“Putin ‘kept alive by foreign doctors to wage war’ in Ukraine”

“Vladimir Putin is being kept alive to wage war in Ukraine by foreign doctors despite all the Western sanctions imposed on him and his regime, it is claimed. The medics have used the latest Western treatments to target his cancer, and stop its spread but he is likely now in his last year in power, a Russian expert told the Ukrainian media.”

Putin ‘kept alive by foreign doctors to wage war’ in Ukraine (msn.com)

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  1. LeaNder says:

    Credit were credit is due to, maybe the top source of this rumor, Valery Solovey?


    Below a Meduza article of February 2022 on a Prof and his prophesies, Valery Solovey.

    So: It’s gonna be Solovey’s second prophecy come true? Or he is only into prophecies for the money?

    One of his most famous predictions that actually came true was the appointment of the little-known Anton Vayno as Putin’s chief of staff and of Vyacheslav Volodin as State Duma chairman. That said, the majority of Solovey’s “prophecies” (such as his regular predictions about an imminent change of government in Russia) haven’t come anywhere close to reality.

    Nevertheless, thanks to a few exceptionally successful hits, television and radio stations kept asking Solovey to appear on air. Gradually, his predictions and “inside scoops” came to increasingly resemble straight up fantasies — Solovey even declared himself a member of a powerful secret organization (naturally, he didn’t disclose its name).

    With time, Solovey became more and more preoccupied with Vladimir Putin’s health, claiming that the Russian president has long been on the brink of death due to some terrible disease. In November 2020, for example, the British tabloid The Sun cited “Moscow political scientist Professor Valery Solovey” in an article claiming that Putin was preparing to step down due to supposed symptoms of Parkinson’s. The news circulated so widely in the Russian and international press that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov had to refute it.

    In addition, since 2019, Solovey has been building an audience through his own YouTube channel, where he uploads recordings of his media appearances and holds live streams. His streams feature interviews with a number of regular guests, the best known among them being the “SVR General,” whose anonymous Telegram channel Solovey often cites. Solovey addresses the purported former general as “Viktor Mikhailovich,” but his real identity remains a mystery. One widespread theory alleges that the “general” is really a Ukrainian lawyer by the name of Viktor Yermolayev, but in a comment to Meduza, Yermolayev refuted these claims. On February 16, the state-controlled news network RT reported that Valery Solovey was detained for questioning due content published on the SVR General Telegram channel that promoted “hatred towards government and law enforcement officials.”

    The “SVR General,” along with top specialist in occultism” Andrey Kosmach (another regular guest on Solovey’s YouTube channel), have long been key sources of the political analyst’s most outlandish stories. Such as, for example, Solovey’s claim that Putin had shamans perform a ritual killing of a black dog so that he could drink the animal’s sacrificial blood (in fact, Solovey has expressed concern over Putin’s purported involvement in shamanism and blood rites more than once.)

  2. Fred says:

    “A Russian expert told Ukraine media.”

    Is that the former PR guy for that university in Moscow that invited him to resign in 2019? Do the Ukrainians also believe that like with the death of Czarina Elizabeth the new ruler of Russia will save them like Peter III saved Frederick the Great from destruction in the seven years war?

    • Bill Roche says:

      Wife and I are staying in tonight. The world’ll turn “one mo time” on its own.
      Usually, at midnight, our friends would sing an old Evangelical Hymn to mark the evening
      Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
      that saved a wretch like me
      I once was lost but now am found
      was blind but now, I see.

      The last verse puts humanity in perspective.

      When we’ve been here ten thousand years
      Bright shining as the sun
      We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
      Then when we first begun

      Let’s not get hung up on ourselves. God, well, what ever god is, goes on forever.
      We are but a small part in its scheme. Peace, health, and happiness to you all. Peace to Ukraine. Peace to the world.

