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“The Valhalla Murders”

This is an unusual and very well done 8-part series filmed in Iceland with Icelandic actors in American English, very American English. It was also separately produced in Icelandic with the same people. Available on Netflix. pl The Valhalla Murders … Continue reading

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This and That – 2 August 2022

Thorium reactors- I listened to a member of Congress expound on this subject the other day. I think it was Senator Tuberville. According to him thorium is the answer to the question of cheap, safe nuclear power until fusion power … Continue reading

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CNN producer John Griffin is charged with sex crimes over a year later in an almost bare bones indictment

By Robert Willmann Last Friday, 10 December 2021, a man named John Griffin was arrested for sex crimes. News reports described him as a producer for the CNN television network, and that the court case originated in the State of … Continue reading

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The Hour Comment: Have watched the two seasons. Highly recommended. pl

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News Updates From Inside The Forbidden City

The heeling is heading our way. Over the last few days I took a little time off from the 'net. Caught a re-run of Rumpole of the Bailey. "The Golden Thread" that runs through English common law. Good stuff, not … Continue reading

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Happy New Year with a Dinner for One

By Robert Willmann A short comedy sketch is a staple on New Year's Eve in Germany, featuring Miss Sophie and James the butler.  The introduction is in German and the skit is in English.  Happy New Year to All, and … Continue reading

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Profiles in Cowardice …… by Fred

In honor of Fake news pronouncing a Fake President I felt we should reflect upon those so under appreciated in the Republic. So, taking after the Kennedy's, just like Joe does, I offer this small offering for the public to … Continue reading

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Banned by Biden! A Digital Iron Curtain Descends Upon America. By Fred

Just what has been banned? Masks? Oh no, he's gonna make them mandatory nationwide, like women wearing a burkha in Saudi Arabia. You have undoubtablely heard about the Weineresque hard drive discovery involving Hunter Biden and his emails. You probably … Continue reading

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The Ides of March: the DNC changes the debate rules to keep Tulsi Gabbard out

By Robert Willmann After Tulsi Gabbard qualified for the next Democratic primary debate on Sunday by getting at least one delegate in the Super Tuesday voting last week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) un-democratically moved the goal posts and changed … Continue reading

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“Ornament of the World” PBS

This is an excellent narrative of the 'Ummayad Caliphate of Cordoba which ruled for so long what are now Spain, Portugal and the Balearic Islands as al-andalus.  i recommend it to all.  pl

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