Ukraine to get French combat vehicles

This undated photo provided Thursday Jan.5, 2023 by the French Army shows AMX-10 RC tanks. France said Wednesday Jan.4, 2023 it will send French-made AMX-10 RC light tanks to Ukraine, the first tanks from a Western European country, following an afternoon phone call between French President Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. (Jeremy Bessat/Armee de Terre via A

“The French Defense Ministry said Thursday it will soon hold talks with its Ukrainian counterpart to arrange for the delivery of armored combat vehicles in what France’s presidency says will be the first time this type of Western-made wheeled tank destroyer will be given to the Ukrainian military.

Discussions will include the delivery timetable and the training of Ukrainian soldiers on the equipment, the ministry said.

Designated as “light tanks” in French, the AMX-10 RC carries a 105-milimeter cannon and two machine guns. It’s primarily designed for reconnaissance missions and has enough armor to protect against light infantry weapons, according to the French defense ministry. They have wheels rather than tracks, allowing it to be more mobile than heavy tanks.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelenskyy took to Twitter to thank France the weapons and for “intensifying work with partners in the same direction.”

Ukraine has for months sought to be supplied with heavier tanks, including the U.S. Abrams and the German Leopard 2 tanks.

The Czech Republic and Poland have provided Soviet-era T-72 tanks to Ukrainian forces.

France’s decision was announced after an hour-long call between French President Emmanuel Macron and Zelenskyy Wednesday afternoon. The Elysee declined to provide details about the agreement.”

Comment: IMO this old beast will be very useful to the Ukies as a mobile gun in hull-down dug in positions. The varieties of ammunition available will provide utility against tanks, fixed positions and moving bodies of infantry. Very clever on the part of France to move these off their inventory to make room for other, newer equipment. pl

Ukraine to get French combat vehicles in key move by West | AP News

AMX-10 RC – Wikipedia

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8 Responses to Ukraine to get French combat vehicles

  1. Marc says:

    What a shame.

  2. Leith says:

    It is a step forward to the westernization of the Ukraine military. But in the midst of a hot war it is another headache for Ukrainian maintenance and resupply. The Ukro Army would be better off with T-72s IMHO. Give the AMXs to Bulgria or Slovakia or the Czech Republic or even Morocco in exchange for T-72s to Ukraine.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    Macgregor is in La La Land. Early in this video he claims:
    1- Ukraine has suffered 450,000 casualties
    2- Their killed number 150,000

    Ok. Where do I get his drugs?

    Will he ever on some lucky day notice that Napolitano opens every session of his show with a full screen in the exact two colors of the Ukrainian flag? Will Ritter notice? Is it in violation of some law to point this out?

    Napolitano – Macgregor – Ukraine update

    New DIY bomb kits? I was expecting this for the last few weeks.
    Russia Gives “Wings” To Its Aerial Bomb As Anti-Aircraft Weapons Prompt Change In Tactics | Ukraine

    Patrick Cockburn article of interest.

    • TTG says:


      I think MacGregor feels personally wronged by the US Army and the USG. He thinks he deserved so much more and is now blinded by his hatred for this perceived slight. He clings to Putin and the dreams of a renewed Russian Empire just to lash out at his perceived enemies in the Army and USG. He’s sad and should be pitied.

      Those Russian bomb kits sound similar to the JDAMs we are now supplying to Ukraine. They turn 500 and 2000 pound dumb bombs into stand off smart bombs. Modification kits and guidance systems have already been developed for using the JDAMs on current Ukrainian aircraft.

      Cockburn’s article is more of a “No shit, Sherlock” realization. The war has changed much already and certainly will change more. Ther is no going back to a pre-war world.

  4. Sam says:

    Germany will provide Marder infantry fighting vehicles to #Ukraine️. We’ll also join the U.S. in supplying an additional Patriot air defense battery.

    @POTUS and @Bundeskanzler are determined to provide Ukraine with the support that’s necessary, for as long as needed.

    US considering sending Bradley armored vehicles. I’m curious if these are the first steps to next send tanks?

  5. Sam says:

    The announcements in the past day of infantry fighting vehicles being sent to #Ukraine represent an increase in capability for Ukraine’s soldiers, and a change in mindset in the Western leaders. What does this mean for 2023?

    It will be interesting to see over the next months if more equipment like tanks that significantly upgrade Ukrainian army combat effectiveness will be shipped.

  6. Fred says:

    “Very clever on the part of France to move these off their inventory to make room for other, newer equipment. ”

    How much of our recently allocated money will the Ukrainians be giving the French for these?

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