“Biden’s Israel, Saudi Arabia Trips Postponed Until July”

Biden lost in thought

“President Joe Biden’s trips to Saudi Arabia and Israel that had been planned for later this month have been postponed until at least July, but dates have not yet been confirmed, according to administration officials.

“We are working on a trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia for a GCC+3 Summit,” a senior administration official told NBC News this weekend. “We are working to confirm dates. When we have something to announce, we will.”

Sources said the White House is planning a more broad trip to the Middle East. The visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel were to be added to Biden’s trips to Germany and Spain this month.

The administration didn’t make it immediately clear why the trips were delayed, but Dan Arbell, a scholar-in-residence at the Center for Israel Studies at American University told The Jerusalem Post that the administration is claiming “technical-logistical reasons,” but said more may be in play.

“One cannot help feeling that the White House wants to see if the Bennett-Lapid government survives for a few more months or if new elections are called,” he said. “The Israeli political picture will be clearer in July, and it’ll give the administration more time to prepare the visit and decide on its messaging.”

Further, as the visit to Israel is tied to other stops, “it gives the White House more time to try and arrange a regional leaders summit or moves which would broaden and deepen the Abraham Accords,” he said.”

Comment: Is Joe Biden the worst president in America history? This remains an open question. He was never an intelligent man. He prevaricated endlessly as a senator, associating with avowed racist segregationist senators, professing his friendship for them on the basis of Delaware’s once upon a time status as a slave state. That was safe then. There were enough Delaware people who thought themselves Southern to make it safe.

Nowadays, Joe stands, or stumbles through the days revealed as a servant of the far-Left and the post-grad Deep Staters running US foreign policy.

The far-Left Greenies have set his slippers on the path of war against “fossil fuels” (of which the US possesses a virtually limitless supply) even as inflation climbs into daily headline material for the GOP.

In reaction Joe’s post-grad handlers are sending him to beg for increased oil/gas production from countries that hold him and the US in loathing and contempt.

And the fool accepts their guidance and will do that eventually if he does not fire them first in a fit of rage over the disrespectful way they treat him. pl

Biden’s Israel, Saudi Arabia Trips Postponed Until July | Newsmax.com

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25 Responses to “Biden’s Israel, Saudi Arabia Trips Postponed Until July”

  1. Barbara Ann says:

    Anything so long as US oil producers don’t increase production. Odd how imported oil is somehow greener, it must be in The Science.

    Perhaps the delay is so the IDF can take a break from shooting journalists in the head and revert to the even less newsworthy business of shooting out the knees of unarmed Palestinians. Nah.

    Is Joe Biden the worst president in America history by design? Now there is a question.

    • TTG says:

      Barbara Ann,

      US oil companies are sitting on existing oil leases without drilling. Biden wants them to drill and increase production and has threatened to pull back some of those leases if they don’t drill. The oil companies are raking in the money by not increasing production.

      • Fred says:

        LOL. Democratic talking point heard loud and clear. How on earth did evil Russia Colluder and Billionaire Donald Trump ever manage to get those greedy capitalists to pump so much oil we were exporting it again? Can’t Jennifer Granholm get the same results?

        • TTG says:


          “How on earth did evil Russia Colluder and Billionaire Donald Trump ever manage to get those greedy capitalists to pump so much oil we were exporting it again?”

          Perhaps it was because Trump and the Republican Party were in full support of the oligarchs of big business. His policies created a stable regulatory framework for the “greed is good” crowd. With Biden at least listening to the Progressives of the Democratic Party, that friendly and stable regulatory framework is not guaranteed. I can definitely see how that would influence the oil companies decision to invest in more drilling. There’s more money to be made in milking the crisis at the moment.

          • Fred says:


            The Russians trolling here will probably be able to tell you that Pravda was certainly meant as an example to be followed.
            “…full support of the oligarchs of big business. ”
            Jeff Bezos, WAPO owner;
            Mark Zuckerberg, $400 million of Democrat Party focosed GOTV;
            Laureen Powell Jobs, ownder of the Atlantic;
            The good “oligarchs” of big business (and media) that supported Donald Trump; Should I go on listing them?

            “… Biden at least listening to the Progressives of the Democratic Party, that friendly and stable regulatory framework is not guaranteed.”

