Nancy Blows It! The Unmasking ….. by Fred


Another day, another story, another reality revealed. 

Pelosi Privelage

If it is safe for an 80 yo member of congress to get a haircut, it is safe to vote in person. 

If it is safe for an 80 yo member of congress to get a haircut, it is safe for our children to got to school.

If it is safe for an 80 yo member of congress to get a haircut, it is safe for us to go to church. 

If it is safe for an 80 yo member of congress to get a haircut, it is safe to open small businesses. Just don't mention hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) + zinc + azithromycin, that gets you purged by Gulag.

In Dallas, opening a hair salon was a week in jail for the owner.

Bitch set me up, says speaker Marion Barry Pelosi.

But the danger! Yes, the danger. Because schools and churches are where the voting precincts are. That's how the left will suppress the vote, by keeping them closed, and forcing junk mailing style elections. As to Nancy's dilema, let's hear from an expert, who is rumoured to say:
"Be carefull where you get a blow and dry" 


Sure looks like an expert to me. Remember, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. Nor did Ghislaine Maxwell, yet.  Now,  a quick update because it's just too good to pass up:


and back to the world's best press:

David Brooks calls for a color revolution as the elections are failing his ideological breathren.  What do you do if Trump doesn't leave. I say you are telegraphing what your pals on the left plan to do when they lose the election.

In other news, The left has new Martyrs


I wonder how many died of Covid after that. Anybody got any idea? Cases, cases; I wonder if Goebbels knew propaganda came in cases?

More cities join the struggle session after Kenosha. 25 cities, guess which party runs them.

Here's an update from BLM/Antifa's "Operation Suck it up, Buttercup" in Rochester, NY.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, former VP of the United States and Democratic Candidate for President, draws a crowd smaller than the one which burned a 100 year old book store.


I wish somebody would help Joe shed some light on what's happening oh there he goes again. That's bad when even CNN calls out your BS Biden Slip.

Meanwhile: Antifa's Own; Mostly Peaceful, He "Punched back twice as hard.", hero (or is he the "kicked him when he was down." hero?) volunteering to spread the narrative. You can duckduckgo for historical reference to those quotations.

According to the lord of evil with the evil legion of evil, or whatever label he's being given/going by, this was an "assassination" of a Trump supporter in Porland. I'll leave it to you to judge the credibility of the report and the credibility of the source seperately and make up your own mind. The assasin is to the right in the photo and can't see the victim, yet, but is getting ready to.:

Stalking by Biden's best

photo source and background, unverified

Apparently the Martyr was willing to talk to Vice, just not the detective sqaud. Looks like he shot at the wrong people. If you are wondering why the Portland Police couldn't find him when he was giving interviews to the press, you might start thinking about who your votes put into office and what they'll do with that power. As for me, I'm waiting for Obama to enlighten us with his wisdom. 

To others out there it is not only heros, but folk heros, that are being born. A musical example embedded here:

embedded video of the Kenosha Kid

Memes here:

Kenosha mile

I wonder what other things will come to light. Let's see what's new.

Twitter locks out lawyer. I wonder how much that will cost them. 

And in the nation's capital – Play it again, Sam.

Play it again Sam

Oh, look, no masks! And you thought that got covered up by the investigation done by the Mueller team? Let's go over this one more time:

The document declassified by DNI Grenell shows that there were 14 unique days when the NSA received requests to "unmask"–the first was on 30 November 2016 by UN Ambassador Samantha Power and the last came on 12 January from Joe Biden. There were two separate requests on the 14th of December by Samantha Power, which indicates two separate NSA reports. Samantha Power would not have to submit two requests for the same document.

There's more here to clear up the confusion.

Why do I bring that up? Just to distract you from the Russian Collusion, Stormy Daniels, Whores in Moscow hotels, Emoluments Clause, Ukraine, Biden Meda-donor owned magazine article with 4 anonymous sources attacking one of Trump's strongest connections to American voters? Nope; just to report some actual news. 

"The US and General Flynn have agreed no further briefing is needed. Amicus will file his reply by Sept.11 & we are all available for any hearing requested as early as possible Sept. 23. Full filing at:"

No wonder they pumped out the Fake News.  This is best summarized as:


More to follow, including an update on that Biden's Mega-donor bombshell report with all the NPCnews details you can trust by intrepid reporters NPC666 and NPCmorebs.

post by Fred

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11 Responses to Nancy Blows It! The Unmasking ….. by Fred

  1. walrus says:

    Brilliant tour de force!

  2. sbin says:

    Kenosha mile
    Liked that one!
    Mostly peaceful felons were only jogging.

  3. BillWade says:

    Fred, thanks for putting that together. I’m thinking Trump just might take NY this election, that would be as delicious as Nancy’s ice cream.

  4. BillWade says:

    Col Lang has been right about their being a Command Post, it’s called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP).

  5. Jack says:

    More like this harassment and disruption of diners in Rochester by BLM and who knows how New Yorkers vote?
    There’s no way Biden and the Democrats can disassociate from BLM now.

  6. kapimo says:

    USA is the Swamp. A lot of us here in Europe pray for you, and not only because were are the Sewer.

  7. blue peacock says:

    The CCP’s attempt to steal a few hundred meters of territory in the Ladakh region has boomeranged on them.
    India is a huge consumer of cheap Chinese products. Now more than a hundred Chinese apps from TikTok to WeChat and Alipay are banned in India. Many other products are being curtailed. China’s annual exports to India is around $80 billion. Not a small amount.
    With significant attention in the US on CCP IP theft, espionage, and mercantilism and with tariffs on Chinese goods, the possibility is that a Trump win will only ratchet up the pressure. Many US companies are beginning to hedge their Chinese supply chains. Apple for example is putting together a huge manufacturing capability in India reducing their Chinese footprint.
    The Wuhan virus have given many people pause on how much integration do they really want wth the CCP-run China. It is unlikely the CCP will continue to get a pass as they have over the past 30 years.
    Xi has to become even more repressive to insure his own survival against others in the CCP who are looking for weakness. IMO, China is heading into a period of great instability with an over-sized banking system reminiscent of Japan’s in the late 80s. In such situations paramount leaders many times miscalculate.
    This talk by Australian John Garnaut is very interesting if you want to get another perspective on Xi’s China.

  8. Fred says:

    I believe that comment belongs under a different posting. However, Xi is serving as a great example for Nancy and company’s campaign of repression.

  9. walrus says:

    Blue Peacock, I am humbled by your post and John Garnauts lecture. I will try and seek him out.

  10. blue peacock says:

    Apologies Fred. Pilot error. It was meant for J’s thread on the Vikasi.

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