“We’re taking names…” Ambassador Nikki Haley


"Washington is exerting pressure on Turkey to make it abandon the plans to purchase Russia S-400 Triumf state-of-the-art air defense systems. So far, Ankara stood tall refusing to bow. US Congress is already considering the proposals on halting US arms sales to that country."  Korzun

"Unlike Turkey, India is not a NATO ally but its desire to acquire the Triumf triggers a negative reaction in the US. American lawmakers not only express concern over the planned deal but also issue warnings that sensitive American military technology may be banned from being shared with India in future. According to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry, “There is a lot of concern in the US administration and Congress with the S-400.” India’s decision will be made final before the October Russia-India summit. During the informal talks in Sochi in May 2018, President Putin and Prime Minister Modi discussed the ways to get around the US potential sanctions when the deal goes through. Both countries have pledged to jointly create a plan to keep it out of CAATSA. New Delhi has just concluded price talks on the S-400 deal with Moscow, saying it will go ahead, no matter what the US says or does.

Those who follow the news on arms trade know well that India is interested in purchasing 22 American Predator Guardian drones for its Navy. It’s also willing to acquire the weapon the US has not sold anyone so far: 80-100 Avenger (Predator C) armed drones for the Air Force. The price may be as high as $8 billion. The F-16 production on Indian soil is also in doubt. All these projects are questioned as the US sticks to its guns implementing the “do it or else” policy. But it will hardly work with India, a nation known for its independent foreign policy. It has never bowed to any pressure from outside since its independence.

Iraq, Egypt, the UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Indonesia and Vietnam are among the countries threatened by sanctions if they go on with the plans to purchase Russian weapons. Many of them are particularly interested in the S-400."  Korzun 



America leads the way!  Or else.  Well, folks the international situation would be at least this bad with the wandering basket case Hillary Clinton in charge.

It appears that Israel is wasting American money by maintaining its own ambassador at the UN since they already have Nikki Haley.  They should make her status official and save money.  Yesterday she vetoed Kuwait's draft resolution on Gaza and was joined by no other country on that.  Then she offered a US resolution condemning Hamas for the Palestinian deaths on the Gaza border and was joined by none.  Not even the usual European toadies would sign up to support that.  Haley must be planning to run for president on the new Ziotrumpian Party ticket.

The control wielded by the Zionists over Trump appears to be complete at this point.   I doubt if Trump really understands anything about the Middle East.  His "thinking" appears to be a melange and reflection of the Grima Wormtongue murmurings of his family members, the flickering images on the Fox channels, (Hannity the Wise, Jack Keane and Stewart Varney) and his own lack of a reflective mind. 

The Saudis get s big response from him as well.  But, after all, they have disposable cash.  They don't have as much as they did, but they still have a lot.  That counts in the narrow world of The Art of the Deal."

In the arms trade, the objective seems to be to dragoon all these countries into accepting their roles as satrapies of the Peacock Throne,  Will that work?  We will see.

The name of US Pacific Command has been changed to US Indo-Pacific Command.  I don't quite see the significance of that unless it is accompanied by AOR boundary changes in the Unified Command Plan (UCP).  pl 

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