Syria and Turkey Notes – 19 June 2018



The US Senate has passed into law a restriction against selling US made equipment to Turkey so long as Turkey persists in its purchase of the Russian S400 SAM system.  The Turkish response as voiced by their Prime Minister and Foreign Minister is basically to tell us to go to hell (paraphrasing).  The Turkish PM has also stated that after their success in jawboning the US over Manbij they intend to move on toward the east to Kobane, Hasakah, Qamishli and parts east in Iraq.   These pronouncements on their part have the flavor of statements from the Ottoman Sultan's throne.   Does anyone seriously doubt that Turkey's intention is to give Syria and Iraq a "haircut" by effectively and probably by annexation eventually moving the border south some distance.  This kind of thing is common in the Islamic World where state boundaries are generally thought of as tentative.  A NATO ally?  What a joke.  I suppose that we cling to NATO as a tool in our crusade against Russia.  The Turks know that and are using the knowledge.

Heather Nauert and Pompeo el-Magnifico have now warned Syria and Russia against an offensive in the SW of SYRIA.  They cite the de-escalation agreement that thr Russians negotiated as though it was a cease-fire protecting the jihadis and FSA rebels who the Israelis treasure so much as a buffer to the east of the forts on the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights (Hauran).  The threats posed by Nauert and Pompeus Maximus are clear.  They are saying that if the SAA attacks to recover its territory the US will attack them in defense of Israel.

At the same time CNN has been told that the air attacks on Syrian and Iraqi forces SE of Al-Bukamal were conducted by Israel itself and not the "Coalition."  Pilgrims, these targets are in the far SE corner of Syria where the main road crosses into Iraq and then reaches Iran by various roads in Iraq.  the Israelis are clearly terrified of the logistic and trade implications of that road.  pl



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