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The Wondrous Oak

Although many large and old trees grow in Lithuania, the most famous is the Stelmužė Oak in the village of Stelmužė in the Zarasai district. This tree is the oldest oak in Lithuania and one of the oldest in Europe … Continue reading

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Tales of the River Bank

Kherson direction: Activity of the APU on the left bank, the situation as of 18.00 on October 17, 2023. Last night, at least four groups of then AFU 35th and 36th Marine Brigade from the Katran strike group landed at … Continue reading

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Forest Brothers – TTG

No. this is not about Lithuanian anti-Soviet partisans. This is about my local forest brothers… the American Sycamore trees growing behind my house. I consider them my brothers because they grew from bare ground only after my family and I … Continue reading

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Des Trognes – Trees with many faces.

There are many films on YouTube about the process of Pollarding trees, an ancient process going all the way back to Roman times. In this process trees of various species are severely pruned back over many cycles to produce a … Continue reading

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