The world according to Andrei Gurulev

I will briefly report on the situation at the front without referencing specific directions. The information was obtained from primary sources, it was systematised, and the following conclusions were made. The enemy, having properly faced our forces at the beginning of his counter-offensive, changed his combat tactics. They are no longer moving forward in large forces; they were obviously forbidden to lose heavy equipment en masse. Today they have switched to squeeze-out tactics, they are massively using cluster shells, inflicting damage on the strong points of our units, assault groups, they have a lot of ammunition, they are trying to burn out absolutely everything. Yes, this situation forces our troops to retreat deeper. Not far, but in some places they lost up to 10 kilometers of territory. The enemy has in places occupied our defensive positions, which were very well equipped with our own hands. After breaking the defense line, the enemies created conditions making it impossible to use anti-tank missiles by our helicopters; after the line was pushed, they became vulerable to enemy MANPADS. The efficiency of our helicopters has decreased.

The enemy has learned to work with our very well- made minefields. They competently clear them of mines, by inflicting artillery fire and using trawls. Our artillery has improved the quality of counter-battery warfare. There are results, but again the enemy is adapting. Basically, all of its guns are installed in depth at a distance inaccessible to our artillery. An estimated two artillery brigades were concentrated in the “hottest” directions, not counting the artillery of local brigades. We burned a lot of their towed artillery, they switched to using self-propelled guns. Our people say that it is very difficult, almost impossible, to catch them; after the second aimed shot they move and change position.

They have a lot of unmanned vehicles and even more. We have also adapted here, and over the last 2-3 weeks we have been effectively destroying them. Verba and Strela-10 air defense systems work well against UAVs. But the hohols have a lot of drones, they use them wisely, you see these attacks not only at the front, but also in our deep rear. 

The main conclusion is that the war continues. Yes, we are stronger, our warriors are stronger and more courageous, our troops are more professional. We endure, we adapt, we win, we have already destroyed a lot of the enemy’s manpower. But it is foolish to deny that today NATO is fighting against us with all its advanced technologies. We will win in any case, but victory is separated from us only by one serious problem of ours – lies. Yes, there is less of it than there was at the beginning of the SMO, but it is there. There are at different levels, they talk about it in the troops. False reports, unfortunately, lead to poor decisions at many levels. This is there, let’s acknowledge it and fight it, otherwise there will be trouble.

Comment: This is a Telegram posting of retired Lieutenant General Andrei Gurulev. He is a former Deputy Commander of the Southern Military District and current Deputy in the Russian State Duma. As ISW sees it “Gurulev is notable for having previously leaked the audio message of former Commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army (SMD) Major General Ivan Popov’s grievances over the lack of support for Russian forces on 12 July, and Gurulev‘s likely senior ties with the SMD lend weight to his complaints.”

His complaints track with what we hear from Western analysts. What keeps him from meeting an untimely fate, or at least some kind of repercussions for his outspokenness, is that he is a true believer in the righteousness of the Kremlin’s cause and its eventual and inevitable victory. I’m sure he’s not alone in this faith. He has also spoken about the need for employing nuclear weapons to achieve that eventual victory. Not sure how widespread that belief is, but I see it as a sign that he believes the inevitable victory will remain illusive without employing that drastic final solution. I haven’t heard that much faith in a happy little nuclear war since the “With Enough Shovels” crowd of the Reagan era.


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  1. F&L says:

    TTG – you were napping when New York City released this 1.5 minute treatise on surviving 800 kilotons? As you can see they even beat Ronnie and the Ray Guns – no shovels needed!

    Thanks for this post by the way. I guess the good General wouldn’t be welcome on the Macgregor, Ritter, Johnson and Judge Napolitano breakfast circuit. I think Macgregor has killed well over 300,000 Ukrainians about 5 times by now, I’ve lost count. Ritter knows for a fact that Putin had nothing to do with Prigozhin’s plane crash. The Marine Corps builds men or are they the ones looking for a few good ones?

    New York Nuclear PSA tells citizens what to do in case of …

    • TTG says:


      I do remember conducting air raid drills in 1st grade. When the sirens went off, we’d file out of the class to the inner corridor, squat down against the inner bedrock wall and cover our heads with our hands. Leaning against that solid basalt wall was as good a place as any to wait for the big one. Oh yeah. We also had plenty of canned water and barrels of survival crackers squirreled away in that corridor.

    • Fred says:


      NYC, can survive nuclear war but can’t survive being a sanctuary city. Oh the horror, the horror; of living with your values.

      • F&L says:

        Fred – Do you mean Joe Biden’s values?

