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Deadly H5N1 avian influenza strain detected on mainland Antarctica

Over 85 million chickens, turkeys, and other poultry birds have died in the U.S. since the avian influenza outbreak started two years ago. In the egg and poultry industry, it is standard protocol to cull every animal in a facility … Continue reading

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How One Moth Species Can Jam Bats’ Sonar Systems

In a species of tiger moth native to the Arizona desert, scientists have discovered a new weapon in the endless evolutionary arms race between predator and prey. New research shows that the moths, Bertholdia trigona, have the ability to detect … Continue reading

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Tales of the River Bank

Kherson direction: Activity of the APU on the left bank, the situation as of 18.00 on October 17, 2023. Last night, at least four groups of then AFU 35th and 36th Marine Brigade from the Katran strike group landed at … Continue reading

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“Ukraine credits local beavers for unwittingly bolstering its defenses” – TTG

Local beavers are helping Ukraine defend itself from a potential new front in Russia’s invasion, Reuters reported on Thursday. The animals are unwittingly helping Kyiv by building dams that keep the ground marshy and impassable, a military spokesman told the … Continue reading

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Recreating the Tasmanian Tiger

The University of Melbourne is establishing a world-class research lab for de-extinction and marsupial conservation science thanks to a $5 million philanthropic gift. The gift will be used to establish the Thylacine Integrated Genetic Restoration Research (TIGRR) Lab, led by … Continue reading

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Either ‘gators got him or he is halfway to Brazil (or somewhere)

“The FBI and police on Tuesday will resume the search for Brian Laundrie in a 25,000-acre Florida reserve — just one day after calling it off. Authorities will return to the Carlton Reserve where Laundrie, 23, is believed to have … Continue reading

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Hang in there Guv’ !

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., joined a chorus of public officials on Tuesday calling on fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo to resign as governor of New York after the state attorney general held a … Continue reading

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OK, if not, then what?

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Cooper’s Hawk in my back garden

Got one of these lurking and waiting for unwary feasts.  The starlings have cleared out lately.  Too bad.  pl

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