  3. notfakebot says:

    He’s been cancelling (or postponing?) a few events this month. In his most recent public remarks, he stated a desire to negotiate an end to what he now refers to a war. Time might not be on his side.

  4. Marc says:

    The turn that this blog has taken, is surprising. From denouncing the lies of the neocons, to endorsing them.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Do you confuse support for Ukraine as support for Neocons?

      • Marc says:

        Yes, Ukraine has always been a neocon project. Victoria Nuland was handling it at the time of the Maidan coup in 2014, that started all this, with subsequent persecutions of the Russian-speaking people in Donbass, civil war, Minsk agreements that according to Angela Merkel were just a way to give time to Ukraine to re-arm and get read to crush Donbass, which triggered the Russian operation.

        • Bill Roche says:

          Marc this war d/n start in 2014. It d/n start in Feb 24 2022. It started in ’91 when Ukraine issued her Declaration of Independence (one could also say it started in the Spring of 1917 when Ukraine originally declared herself independent of Russia). The issue is independence, not 2014, Maiden Square, Minsk Accords, or Zelinsky’s election. Ukraine will no longer be a Russian bitch. I chose my wording carefully b/c that is what Russians expect … but it aint happening anymore. BTW, neither will Finland, the Balts, Poles, or Slovaks. Try to understand, these rejections of Russian dominance go back 100 years.

        • Bill Roche says:

          Sometimes help is necessary to win/maintain independence. America needed France in 1778 and she was there. France needed help in ’14 and ’39. America was there. Today Ukraine needs help. B/f all is said and done I expect France too will remember. History, as you know, can repeat.

          • Fred says:


            When was Ukraine ever “there for us”? Other than that prosecutor thing that helped get Trump impeached?

        • blue peacock says:


          When were the Likudniks, the Saudi & Gulf Sheikhs or the Iranian mullahs & even Al Qaeda ever there for us?

          We spent trillions of dollars and many lives of our soldiers in our military adventures in the Middle East. Mostly led by the Republicans but ably supported by the Democrats. Saddam posed no threat to the US. In fact he was a bulwark to the jihadi mindset with his secular outlook. Same with Assad who was fighting the jihadis. To Putin’s credit he did save Syria from becoming jihadi central.

          At least by comparison the Ukrainians are doing the shedding of blood in the defense of their territory.

          The amount of money we are spending on all of this and other boondoggles is all borrowed from our children. Even Trump who you supported, loaded the next generation with over a trillion dollars in debt in each year of his presidency. And was pharma’s bitch, as he peddled a vax that didn’t prevent infection or transmission.

          • Fred says:


            Glad you got that off you keyboard. By comparison the Ukrainians are, let me check, still not our responsibility. But the graft will be great for a few little while longer.

          • blue peacock says:

            And neither were Israel, Saudi Arabia & Iran our responsibility.

            Yet the Republicans assisted by the Democrats spent trillions on regime change military operations in Iraq & Syria that directly aided & benefited the Iranian mullahs, Trump’s best buddy Bibi and the jihadis in Syria.

            You cool with the billions we have sent to Israel each year for decades?

  5. LeaNder says:

    The neocons (the Borg, the blob) as focus of attention vaporized with the Trump presidency. Which is not surprising if you consider the core problem with the neocons were their Cultural Marxist roots (fnord ;)).

    You can check for yourself the Trump database. “Neocon” only surfaced twice in his twitter illuminations. One alluding to RT turning Colin Powell into a neocon, now deleted, and a tweet by Lou Dobbs linking to the Gateway Pundit forwarded by Trump.


    And don’t forget that Michael Flynn published with “Mr. Faster Please”: let’s move on to Syria first and then take out Iran, Michael Ledeen:
    Michael Flynn, Michael Ledeen: The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies. St. Martin’s Griffin, New York 2017

    It’s all about shifting attentions yours, mine, our host’s, his readers, and support base.

