FUKUS & Turkey are now al-qa’ida’s allies. (editorial)


FUKUS equals France, the UK and the US.  It appears that the policy of this tri-partite re-birth of the Entente Cordiale has changed with regard to Syria since the middle of August.  Before that change FUKUS seemed to have acknowledged and conceded the inevitability of an R+6 offensive that would re-capture all of Idlib Province in NW Syria.  That seems changed.

The province is now occupied and dominated by the jihadi fighters of hayat tahrir al-sham (HTS).  This is the cover name of al-qa'ida in Syria.  You may probably remember them as the folks who attacked the US on 9/11.  If you do,That would be a correct memory.  These jihadis are quite different from the ISIS (daesh) fighters of the Islamic State.  The US, Syria, Iraq, France and the UK have successfully fought ISIS all over Syria and Iraq when FUKUS was not busy Accidental-Bombing (neologism) the Syrian Army.

FUKUS and the Lord of the White House  (LOTWH) have traditionally made a clear distinction between ISIS and the other jihadi groups like HTS.  Over the years of the Syrian Civil War FUKUS has insisted, and still does, that HTS is somehow a "freedom fighter" group along with the rag-tag Free Syrian Army unicorns.  That was certainly the view of the late Saint John of Arizona.  In the aftermath of his passing and the subsequent media hysteria, the LOTWH seems to have accepted the wisdom of St. John in perceiving the "true" nature of HTS.

In  other words the US seems now to be fully "on board" as the protector of HTS's redoubt in Idlib Province.  The French, still deep in the embrace of Macronisme and the Brits with their desire to continue to be "players" are also "on board"

In pursuit of these newly adopted neocon policy ambitions for al-qa'ida in Syria, Ambassadors Jeffrey and Haley have threatened Syria, Iran and Russia with hellfire and damnation if they dare to try to Make Syria Whole Again  (MSWA – need a vowel in there somehow) by launching the offensive so fully prepared at this date.

Meanwhile the Sultan Tayyip and his crew at the summit of Turkworld are doing their best to outplay everyone in an effort to effectively annex as much of NW Syria as possible.  To that end Tayyip has warned the Syrians against trying to re-capture these lands of the Fertile Crescent, hoping perhaps to see Turkish taught there as the mandatory medium of communication in the manner of German in Alsace-Lorraine from 1871-1918.  Turkey is reinforcing its "Observation Posts" all around the perimeter of Idlib Province whilst the White Helmets Film Troupe (WHFT) have a number of possible new Oscar winner "documentaries" in production at their FUKUS sponsored jisr al-shughur facility.

My Fearless Forecast – In the end, the Russians and Syrians will say to hell with this and launch the offensive. pl

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