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The Predators and the Ragheads

"The US government has known about the flaw since the US campaign in Bosnia in the 1990s, current and former officials said. But the Pentagon assumed local adversaries wouldn't know how to exploit it, the officials said."  CSM ————————————————————————– "That … Continue reading

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Faith and Flag

I was busy doing something in the wargame business for the government the last couple of days.  It was depressing as usual and unmentionable. A Catholic prelate friend who once taught "The Novel" has been reading my books.  His point … Continue reading

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Open Thread

I am busy today and tomorrow and you will have to entertain each other.  pl

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“The Long War, Counterinsurgency Operations, and the Future of the Armed Forces” Adam Silverman

"In his 27 November 2009 post, COL (ret) Lang concludes by arguing that if President Obama is going to accede to the wishes of his generals for more troops now and most likely in the future, then the draft should … Continue reading

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Notes for my Book Talk on “The Butcher’s Cleaver” and “Death Piled Hard.” – W. Patrick Lang

 Jeff Shields, Stonewall Jackson's 2nd Corps headquarters officers mess steward.  He is wearing his UCV convention uniform in this picture.  He was a slave during the war.  His colleague, Jim Lewis, (mentioned in "The Butcher's Cleaver") was not.  I have a … Continue reading

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GAO study of Afghanistan security

 Same thing with this.  pl  Download Gao-10-178r

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McCaffrey Afghanistan report

  You all chew this over and I will comment on it when I get back from Lexington.  pl Download McCaffrey Afghanistan Report Dec 5, 2009

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Afghan Polity Venn Diagrams – Adam Silverman

Dr. Silverman has sent me these Venn diagrams that encapsulate his mental ordering of different sets of people and groups in Afgjhanistan.  I find them fascinating and I offer them to you here as a point of departure for a … Continue reading

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Book Talk – 11 December 2009

I will be at Preston Library at VMI in Lexington, Virginia on Friday the 11th.  I am going to talk about my two novels, the process of writing them, levels of focus within the books, etc.  If you are in the … Continue reading

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“Going South” by Ximena Ortiz

"Writing about the Argentine media during the Falklands War, Rodolfo Braceli recalled, “The majority of the media and many notable journalists, more than being submissive and saving their skin, had a good time. They were not victims. Nor were they … Continue reading

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