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Instead of media broadcasting the now disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen, the issues are India-Pakistan violence, nuclear weapons, and Korea

By Robert Willmann As television and media excitedly broadcast the now disbarred former Trump lawyer and loudmouth, Michael Cohen, in the ongoing attempt to create an atmosphere conducive to removing president Trump without an election, three issues that really matter … Continue reading

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Pompeo’s prospects: outlook from a 40-year Pyongyang watcher – Asia Times

  "The Kim family regime had truly mastered the arts of propaganda. On one trip, in 2007, my handler became incensed when I remarked that Kim Il-sung had gone to Moscow to plead with Josef Stalin three times before getting … Continue reading

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For the summit, legal documents about the Korean War period are hard to find – By Robert Willmann

Even though the circus has come to town in Singapore this week with performers Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un and various supporting actors, it can distract from the serious business of Korea after World War 2.  Since governments present … Continue reading

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Will the War Clouds Pass Us By, Or Will the Storm Break? by Alastair Crooke

     The compulsive hatred of President Putin in élite western circles has surpassed anything witnessed during the Cold War.  Western states have been hyping political hostility in almost every sphere: In Syria, in Ukraine, across the Middle East, in … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-un’s New Year’s Greetings – TTG

"SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s surprise call on Monday for direct talks with South Korea could drive a wedge into the decades-old alliance between Seoul and Washington, potentially creating a reprieve from months of tensions but also undercutting President … Continue reading

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HR… Is the corner office worth it? Really?

"China should take unilateral action to cut off North Korean oil imports, McMaster said, adding, "you can't shoot a missile without fuel." He said that both he and Trump felt that a 100% oil embargo would "be appropriate at this … Continue reading

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NoKo back on the AUMF list?

"President Trump on Monday announced that his administration has re-designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terror, a move aimed at increasing pressure on Pyongyang a decade after the George W. Bush administration removed the rogue nation from the … Continue reading

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“Only one thing will work …” DJT

  "President Trump continued to make vague threats toward North Korea on Saturday, saying that diplomatic negotiations and agreements over the years have not worked and that “only one thing will work,” without elaborating on what that one thing would … Continue reading

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“Simian Mutual Hostility” – A Short Note On North Korea By Walrus.

Colonel Lang aptly described the current situation vis a vis the leaders of North Korea and the United States as one of "Simian Mutual Hostility" and offered his opinion that there is little chance of avoiding war. On 23rd September … Continue reading

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BBC future newsreel on a new Korean War

"Two US experts talk to the BBC about how a conflict might unfold. You can hear more on what a potential war would mean for the region and the wider world on the BBC podcast The Inquiry here."  BBC ———– … Continue reading

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