    Now that the inner US culture war is slowly being expanded into a global culture war, the neocons/neoconservatives seem not to matter that much anymore, in fact. One or the other here or on SST seemed to discover his own inner neocon. Jerusalem, American Embassy, Suleimani … Iran?

    • Fred says:


      ” as focus of attention”

      They were the focus of few people. They have new true believers thanks to Russia’s actions.

      • LeaNder says:

        They? Are who? The neocons?

        We’ve come a long way since Kagan’s juxtaposition of the American Mars to the European Venus? Haven’t we? He played a very, very ugly role in the run up to the Iraq war, Wikipedia recalls. Just as Ledeen, he is essentially a Machiavellian Manichaean hybrid, a conservative/liberal defender of the ‘liberal world order’?

        Lola on Paul Robinson’s blog suggested a recent Kagan article as worth reading. Don’t you agree with some of the themes? Like: America a force for good? His analysis of Putin’s reasons are not that bad? At least they feel a lot more familiar now then then. How comes? What ya think?


        A Free World, If You Can Keep It
        Ukraine and American Interests
        By Robert Kagan
        January/February 2023

        arbitrary snippet:
        Only when wars have gone badly, as in Vietnam and Iraq, or ended unsatisfactorily, as in World War I, have Americans decided, retrospectively, that those wars were not necessary, that American security was not directly at risk. They forget the way the world looked to them when they first supported those wars—72 percent of Americans polled in March 2003 agreed with the decision to go to war in Iraq. They forget the fears and sense of insecurity they felt at the time and decide that they were led astray by some nefarious conspiracy.

        • Fred says:


          You don’t understand what you wrote in English in your opening line?
          “The neocons (the Borg, the blob) as focus of attention …..”

          But, arbitrary snippet from your latest link:

          “Suddenly, Ukraine’s fate was important enough to justify ….”
          Kagan and you both know there was no suddenly about it. Go complain about Merkel’s duplicity, she actually had political power, unlike Kagan.

          • LeaNder says:

            But, arbitrary snippet from your latest link:

            “Suddenly, Ukraine’s fate was important enough to justify ….”

            Oh come on. That is standard rhetoric. Curiously enough I never considered Merkel as powerful. … As powerful as your favorite elected president, that is. 😉

            Ok, I apologize for choosing a snippet that could make people feel Americans collectively enjoy wars and regime change in this context?

          • Fred says:


            Merkel’s the one who opened Germany’s borders and led on your domestic energy policy, not the US. My favorite ‘elected president’ warned future generations to avoid foreign entanglements. He was right, too.

      • Bill Roche says:

        Fred you’re right. Ukraine was never there for America. Than too, America was never there for France. I cant quite remember when South Korea, Great Britain, or Belgium was there for us either. Has Germany ever been there for us, we sure have been there for them. Then there’s the Canadians. I keep buying their syrup but they’re not there for us. The bunch that disappoint me most are the Irish. They are never there for any body but themselves. Don’t get me started about Nigeria and Israel. Ingrates I tell ya!

        • Fred says:


          We paid a high price being there for France. I wrote about that once:

          At no time during my two tours of active duty was I, or any other American, obligated to defend Ukraine. I am quite happy to see them defend their country. I am less happy to see my move us to the verge of nuclear war over the neocon obsession with destroying the Russian Federation; the repeated provocations of multiple administrations having finally succeeding in goading the Russians into overt war there.

          I am also less than happy to see the principled leadership of our latest obligation banning all political opposition and seizing all assets of the opposition political parties. That’s hardly the conduct of a principled “democracy” as the great leader Joe Biden, Victor of Afghanistan, used the term at the end of his “Red Speech”. I will admit though, that billion dollars in exchange for firing a prosecutor sure got results.

