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“Brave Rifles at Tel Afar” – Part 2

"Coat of Arms of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment" "Ultimately, 1,400 police officers were recruited, about 60 percent of whom were Sunni Arabs, many of them from elsewhere in Iraq. In addition, the city has about 2,000 Iraqi troops, and a … Continue reading

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One for All, and All for Themselves

"A comparison of force structures in 2001 and 2005 showed countries such as Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Germany cut their active-duty forces, according to statistics compiled by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies. At the same … Continue reading

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“Look Before You Shoot”

I am a Life member of the National Rifle Association.  My grandfather gave me my first firearm when I was thirteen.  Then he sold me (cheap) a deer rifle a year or so later.  That might have been me in … Continue reading

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“Take that hammer…”

"and knock yourself on the head…"  Saddam Hussein to the chief judge, 14 February, 2006.  I am sure that it is even funnier in Arabic. Someone said a while back that it was not a good idea to try this … Continue reading

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“A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine” etc. ———————————————————————————————— "..And Thou Beside Me In the Wilderness."  Omar Khayyam was always an odd Persian but I think he would have serious problems living with many of his present countrymen.  He was a scientist and mathematician as well … Continue reading

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Farell on Civic Virtue

Download comment_aff.doc Having spent my undergraduate years soaking in the documents of which Alan speaks here I can only say that they gave context to life.  Pat Lang

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The NIO Speaks

Paul Pillar was the National Intelligence Officer for the Middle East during the period when the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq was written, staffed across the Intelligence Community and approved as the ground truth of the US government.  That was … Continue reading

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Review of “Maid in Manhattan”

Download maid_in_manhattan.doc Review by Alan Farrell

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“Muhammad Worshiping at the Kaaba

For those who think that portrayal of the Prophet might be limited to the Shia, this Ottoman miniature of the 16th Century AD/CE is undoubtedly Sunni. Pat Lang

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The Prophet en Route to Heaven

Folks, amid all the news of the destruction of unsuspecting (and surprised) Scandinavians’ consulates and threats of mayhem to be unleashed upon the kuffar (the non-Muslim rest of us) I offer the opinion that the notion that Muhammad’s likeness can … Continue reading

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