The Cat’s Meow

Happy New Year Everyone! Now sit back and get ready to enjoy a new, new, story from the New CNN, Chat Noir News. Nine lives, many tales.

Now I know you are probably wondering just where Ray Epps is vacationing right now, aren’t you? But are you gett’n ready, ready for a new story from the New CNN, Chat Noir News?

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  1. jim ticehurst.. says:

    I Have Vetted all this Information…Its All Correct…But PETA did not Agree with allowing Squirrels to have Sword Fights…or Publish Photos of Thier Demise…or Any Other Animals Demise ..That mmmmIs Was or Will Be Human Caused..
    .and There is Nothing That Can Be Done to change Thier Minds..

    Thats Why We only See…Human on Human Mayham on TV..

    The Sleeping Dog in the Boat Photo Was My Favorite…I Am Pleased To Be The
    First Bigfoot Inspector of Wild Huckleberries in Poop..To Notice That There is a Very Clear Image on a Bigfoot On The Shore Directly Opposite the Boat..Which is 8 Foot
    and Three Inches Tall…Having Triangulated The Height of the Tree with The
    Clear Image of Bigfoot….Who Eats Raw Liver..and Does Not Need any Gas Devices or
    Polluting Devices for Its Survival…But ..It is Anti Gun..and Things Humans Have
    Bad Habits..And Terrible Body Odor..

    • Fred says:


      Never shoot Big Foot. Like Mongo that just makes him mad.

      • jim ticehurst.. says:

        Fred….I Have Many Publications on Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters..From the 1800s the Present…There are Very Few
        Reports of Those who Shot Bigfoot…and Those who Did..even at Close Range with Shot Guns..Did Not Kill Bigfoot on the Spot…He Always Ran Away..or Dove into Near By Water..(Chehalis , Wash)
        And The Famous Ape Cave Encounter With Miners on Mount Saint Helens…Many Years Ago..

        A Professor of Anthropology Sent Us a Beautiful Complete Cast of a Bigfoot Print..Bigfoot is an Erect Walking Bi Ped..
        With Clean..Well Groom Fur over its Entire Body..Which makes that and Its Behaviour Animal Like..The Exception is..
        When You See Big Foots Face..It Has Not Snout..And You Do not Think Ape..Because its Features are More Human than any
        Known Primate..Thats Why No Law Enforcent Officer Ever Shot One…And Most Hunters Cant Pull the Trigger Either,,

  2. JK/AR says:

    And from Arkansas:

    Hunter’s objecting to his kid’s Mom petitioning the court to have Hunter’s DNA proved daughter from getting the Biden name.

    Hunter’s grounds you ask?

    “The child will be unnecessarily burdened.”

    (Merrick Garland refused comment.)

    Unauthorized anonymous sources – shades of Trump era WaPo & NYT style sourcing – in order to speak on the record report, ‘The classified reports found in the Vette’s glove compartment are merely the minutes from a Burisma board meeting which Hunter did not, and we repeat did not attend, in his official capacity.’

    *Oxford comment.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    Our top of the line Intel analysts have fallen for the old Cat deception?
    The internet tells me that approximate 600 million cats populate our planet, of which 100 million wild cats are not counted.

    Our founding fathers committed a gross oversight too – no anti-weasel clause. Weasels can vote? Yes. And they can run for and hold office. Where are they excluded?
    Are weasels smarter than dogs?

    Ability to Problem Solve: ferrets rank above dogs and cats and some small primates. The weasel family is famously known for their ability to figure out how to get into just about anything.

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