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The present Ukraine is a new country

"Galicia and Lodomeria was not officially assigned to Hungary, and after the Ausgleich of 1867, it found itself in Cisleithania, or the Austrian-administered part of Austria-Hungary. The full official name of the new Austrian province was Kingdom of Galicia and … Continue reading

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Two conflicting dynamics are playing out in Ukraine that are worth reviewing from the standpoint of the war danger discussed in an earlier posting.  On the one hand, the actual demonstrators in the Maidan have intensified their use of armed … Continue reading

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A no-fly zone is an act of war

Failure of the US policy of regime change in Syria is leding once again to the contemplation of "options."  One of those that is much discussed is that of a no-fly zone covering all of Syria.  Let's be clear as … Continue reading

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“Syria brokering local cease-fires as U.S.-backed talks falter” Washpost

"The local agreements are at the center of President Bashar al-Assad’s “national reconciliation” efforts and come as his government is accused of derailing talks between the two sides in the Swiss city of Geneva. Although the fine print differs, for … Continue reading

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“USA-Canada men’s hockey rivalry growing to new heights” CBS Sports  pl

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Brigadier FB Ali’s Birthday

Today is our friend's 85th birthday.  God bless him!  pl

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BHO will grovel in Riyadh

"Burns also suggested that Obama would stress to the Saudis on his second visit to the kingdom as president — and the first in five years — that the United States understands their concerns about a “range of dangerous Iranian … Continue reading

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Obamaite R2Pers and the Bushmen – by Confused Ponderer

I think what underlies American enthusiasm for regime change is a profound and pronounced unwillinness to engage with the world as it is. At the core of this inability is the still popular notion of American exceptionalism.   America's great power suggests … Continue reading

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We need to abandon “regime change” in Syria

On "Chuck" Todd's morning newsie today he interviewed  Zbig and Andrea Mitchell about US policy in Syria.  Todd and Mitchell are widely seen as virtual mouthpieces of AIPAC and Bibi's government.  They seemed to want to use this segment as … Continue reading

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The USG should fund Team USA

"Unlike most other nations, the United States does not have a sports ministry. The USOC was reorganized by the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, originally enacted in 1978. It is a federally chartered nonprofit corporation and does not … Continue reading

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