“Syria shot 7 of 8 Israeli missiles, Russian military says.” Yahoo.com

BUK system

“Syria’s air defense forces shot down seven out of eight missiles launched by Israeli warplanes during a raid that targeted the Syrian province of Aleppo, the Russian military said Tuesday.

Rear Adm. Vadim Kulit, the head of the Russian military’s Reconciliation Center in Syria, said that four Israeli F-16 fighter jets targeted facilities southeast of Aleppo in Monday’s strike.

Kulit said seven of eight missiles launched by the Israeli fighter jets were downed by Syrian air defense units that used Russia-supplied air defense systems Pantsyr-S and Buk-M2. One missile damaged the building of a scientific research center in Safira, he said.”

Comment: Israel’s hubris in its military “superiority” in the ME is crumbling. They will have to try harder. They are reduced at present to threatening Ben and Jerry’s over ice cream marketing. pl


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9 Responses to “Syria shot 7 of 8 Israeli missiles, Russian military says.” Yahoo.com

  1. Charlie Wilson says:


  2. roberto says:

    High time the Syrians shot the Israeli planes down as well.

  3. Lelush says:

    And as long as impotence grows, so does bestiality…

    After killing Palestinian unarmed boy they drag him by bulldozer which cut him to pieces, then the soldiers shot and injuried 5 chaps who tried to rescue martyr’s body in khanyunis/ Gaza.

    Warning: deeply disturbing images…


  4. James says:

    If I were an engineer working for the KBP Instrument Design Bureau, I would be very happy about such attacks. I assume all of the instrument and system logs are sent back to Russia every time such an attack happens, so that Russians engineers and scientists can pore over them and see what went right (from their point of view) and what went wrong.

    You can test a system in a lab – but you learn a lot more running it in the real world. I think the Russians are going to use Syria (especially Idlib) as a weapons laboratory for the next 20 years.

  5. TheUnready says:

    Bombing on the eve of Eid al Adha, too.

  6. Matthew says:

    Israel loves sanctions on Arabs and Muslims, but then screams bloody murder when civil society acts against them. Schadenfreude.

  7. Jose says:

    Isn’t one of those units supposed to be better than anything we had around 2010 or so?

  8. Jim says:

    Ben and Jerry’s where I shop, usually $5.99/pint, except when “on sale” for $4.99 and occasionally $3.99.

    Tonight, was marked at $2.89/pint.

  9. d74 says:

    7 out of 8 shot down.

    Perhaps a radical change for the Izzies: the Russians would have decided to close the Syrian airspace to Izzie missiles. For this purpose, they would control the anti-missile defenses.
    The Iranians in Syria should be happy…
    All this is hypothetical. The future will tell if it holds.

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