“Deterrent Balance 6”

The wrath of Ansar Allah

Comment: The US continues to insist that Ansar Allah (the Houthis) are just a front for Iran. To take this position is incredibly foolish and willfully uninformed. Yes, the Houthis and the rocket and aerospace forces which are allied with them are aligned with Iran. Why would they not be? The US has treated the Houthi tribals as enemies since they first emerged as a major challenge to Saudi Arabia and the Gulfies. We did that in spite of the open hostility and warfare between Ansar Allah and Al-Qa’ida in the Arabia Peninsula.

Ansar Allah hates Israel. Is the Israeli fear of all things Islamic not at the root of US policy toward the Houthis? The Houthi banner proclaims their detestation of both Israel and the US. We evidently do not comprehend the possibility of diminishing Houthi hostility to the US through negotiation with them over their “beef” with us. These are not jihadi crazies like the ones that we have fiddled with in our irrational struggle in Syria a struggle aimed at destroying the multi-confessional Syrian government. Is that policy goal not also a product of the Ziocon influence that pervades the Borg (US foreign policy establishment)?

Pilgrim Turcopoles, the Pompeyan sneer at the Yemenis as incapable of organizing and employing the drone and missile systems used in these attacks is mere snobbery aimed at little brown people who wear skirts and chew qat. Do the Iranians help them? Of course they do. This is war and parties at war seek allies to balance out the game.

When I was Defense Attaché at the US embassy in Sanaa in the early 80s the YAR army was busy acquiring Soviet SCUDs and seeking to master the art of ballistic missile. They made steady progress while I watched. That progress has continued through the decades and the idea that the aerospace forces that the Houthis are allied with cannot use aerial weapons is simply racism. pl

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  1. Laura Wilson says:

    Thanks again for your analysis. Your experience is so helpful…I read the news and then I read you for ME background.

  2. Hal Rounds says:

    The competence of Yemeni engineers should not be “misunderestimated”.

  3. Escarlata says:

    Gracias, Pat!

    “Is that policy goal not also a product of the Ziocon influence that pervades the Borg (US foreign policy establishment)?”

    Parece que sí….

    The “Periphery” doctrine of the Mossad, consisting of using independence and minorities against the enemy countries of Israel


    As a side note, Dr. Assad and wife Asmaa have tested positive for Covid-19, currently with mild symptoms…I hope they can make it, especially she, recently affected by breast cancer…


    • Escarlata says:

      A clarification, I am noticing that from some now that, when you want to link a certain Twitt, as it was possible not so long ago, you get instead the link to the whole thread it is included into, thus, scroll down the first link to find the infographics related to Mossad´s “Periphery” doctrine and the same with the second link to find Syrian Government´s communiquee..

      Sorry, for the inconveniences this could cause…

      Good night!

      • Bakshish says:

        Ziocon and Mossad, two favorite magic words here. Congratulations you finally win some points.
        Thank you for linking to a so called anarchist site for some trusted information.

        Unfortunately you won’t see this comment.

        • Pat Lang says:


          Which are you Mossad or Ziocon?

        • Escarlata says:

          “Thank you for linking to a so called anarchist site for some trusted information.”

          Their infographics links to three links where the “Periphery” estrategy by Mossad is explained by some former officials, nothing neither them nor I have invented. this is a fact.The info is available in the net fro whomever could try to find it…

          With respect the number of times Mossad appears here, for the last year abd al half I have passed here ( more or less ) it is one of the few times this name has appeared here, of which I am aware ( passing over here almost daily, dude…)

          Related to winning points, well, the fact that I have passed almost the whole the last year banned is a proof that such a thing is none of my worries.

          What´s wrong with you, dude, te ha sentado mal la vacuna, o qué?

          You doth protest too much!

          Deberías comprarte un bosque…y perderte…

          P.S: Tengo hablado con Pat de hacer un viaje a Tierra Santa…Vamos a ir…pronto…nos vemos….Por favor, no me estropee el ordenador.

