Moon Over Parador …..A true story beyond the fabeled creations of Hollywood…… by Fred

Moon over Parador

A super-moon for a super speech by the new leader of a great country that doesn't have a tin-pot dictator and an out of control secret police running the place. Here in this storied land when electing our new leaders we citizens know we're Stronger Together. And our true leaders look stunning in white. 

Stronger Together

Yes, stronger together. Like when we have record employment for our most downtrodden citizens. That joyous news will make every politician stand and cheer.


Well, you must understand that sometimes our politicians have worked so hard to help their fellow citizens that the best they can do is Stand Sit to honor their fellow citizens because they know whose lives really matter.  

Now some foreign readers might have heard that there is some kind of a scandal involving the most recent election of our great leader. Rest assured that here in this fabeled land of milk and honey and truth and justice there's only one way to discover the truth. A fair and impartial investigation. Like we have here:

“FBI investigators in the Anthony Weiner sexting probe knew for weeks about the existence of newly discovered emails potentially related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email…”


He knew for WEEKS and did nothing? A good chief of secret police well regarded head of the FBI would never countenance failing to provide material evidence to the elected representatives of our Republic. All I can say is WOW. That sounds like the conduct of the head of the secret police in a third-rate dictatorship. As you undoubtably remember, durng the time those events now being investigated were occuring we had a great and decisive leader who had given us so much hope and change. I wonder what he knew and when he knew it? 

Here is a photo of him with one of his party's biggest fundraisers, one who was immediately purged by our heroic #metoo movement the very day rumours of misconduct came to the fore. 


It's good to know they don't drag their feet in tinsel town. And when presented with a story of political corruption and skulduggery they would know how to tell a tale of daring do; about how in that fabled nation they had a free and fair election to replace a beloved leader whose time to depart had come.  Here in the land of Truth and Justice we have a differnt tale, a tale the bards will sing of for years to come – a tale of ….  A fight for love and glory, A case of do or die. The world will always welcome lovers …. like Strzok and Page. Oh what a song, what a tangled tale they weave, those lovers with a case of daring do the coverup or watch thier careers die:

"It's clear that they did not want her charged, they wanted her to be the president of the United States, they really, really didn't want Donald Trump to be the president of the United States, and they concede throughout these texts that they did things in this investigation differently from any other investigation that they were part of," Gowdy said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."


Now that sounds like a congressman who won't be getting re-elected.

So who is the guy whose election so upset the losing politicians and the agents of the FBI?


He sure looks like the kind of guy who knows how to say “you’re fired”. Notice the flag of the country on his lapel. So different from the kente cloth wearing congressmen of the political opposition who are so supportive of the old head of the secret police of the FBI whose agents stonewalled the elected leaders of the Republic about findings in their investigations. Only in a third-rate dictatorship would there be outrage over firing the head of the secret police investigative agency that failed to keep the elected officials informed of their findings in such high profile cases. It is so refreshing to see the leadership of the #resistance political opposition show such professional conduct in honoring the principles of open government and the rule of law:

Minority Leader Pelosi calls on Speaker Ryan to remove Rep. Nunes as chair of the House Intel Committee

Hmmm. OK now; Let's just see what the ranking oposition member on the House Intel Committee says – after months of investigation:  

Congressman Schiff: "I've got the real memo!"

Sigh. I'm sure it gets better.

It is so troubling when even our best special prosecutor can’t make up his own mind after reviewing the legally obtained evidence and now says: Don’t jail the General … yet. It's almost like we're watching a movie about a third world country with a tin-pot dictator and a secret police running the place.  

Moon over Parador1

Well at least we are still Stronger Together – and we have someone in the executive mansion who looks stunning in a white pants suit.

 Stronger Together2

I can't wait for the next installment in this thrilling tale. You may not want to see the movie, but I'm sure you will all….

Read the memo. 

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23 Responses to Moon Over Parador …..A true story beyond the fabeled creations of Hollywood…… by Fred

  1. turcopolier says:

    I like the film, but then I have had a few caipirinhas. pl

  2. Fred says:

    I think it would go well with a pisco sour too.

  3. mikee says:

    In the absence of cachaça, vodka can be used, making a caipiroska.

  4. Cortes says:

    As an outsider it’s not easy to assess the position of Americans commentating on events but the impression I’ve been used to having regarding Judge Napolitano’s articles has been stressed by the linked article:
    Perhaps the tumbrils (the carts carrying prisoners) are likely to be rolling soon for the “guardians” of the public interest?

  5. Peter VE says:

    That memo is causing a lot of stress in a lot of households.
    Fred, we have been in between friends who could agree on everything except where Pisco should be from. One from Peru, one from Chile… Evidently, it was finally settled in the past couple years in the World Intellectual Property Organization in favor of Peru. Be careful how you refer to Pisco in future. Finally revenge for the land lost in the War of the Pacific!
    Too bad we can’t settle all our differences by overpaying a set of lawyers.

  6. Barbara Ann says:

    It seems Fred has secretly altered the link before releasing it (SOP these days) but I am happy to provide the original:
    Thanks Fred for bringing a smile to my face this moonlit Friday morning.

  7. Fred says:

    Barbara Ann,
    James, should be fixed now, if now Barbara Ann’s goes to the same news article.

  8. SmoothieX12 says:

    Well at least we are still Stronger Together – and we have someone in the executive mansion who looks stunning in a white pants suit.
    It is absolutely not true, in fact, down right false–she looks stunning not only in a white pants suit but in anything she wears. She would make a burlap potato sack look good (I Love Lucy episode with fashion comes to mind). Bourbon and cigar await. Could be really interesting today.