        Amount that Joe Biden values whether NYCity is turned into a termite colony, assuming – It votes Democratic anyway as always and by a huge margin:
        A- Zero
        B- Unknown but it doesn’t exceed the amount he values the votes in Maui

        For an immediate PhD degree with framed mounted diploma signed by whoever the President is elected on election day in November 2024, please explain in one page of text or less how you figure there is actually a functioning government in this country, or if in fact Joe Biden is actually an old man who used to guess your weight at the county fair?

        • Fred says:


          Soros values! He lives in a 15 minute city with open borders, so why isn’t Texas sending him a plane load every day?

  2. Fred says:

    “But it is foolish to deny that today NATO is fighting against us with all its advanced technologies.”

    He sounds like a lefty mayor complaining that gun manufacturers are responsible for what gun users do. NATO isn’t pulling the trigger! Just because NATO supplied the ammo, the artillery, the missles, the vehicles, the intel, and the paychecks, doesn’t mean NATO is involved.

  3. English Outsider says:

    Gurulev wants some Shock and Awe. In this he’s reflecting the impatience of many Russians. There may come a time when Putin is forced to go that way just by the pressure of public opinion. But for now the General Staff is contented enough with the “Falkenhayn Scenario.” Has been, with a few necessary deviations, since soon after February 2022.

    The US is now in two minds about the whole venture. The Euros? Still busy digging their own grave. That was obvious that February and the only interest since has been in observing how deep.

    Our proxies? So courageous it’s not true. So acceptant it’s heartbreaking. I try, not very expertly, to keep an eye on what’s being said both sides. As far as I can see – not very – none dare to come up with any estimate of the other factor that is seldom even discussed. How far can an entire nation be pushed into destruction without breaking?

  4. F&L says:

    This is Nesmiyan’s take on the closing of the Western Russian borders which have culminated this week. It goes together (IMO) with Stoltenberg’s announcement yesterday that the war will be a long one.

    The photo at the end of the article is .. perfect, I guess.

    Whose “I’m Stupid!” costume will win in 2024? There are a few contenders. Unfortunately our host doesn’t provide the posting tools for pics as far as I know.
    So do your own research. I’ll leave this here for the record books, you have plenty of contenders from the Republican and Democratic parties. Donald, Ron, Joe, Kamala, RFK Jr, Gavin etc.

    I’m Stupider, no I am! No, it’s me, I’m much stupider than either of you .. ! (Entry # 1).
    Closed Boiler
    In fact, the entire land border to the west of Russia has already been closed. The ban on cars has now extended to all European countries bordering Russia, with the exception of Norway, but even there the government is “discussing” this issue and, most likely, a similar decision will be made.Technically, this measure is a measure to introduce collective responsibility for all Russian citizens. They say, since you didn’t overthrow the dictator, then get it. If you improve, we’ll think about whether something can be done.
    (Continued at link..)

  5. Whitewall says:

    According to the Wiki page on Gurulev, he is as much a crook as any other military/political opportunist in Russia. He is very resentful of the Ukes standing up against Moscow as anyone else in Putin’s orbit. The nuclear talk is only to keep him in good standing with Putin and Putin’s ‘watchmen’. Gurulev puts the Mad in ‘Mad Ivan’.

  6. leith says:

    Nice looking pogey rope hanging off Gurulev’s right shoulder board. Is that considered to be a fourragère for service in a distinguished military unit – similar to the one that the 82nd Airborne wears, or the 5th Marines? I couldn’t find any data on what unit he served with during the Chechen War. So maybe it’s purely decorative? He has too much seniority to be an aide de camp.

    He seems to be virulently anti-British like some others in Russia. But not all apparently, as I have heard there are (or were before February 2022) so many oligarchs and their families who have multimillion $ homes in what is now described as Londongrad.

  7. babelthuap says:

    The US has their own brand of corruption that is equal to or, even greater than Russia at this point. Sham mail in ballots, DA’s and judges that do whatever they want and any child of anyone in Congress knowing NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO THEM. Say something and the media, Google, FB will rip you to pieces.

    We are in a long range strike phase now. The ground war is over. Russia won. Only thing left to decide is which NATO country is officially jumping in after Ukraine is finished. Poland? Romania? Biden’s folks better find a way out. Long range strikes means anyone can get hit; not just Ukraine. Many countries want to hit the US. Time to simmer this thing down.

  8. wiz says:

    Lol, this guy is supposed to be 55 year old, but looks 75.
    Too much vodka ?

    Vodka and lies, the greatest foes of the Russian army. 🙂

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