Let the Russians or the Chinese fight over Saudi money, not us!


Mister President, in the patois of your native New York City, pull your head out of your ass concerning the Middle East.  The Saudis AND their government are nearly all religious fanatics of the Wahhabi, Sunni variety.  The Al- Saud family run an absolute tyranny justified by their defense  of the fanatic, medievalist brand of Islam that they live by as well as by the support of tribal groups who keep the Al-Saud secure as they always have.

Wake up!  All the world is NOT a market place.  Some things that cannot have dollar signs attached to them are more important than money.  The men who fought in The Bulge, on Okinawa or in the Ia Drang Valley knew that.  Why do you not know that?

Iran is not Nazi Germany any more than Saddam Hussein's Iraq was Nazi Germany.  You have been sold a bill of goods by the lying ignorant imperialist neocons and the Zionists who care nothing except for Israel.  Your son in law, a White House counselor and US government employee, supports the theme music played by today's Israel.  He sold MBS to you?  Well, he betrayed you and the US in seeking to drag us down the road of absolute support of a country that openly stands for religious identity as a basis for first class citizenship and who are currently mad about Saudi Arabia.  Is that really what you stand for?  Or is it simply a matter of the money given to you to run your political efforts by the Zionists, money that you yourself do not have to cough up?

Even Lindsey Graham, a hard core neocon, understands that to excuse MBS' authorization of the murder of a US legal resident, with three US citizen children is not only to give the Saudis a free run at killing Americans who displease them, but also to give a free run to any government who are displeased by the utterances of dissidents.  After all, there might be business to be had in those countries.

Drop the Saudis.  Drop the relationship.  Save yourself before this destroys you.  Forget Mueller.  This is a real threat.  pl

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