“Ukrainian forces gaining a foothold in southern Kherson region”

Gotcha covered grandma

“Ukraine’s forces are gaining a foothold within liberated areas of the southern Kherson region, according to a spokeswoman for the southern military command.

Southern command spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk told reporters Monday that Ukraine’s forces in the south are “conducting battles and gaining a foothold within the areas which have already been liberated and those that are still keeping the defense.”

“Also, we continue working with local residents along the contact line, along the front line, in those settlements that are under enemy fire. About 45 settlements have been shelled over the past day,” Humeniuk told reporters, according to comments reported by news agency Ukrinform, with efforts underway to evacuate civilians.

Humeniuk also said that Russian troops are inspecting households in occupied areas of the region for men aged between 18 and 35 in order to call them up and replenish their military units.”

Comment: Russian forces west of the Dnipro are pretty much screwed if they can’t find a way to re-open their GLOC. pl

Live updates: Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine (cnbc.com)

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2 Responses to “Ukrainian forces gaining a foothold in southern Kherson region”

  1. Bill Roche says:

    I ask three organizational questions. Correspondents of Turcopolier have been informed that the Russian army d/n use NCO’s well. There has also been comment regarding the valuation of rank and file as cattle, sheep, find a word you like. Some questions have also been raised about the effectiveness of Russian command and control (I guess at the division level?). Putin has caused at least 300,000 men to be conscripted and Russia already has over 100,000 men fighting in Ukraine. By 1968 the U.S. had 500,000 military in Nam. The numbers are similar. The build up in America was immense in the later part of the ’60’s. There is so much to be done; admin/paperwork, transport to recvng stations, medical exams, uniforms, weapons issue, training (did I mention training), organization into units, assignment of officers, assignment of senior officers, and introduction into theaters of battle. Can Russia do this in 6 months? Is this a moment for the Russians to rethink their approach to unit building, NCO use, and command and control? Or may we expect the Russian military to be more of the same? That was only question #1. Two is will the 300M men be swapped w/existing units in Russia’s east and Asiatic “Russians” put in battle in Ukraine? Question three is does Russia have industry to convert to war production? During WW II the U.S. helped supply Russia and since then they have never had to support prolonged combat. Can they build enough bombs in time? Thanks.

  2. cobo says:

    Those are important questions and there is no better venue than here to ask them. If it turns out that the Russian is truly weakened then I hope that we put a stake through it.
    “Thousands of mobilized Russians sent home, deemed unfit for duty”

    I have long advocated universal conscription here in the US. I have several reasons for advocating this:
    1. See above, our youth are largely unfit for any kind of military duty.
    2. War is coming.
    3. Our nation is purposely being divided by outside and hostile internal forces, see 5th column. I see all in working together as the best way to resolve this mess.

    But, but, but… our youth aren’t motivated, so many are hardly educated, they have all had their brains in the wash cycle for too long, they are fat, out-of-shape, not everyone is fit to be a soldier……….

    Yup, the above is real, and only the military has the capacity, the administrative ability and the need to overcome all these obstacles, and there are plenty of jobs that need to be filled that don’t require a warrior’s spirit.

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