            The unstable and very unfriendly regulatory framework the “Progressives” of the Democratic Party have created are all part of the plan to destroy their only true political opposition: the Americans middle class. Inflation and regulations are imposing the “Green New Deal” that is going to transform America into the Utopia Obama always dreamed of. From your cheerleading of this economic and cultural disaster you sound like you are firmly in the Democratic Sovietism camp.

          • TTG says:


            You failed to mention any oligarchs from the oil, gas, coal, agribusiness, chemical, insurance, banking, manufacturing and so many more economic sectors. They pour money into both parties, but primarily into Republican pockets. Unions are one of the few sectors that favors Democrats. None of those oligarchs, including Bezos and Zuckerberg, support unions. The unions were what built the middle class.

          • Fred says:


            You did not name any oligarchs at all, feel free to name a few. The unions didn’t start or run a single family business or any of the millions of other small businesses that have been the backbone of America’s middle class for generations.

          • TTG says:


            I don’t know any oligarchs names. I might recognize a few if I heard their names. Most I wouldn’t. The unions improved the wages and conditions for workers in all but the smallest, usually family, businesses.

          • Fred says:


            Can’t name a single billionaire when you just claimed they were Trump supporters? You’re starting to sound like Biden now. The 40 hour work week and paid overtime has been law since before D-day, which our President again succeeded in erasing from public memory.

          • TTG says:


            “The 40 hour work week and paid overtime has been law since before D-day”

            Thanks to unions.

            Big oil, gas and coal, big pharma, big banks have supported Trump and Republicans before him. Who are the faces behind these big industries? I don’t know.

          • Deap says:

            Fred, the largest growth in unions in the US today are the government employee unions – we only wish we could get them to work a 40 hour week for what we pay them. But then again, maybe not – since this would mean more bureaucratic malaise this country is now suffering from.

            Time to readjust your romantic version of “unions” in the US- the private sector unions pretty much destroyed their underlying industries; Government employees unions sole goal is to sit on both sides of the bargaining table, carving up our tax dollars for themselves. And for more Democrat votes, while they also run all the election offices.

            Plenty of oil under the ground in California, but progressive environmentalist refuse to allow any new drilling and not even new transport from wells already in place. Is this what you call “sitting on oil” for corporate greed? Readjust that perception as well.

            A little California oil production bloomlet a few years ago before the environmentalists dropped the moratorium hammer, also could not be exploited because of the lack of petroleum engineers – not a field anyone in California sees much future in pursuing in this state’s political climate.

          • Fred says:


            The fair Labor standards act was enacted by Congress in 1938, unions had little to do with it. Repeating the party’s talking points doesn’t make them true. If you took the trouble to see what the left has done to families in the last few decades you would understand why union membership is so low and where closed shop laws are overturned members leave in droves, just like they did in Wisconsin when Scott Walker was governor.


            The teachers unions have turned schools into grooming centers and driven many an educator out of the profession, or at least out of government run schools.

          • TTG says:


            The unions fought for decades to secure workers’ rights and benefits and pave the way for the FLSA. Their labor organizing and political pressure were key to overcoming the resistance of Republicans and southern Democrats to the bill. The unions were at their peak in the 1950s when the American economy and middle class were also at their peak. Unions weren’t the only factor in those good times, but they were a major factor.

      • TV says:

        No business does well over time by refusing to produce product.
        Investors minimize risk and hate uncertainity.
        Exploration, starting production (IF they find oil) is really costly.
        Oil companies see too much risk in the attacks by the government with policy being made by ignorant juveniles.

  2. TV says:

    A corrupt career hack, progressively demented , manipulated by 20-something America-haters.
    BUT, no mean tweets.

  3. cobo says:

    This concerns me:
    “While Biden is draining the SPR at the rate of 1 million barrels per day, which is the emptiest it has been in 20 years…”


    I didn’t like when Obama used it, and I don’t like it being used, now. This reserve is for when we “need” oil, not for artificially and temporarily bringing down prices.

    • Deap says:

      Typically there is a rule when using “reserves”: there must always be a formal commitment to replace whatever is taken from any “reserve” account. Otherwise it operates as just one more Democrat OPM slush fund.

