State Department F-77 reports and U.S. citizens in Afghanistan

Joe Biden makes Kamala Harris and Antony Blinken stand near him on 20 August 2021 while talking about leaving Afghanistan. Big masks hid the facial expressions of Harris and Blinken.

By Robert Willmann

Sitting over at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), formerly known as the General Accounting Office, is a report from October 2007 entitled: “State Department Evacuation and Preparations for Overseas Posts Can Be Improved”. The 62-page document, containing only 11 acronyms (!), is an informative discussion worth reading, because it looks at the very subject of evacuating U.S. citizens that as to Afghanistan has been grossly mishandled by the Biden administration. The Secretary of State, Tony Blink-and-Nod, has stumbled and weaseled his way through an absolute fiasco in the evacuation of U.S. citizens from Afghanistan, which followed the upside down disengagement by the U.S. military from that country.

The Secretary of State has the duty by law to handle overseas evacuations, as required by Title 22, U.S. Code, section 4802(b), which states, in part [1]—

“The Secretary of State shall develop and implement policies and programs to provide for the safe and efficient evacuation of United States Government personnel, dependents, and private United States citizens when their lives are endangered. Such policies shall include measures to identify high risk areas where evacuation may be necessary and, where appropriate, providing staff to United States Government missions abroad to assist in those evacuations….”

Now we come to the F-77 reports. The 2007 GAO study said: “Third, State requires posts to produce estimates of the number of private American citizens in country; however, more than three-quarters of posts said their last estimate was, at best, only somewhat accurate. State officials told us these estimates, called F-77 reports, were best guesses and not based on a particular methodology” (page 3, pdf p. 7).

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  1. Teddy says:

    Wow, more than 15,000 American still trapped in Afghanistan. What a disaster.

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