, and are trying to make their discoveries known–but Fauci, Big Pharma, and the corporate media are doing everything they can to discredit these doctors who have been working directly with Covid-19 patients every day, for the last 3 years!

      That simply doesn’t make sense–unless one presumes that yes, Fauci has been putting his thumb on the scales regarding the evidence supporting effective outpatient treatments of Covid-19. Such as calling ivermectin a “horse dewormer”–when in reality, the guy who invented it actually won the Nobel Prize in medicine (not veterinary!) for inventing it, and WHO lists it as an “essential medicine” that all hospitals should have ample supplies of.

      If that is what Fauci has been doing, his financial statements will likely lead to solid, genuine evidence of such behavior–through the aforementioned “legal bribes” he has been receiving from Big Pharma.

      Revelation of such behavior would call into question everything we have been told about Covid-19, going back to the very beginning of the pandemic.

    • Lysias says:

      If you think Fauci is “the best person for the job,” you must not have read RFK Jr.’s book on the man.

  9. JK/AR says:

    Oh we’ll get the financials.

    Well maybe not “us” precisely speaking but at least as in “We the People.” It’s just that the NIH (& FDA) needs a little time to provide the sort of stuff American taxpayers might expect to have access to – seeing as “it” [the smackaroos] all these entitled bureaucrats are feeling so entitled to.

    But at least “we” can rest assured “we” will get the info. “We” being ‘our’ grandchildren looks to me.

    Tell y’all the truth I’m finding myself not a little unlike Walrus. I mean really now, doncha y’all think the American Taxpayers expecting to be informed where their money is going, and and what that taxpayer moolah is funding, to be, way way north of unreasonable?

    Totally too too persnickety on the part of the people paying Fauci if you ask me.

  10. Deap says:

    Biden cures covid – just in time for 2022 midterms. CDC orders hospitals to stop counting “covid deaths”.

    You see there is this pesky problem counting deaths with covid or from covid, so just stop counting them at all. Winning is everything. Biden beats covid. Covid deaths dramatically go down under Brandon’s administration. Watta guy.

    You look what you need to find (Election year 2020), and you don’t find what you are not looking for. (Election year 2022).

    The Great Covid Election Year Hoax Continues – new players, new plots, new endings. Democrats counting everyone will forget this abrupt February change of course by November 2022. Biden promised he would beat covid; or is that cheat covid?

    • Deap says:

      Correction: Secy of Health and Human Services (HHS) Xavier Beccera directs no longer counting “covid deaths” in certain hospital and care settings, due to inability to distinguish deaths from covid, or with covid.

      As of Feb 1, 2022 Biden will be able to claim he reduced covid deaths, just in time for the Nov 2022 midterm elections. Promises made, promises kept. Remember this critical turning point, since Biden hopes you will have forgotten this by Nov 2022.

  11. This is what a real scientist says about himself:
    «I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.»
    A fake scientist says
    «I am science».

    • Deap says:

      We should all commit the Scientific Method to memory so charlatans like Fauci cannot grab headlines claiming they are science: hypothesis, testing, data gathering, conclusions.

      Re-testing and/or independent corroboration always follows science. There is no settled science. But there is general agreement there is a scientific method, which is a dynamic process.

  12. Marlene says:

    Data published by the government on Alberta, then censored after they realized what they have disclosed.
    The people deserves this to be known. No matter how many investors lose their investments made on the blood of others.

  13. Marlene says:

    This is the way, undermine the ongoing oligopolization of business by fagotization of little and medium commerce previously ruined by the lockdowns and mandates by the big franchises.

    New Zealand Market that asked its people to get vaccinated lost 60% of the Market and the unvaccinated went and started their own Market next to it which is seeing tremendous growth.

  14. JK/AR says:

    Seems to me what everybody – with some very few exceptions – is primarily concerned with is that quaint ol’ timey concept known generally as accountability in the Federal government. Well, maybe not the pols themselves precisely speaking but at the very least for that hired guns sector collectively known as the bureaucracy?

    (Somebody above notes ‘Fauci has never treated a Covid patient’ [!] Well the fact of the matter is he has never treated any patient. For any ailment, myasthenia gravis to hangnail – laying hands on an actual living breathing patient by a bureaucrat simply isn’t done.)

    So far as that thing known as “government accountability” is concerned? Some History is in order:

    Last time that subject was seriously considered in USG circles was way back when whatever Administration it was, convened that group of record company execs and rocket scientists tasking ’em with coming up with some method by which Washington DC denizens might rid themselves of that too too pesky notion.

    And the Washington DC of that time succeeded beyond its wildest dreams. “Where is government accountability” you ask?

    Historical Footnote: Back when emoluments was a actual thing *Public Servants* was concerned with those old dead artifacts personified actually went to the hassle of addressing the issue – publicly! – coming up with such as this:

    But then Congresses after remembering what success they’d achieved firing “Government Accountability” out past the Kuiper Belt consulted a prominent member of its Poll Tax Enthusiasts wing [A guy prominent currently gave a eulogy for the top poll taxer] ….. Anyway the undeniable success of disposing – Washington DC style – of inconveniences dictates Lipstick the Pig and send the former obnoxious requirement [a public vote] out into outer space.

    But “How in the world can we [Federal officeholders & bureaucrats] manage to do that?”

    “Easy” *they said, “Put the word Ethics into the title of the legislation.”

    & Lo and Behold – It becomes nigh on futile to expect even mere accountability from anybody on the federal payroll.

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