      What is Biden’s plan to replace the SPR he is now taking for election year partisan gain?

  4. Stephanie says:

    A new piece in Politico describes Biden as “seething” and notes that he is “far more prone to salty language behind the scenes than popularly known.” I’ll bet that’s some serious seething.


    • Whitewall says:

      I bet “Sell Out Joe” and salty language are a match for another Dem President-
      Lendum Billions Johnson.

  5. mcohen says:

    You see the problem is that things have not worked out well for Biden in the ukraine.also its quite possible that instead of Bennett meeting Biden at Ben zona Airport it will be Netanyahu.quite possible.never underestimate the Russians or the Eastern europeans for that matter.a harsh lesson the Jewish people learnt many centuries aro

    • Deap says:

      What is the record number of albatrosses any one human being can hang around their own neck? Finally, Biden is in the running for a world record.

      Exploiting “Ukraine” to become a photo-op wartime president for 2022 midterm elections, is serving Biden as badly as every other effort in his long and undistinguished political career. One more self-inflicted Biden albatross.

  6. notfakebot says:

    On the topic of unions, they can be seen as cartels on labor, Big Labor if you will. They counter-balance other cartels on capital, Big Business namely.

    Unions did play a role in the development of the middle class, but I think Fred is more correct to suggest small, family-run businesses played a bigger role, i.e., good old entrepreneurship.

    TV makes a good point too. Democrats have pushed all kinds of regulations and roadblocks in the name of climate change effectively meant to kill the oil and coal industries by 2030 in favor of a renewable energies market.

    I myself am not entirely opposed to these policies (mining for coal isn’t a great job), but I think too many liberal politicians were racing to 2030 when really we needed a balanced, pragmatic approach. I just wish both parties weren’t at each others throats and came to their senses for common purpose, but with the way things are going I’ll be amazed if the union remains intact by 2030.

  7. different clue says:

    Only tangentially related . . . a few days ago when I read the name Tulsi Gabbard a thought flashed into my brain . . . Pence/Gabbard in 2024? Its not a prediction, just a thought that came to mind.

    She has an official organizational website. https://www.tulsigabbard.com/
    I have not studied it yet. I believe there is a $70/year fee to join. I suspect that is as much or more of a way to test the sincerity and level of interest as a way to raise money for any ongoing organizational and informational effort which may be designed and launched. It might also be a bozo filter to keep some of the trolls and tourists out.

    After the complete and total betrayal she experienced from the DemParty leadership I don’t think she will ever run for anything as a Democrat ever again. I suspect she is slowly and carefully studying whether to “be” a Republican or whether to start crafting a separate free-standing organization to cultivate the possibility of a separate free-standing party.

    I suspect ( not predict) that if she runs for something it will be small and potentially winnable and a beachhead to secure and prepare to break out of when conditions and movement-strength seem right.

    If she were to ever run for something under the Republican label, it would be on her terms and only after the Republican Party had very credibly and perhaps publicly asked her to do so. She may spend the next few years working to make herself into the kind of presence that the Republicans would feel they need to invite. If that stage were reached, then they would negotiate about what she might run for and with whom and etc. 2024 seems awfully soon for all that to develop by.

  8. Fourth and Long says:

    In my opinion it’s not necessary to overthink these things. Of course the man is an insufferable, arrogant anxmoo0p. bastard without a residue of concern for anything other than being and remaining top dog. Why? He was a Vice President of the United States who became President. Do I have to make a list of people with those credentials? Dick Cheney (please don’t say he never became president, he was the president); Richard Nixon; Harry (I dropped two atom bombs on cities) Truman; Lyndon (hows that Viet Nam War suit you?) Johnson. How about the Johnson who took over after poor old Honest Abe Lincoln was killed, I’m no scholar but heard he was a real winner. It’s the Lucifer legend. The angelic assistant of the Great Goodguy Lord, the Viceroy of the Shah.

    As Bob Marley, who knew a thing or two, sang so unforgettably: I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy. Yes you better believe he certainly did not.

  9. Fourth and Long says:

    I’ve no idea how “anxmoop” got in there. iPhone typo. But it’s nice, I like it. Arrogant anxmoop. Fitting enough for the Pericles under consideration.

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