  9. SmoothieX12 says:

    Perhaps the tumbrils (the carts carrying prisoners) are likely to be rolling soon for the “guardians” of the public interest?
    Desirable, but I have my doubts, albeit my “expertise” in this issue is near zero. As much as I deplore GOP (most of it anyway), the Democratic Party and what it stands for is down right clear and present danger not only to the US, since dems practically instigated slow moving Coup D’Etat and a set of suicidal cultural policies, but to the world as a whole. Dem Party became the receptacle for the most odious neocons, liberal interventionists, R2Pers–in general, people who start wars. Old left has been practically erased from the US politics (I don’t by Bernie–he is as phony as they come) and without it what we get is radical feminism, LGBTQRESTMN whatever else, and a complete collapse of even pretense of acceptable race relations. In general, starting from Clinton, with 8 year insert of W, and ending with Obama–in all 16 years in Office, Democrats contributed disproportionately to the demise of this country. In fact, we are still in a research phase for the assessment of the real damage. I can tell only one thing–it is vast.

  10. If the Deep State wants to protect the military-industrial complex’s profits by increased defense spending and greater military presence in every theatre, why don’t they love Trump? He’s the Deep State on steroids.
    Why would conservative Republicans prefer Hillary? She would never sign the biggest tax cuts to the 1% in history, and she would never agree to cut healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. Trump worships the free market.
    Something doesn’t add up in the basic motivations of the conservative Republicans in FBI, CIA and intel agencies who are supposed to be the Deep State.

  11. Fred says:

    “Why would conservative Republicans prefer Hillary?” Republicans wouldn’t prefer Hilary? No s*$t.
    “the basic motivations of the conservative Republicans in FBI, CIA and intel agencies who are supposed to be the Deep State.”
    Here’s a thing called “evidence”:
    Andy McCabe, Deputy Director Federa Bureau of Investigation. Spouse – Jill McCabe. Candidate for a Virginia State Senate seat. Political affiliation………not republican. Top donors:
    $467,000 from Common Good VA from the comments
    “Common Good VA ….. Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe set up this committee in March 2014 to raise political donations during his four year term”
    $207,788 from Democratic Party – Now there’s a conservative Republican organization if there ever was one.
    $168,675 from Planned Parenthood. Ditto.
    Why don’t you go troll elsewhere.

  12. raven says:

    So the draft dodger is a “street fighter” and the US Marine Corps combat infantry officers is a “the buttoned-down Brahmin” and CNN is a Hillary mouthpiece. Right.

  13. Sid Finster says:

    You are confusing Candidate Trump with President Trump.
    Candidate Trump went well out of his way to annoy and oppose the Deep State and its imperial adventures.
    President Trump appears to take the position that if he gives the Deep State all the money and wars that they want, they will allow him to remain in office, albeit not in power.

  14. Comey’s a Republican, Rosenstein’s a Republican, Mueller’s a Republican, Wray’s a Republican. By most guesses, 70% of the FBI & the CIA & the FISA judges are all Republican. You are telling us that McCabe (and Strzok, who seems to hate everybody, not just Trump) were successful in snookering all of them?

  15. Valissa says:

    Dry snark with a twist… very tasty… thanks Fred 🙂

  16. Fred says:

    Who are you addressing? “US Marine Corps combat infantry officers ….” which ones are these?

  17. Fred says:

    No. I’m telling you the men and women you mentioned showed no fidelity to their duty to the Republic.

  18. LeaNder says:

    Lee A. Arnold #11, strictly I consider both ‘the deep state’ and ‘the Borg’ as metaphors.
    Why would conservative Republicans prefer Hillary?
    Irony alert, and strictly babbling mode: They dislike his roughing up/stirring up polite communicative patterns people are accustomed to.
    Both the arts and marketing use that tool.

  19. turcopolier says:

    Lee A Arnold
    No, they are Republicans of the “never Trump” crowd and willing to go along with it. pl

  20. Doesn’t matter who’s Republican and who’s Democratic…As Justin Raimondo always reminds us, they’re all part of the War Party. Trump was *allegedly* against war while campaigning at least. Of course, that proved as fake as everything else about him.
    I see that some members of the media, in a panic over The Memo, are now suggesting that Nunes has been “compromised by the Russians.” LOL These people are really losing it.
    From Mercouris’ piece yesterday:
    This bizarre exchange between MSNBC panelist John Heilemann and Democrat Senator Chris Murphy has to be seen to be believed
    Heilemann: Is it possible that the Republican chairman of the House Intel Committee has been compromised by the Russians? Is it possible that we actually have a Russian agent running the House Intel Committee on the Republican side?
    Murphy: I-I-I-I hope that’s not the case. I certainly have no information to suggest that it is.
    Heilemann: Doesn’t his behavior speak of that, though? I mean, I’m not the first person who’s raised this. He’s behaving like someone who’s been compromised, and there are people in the intelligence community and others with great expertise in this area who look at him and say, ‘That guy’s been compromised.
    End Quote

  21. But what is it about the “never Trump” Republicans? All through 2016 I figured that if Trump was elected he would turn into a bog-standard Republican. (or swamp-standard) He would have Wall Street economic policy & he would continue foreign policy as usual. He doesn’t know anything, so what else could he do? Anybody should have been able to predict this. I think I even wrote it in comments here.

  22. turcopolier says:

    Lee A Arnold
    None of your expectations were realized. perhaps you are just a snob of the standard Democratic variety. pl

  23. I’m not a Democrat, but I am a snob far above the standard variety.

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