          • Bill Roche says:

            Fred Russia has not been “goaded” by American administrations into war w/Ukraine. The Russians are big boys and quite able to handle their foreign affairs. Ukraine goaded Russia by issuing its “Declaration of Independence” in the summer of ’91 (their summer of ’76). I knew this war would come the day after Ukraine said they’re free. I knew it. My only question was when; in 5 years, 10, or 20. But I knew it would come. I’m willing to bet most Slavs and Balts knew Feb. 24, 2022 would come.

        • LeaNder says:

          Has Germany ever been there for us, we sure have been there for them.

          BR, wasn’t it more about threat reduction (France, UK?), de-nazification, then being there for us initially?

          Besides for the US we were a convienent location and/or lookout against the UdSSR and the Warsaw Pact and apparently beyond. The central enemy, remember? The enemy is helpfully reduced by now, but will be beaten once and for all soon. 😉

          We had to still be protected against Russia up to 2013, when the last two heavy brigades were moved out of Germany?

          But yes, you are clearly more the prototypical proud American Robert Kagan portrays. Fred isn’t quite.

          Don’t get me started about Nigeria and Israel. Ingrates I tell ya!

          You will be pleased the huge American real estate project is moving along finely in Jerusalem. The I assume rather huge American Embassy will be built on confiscated Palestinian ground, housing for the diplomats in a POSH quarter. America is finally giving up its prevarications. Confiscation? Property rights? Israel is helpful in its special location too.

          The helpful places for the US in Europe are more East, already under Trump too. That is an issue on which you seem to agree.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Initially is a long time ago. By the time I got to Germany as a child in ’47 the emphasis was all on German recovery.

          • Fred says:


            You mean defend West Germany from the country that raised Angela Merkel, i.e. East Germany. Another Strawman about the middle east. Not very relevant though nor even useful as a distraction.

          • Bill Roche says:

            Americans did pay in time and money to defend Europe from communism post WW II. You’re right, our presence was all about twarting its threat. America could, as nations have done time again, finished her dying in Europe and let the devil take the hindmost. Western Europeans s/b happy she d/n. Communism is a form of government America d/n want in the states but perhaps Europe is still beguiled by it. I spent my time in Frankfurt. Whenever I could I traveled as much as a GI can. My impression (dated over 50 years) is that Europeans were resentful of American success and leadership. Nothing but money, will, and effort, prevented them from being the “guide on”. As far as the removal of the last two brigades in 2013 was concerned I don’t think Western Europe needed them. They s/h been removed at the end of ’92. NATO’s mission was satisfied. It s/h been ended. It was high time for Europe to spend for their own defense. IMHO western Europeans d/n want to and still are not convinced. You are right again about eastern Europeans. They remember the joy of laboring beneath the direction of Mother Russia better than their western counterparts. American time, money, and effort is better appreciated there. As far as Kagan goes, Col. Lang explained to me years ago, on SST, what a Neocon was. They’re not my cup of tea. I don’t see the world as simply as you. Pity, good and evil always require balance.

          • LeaNder says:

            It’s not that I don’t know, Sir. I simply don’t like the same tunes over and over again.

            I-owe-America? What exactly? Blind obidience, fealty? Love, devotion and surrender? Those tunes are used to some end. Not my ends.

            Not destracting, Fred. Bill Roche brought it up at the very end, however ironically.

  6. KjHeart says:

    Thank for posting this

    Miles Guo keeps saying ‘what type’ of cancer Putin has and the type keeps changing a little… Although I like Mr Miles, I have trouble verifying some of his statements…

    He (Miles Guo) also said that Khamenei is near death but there was a ‘plausible’ and very short news clip of him (Ali Khamenei) sitting almost unmoving, with other people giving speeches in his presence… I could believe he, at least, is not in robust health as it appeared the chair was holding him upright.

    If there really IS something going on with Putin’s health, he seems remarkably fit for someone with all these illnesses..

    Death predictions can always make a person look like a ‘prophet’

    I see it with Khamenei more than with Putin ATM.

    Time will tell.


  7. Marc says:

    Khameni, Putin, Xi Jiping. Then Joe Biden 😅

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