        • Escarlata says:

          Anyway, by protesting so much you have probably brought attention to my post which otherwise would have passed quite unnoticed by many, as most people here do not take me seriously.

          And, ya que hablamos, I found most interesting that the “new periphery” doctrine extends the strategic area to including Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Greece and Bulgary, and also includes an alliance with Turkey…which, as I am aware, is unofficial…
          I find it interesting with respect the recent extra-NATO offensive moves by Turkey in the Caucasus and the Mediterranean…
          I would not be surprised if they are finding it also “interesting” in Moscow…Beware…
          I read over there in the net that a lot of jihadist terrorist who arrived from Syria/Iraq for the Nagorno-Karabakh show down are settling in the Caucasus in the homes formerly occupied by now removed Armenian people…


  4. JohninMK says:

    Interesting news

    Brazilian Supreme Court just invalidated the criminal convictions of ex-President Lula da Silva, restoring his political rights and rendering him eligible to run against Bolsonaro in 2022. He was leading all polls when convicted in 2018. Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwald

  5. james says:

    thanks pat…. telling it like it is – hard to get this kind of insight on the msm which is another one of the reasons i come to read your commentary.. thanks.

  6. mcohen says:

    A bit off topic

    A huge fireball across the sky soon.Please post pics if you see it.Like a meteor or something wonderful.
    As to the houti one has to consider the blowfish.A sea dweller with many spines and a little tail for swimming about.

    “Won’t be home for Christmas” is a great song also


  7. wtofd says:

    Pat (or others)

    What’s the end game for Ansar Allah? Would they be satisfied with some sort of truce and partial retention of power or are they hellbent on full territorial control? Iow, how much negotiating room is there?

    Also, what’s the path forward for their ballistics capability? Whatever Iran can provide? Other nations such as DPRK have any potential as suppliers? Pulling this from thin air, but wondering how strong Iran’s tie is to AA and further wondering if Biden engages Iran politically, would Iran put support for AA up for discussion.

  8. Escarlata says:

    Interview with representative of STC to the EU, Ahmed Bin Fareed.


    This guy is advocating for the secession of the south and affirming KSA has the right to be in Yemen to protect him and his people…
    Thus, this is the KSA side.
    He seems to be in talks with the Hadi side, but is it not the Hadi side also backed by KSA?
    Ahmed Bin Fareed recognize the Houthis have 85% control of the North, currently in offensive in Maarib, in his opinion to rise stakes at a possible negotiating table..

    In the interview he is complaining for the 1994 ofensive on the South directed by former president Al Saleh who, he says, counted with the intervention of jihadis coming from Afghanistan..Is that true, Pat? ( that of the jihadis from Afghanistan…)

    Also he is mentioning the Muslim Brotherhood thoriugh Al Islah Party is dominating Hadi´s decissions ( i. e. Turkey )

    Wondering whether Pat or someone could clarify whom are with whom in this conflict, especially Russia and USA…

    This seems one more of the battles in the current global hybrid conflict…by the multiple actors at play…and that without counting the Elephant in the Room of always…( whom they will be backing…)

    IMO this guy is everything but a patriot, otherwise eould not be selling the sovereignty of at least part of his country to the Saudis…another amancebado more…In fact he has all the face of a Guaido as usual…( esa cara de títere bobo… que nunca ha dado un palo al agua en su vida…)

    • Pat Lang says:


      The US misguidedly stands by the Saudi and Gulfies in the belief that they are fast friends.

      • Escarlata says:

        Anyway, Pat, does “Bin Fareed” seems to you a Yemeni surname at all?

        This is for sure a Saudi disguised as Yemeni, a satrap…

        Tiene cara de vago…todos los amancebados van a parar a Bruselas…

        • Pat Lang says:


          Bin Fariid is a generalized Arab name meaning the son of Fariid. It is not particularly Yemeni. In a moment of impatience I deleted a comment from Bakhsheesh to the effect that I, too, am gullible. This guy lives in a posh suburb of San Diego, California. I would be curious to listen to HOW I am gullible.

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