The Cat’s Meow

Looks like you are as ready as you’ll ever be. So here goes.

Fired up!

As a famous military deserter once said “We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it and stop there lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove lid again and that is well but also she will never sit down on a cold one anymore.” Wise advice from someone who didn’t have the back of his brothers in arms.

Now those ‘onspiracy theorists, you know, the ones that keep asking about vax side effects, Where is Ray Epps, or what about nuclear secrets. Right now they are saying, oh, look another batch of classified documents after that raid on Mar-a-Lago? Wait, what, that’s at Biden’s House? Oh, there’s a fourth batch? Hmm.

As for me, I wonder who was listed in those visitor logs these past two years, what about during Obama’s term in office or when he was out of it, and is a cardboard box in a garage really an SCIF? But back to important news: Gas stoves cause indoor air quality problems! Really, it took the CPSC fifty years and zero studies to figure that out? And here I thought I only had to worry about the light bulb bureaucracy, and the shower nozzle bureaucracy, and the IRS.

Now over in Europe, the land we have to defend to the last billion, the folks in the Netherlands have determined that Cows emit NO2, and that might cause us some ‘global warming’, aka climate change we can believe in. Which means “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner?” isn’t on the menu. But getting rid of cows is. You Californians are probably wondering, “didn’t all that land reclaimed from dredge and fill operations create all that land (behind those seawalls) that said cows are roam’n and emitt’n on?” Yep, sure did. I wonder who is gonna get punished for the destruciton of all those wetlands?

But back to NO, or at least NO2 (not be be cofused with no squared). You know what else emits NO2? Cats. Indoor cats especially. That makes them major contributors to indoor air quality problems. Now don’t blame me, that’s Science! Unconfirmed and unsubstantiated science, based on a hypotheses. Like Unconsicous Bias, only with less racism, and a lot less money coming to said hypothesis creator’s pockets. (Note to self, get the grant first before publicizing the Science! A corporate sponsorship would help, too.)

This hearsay air quality problem can only be handled one way: Ban cats.

That’s right, ban the cats. To save the children. Wouldn’t want any cats stealing baby’s breath, or creating “indoor air quality problems”. It’s for the children. Special exemptions may apply.

Explaing the Oxford comma.

Now that is my kind of cat. Any cat that can hold his own (note the pronoun) against a pair of cat ladies, while using the Oxford comma, is a cool cat in my book. Really, he’s 2A okay with me.

Now for you dog lovers out there, just remember, this gas stove story was just a ‘squirel!’ to distract you.

From Biden’s Boxes of Docs for Bejing. Air America grounded (Thanks “Mayor Pete) and the zero oversight on the billions more for Voldemort Zelinsky. Or what happened on J6 and don’t you dare look at what’s going on in Venezuala II, aka Brazil. (Or the price of eggs for your omlet for Sunday brunch.)

Maybe not the reminder they want.

When the old fuddy duddy media finally gets around to telling you that that dog don’t hunt, just remind them.

That dog sure does. Why he went and hunted up some sunshine! (The sun, causing global warming for 5 billion years now. Trust the Science!) Got tired doin’ it too. Good boy! Man’s best friend.

Now you and I know that the important thing about sunshine, is where you direct it. Like when you release 14,000 hours of J6(!) Video. Or ask what is happening in Davos that they need 5,000 armed guards (unlike what Pelosi wanted in D.C.); or ask what is happening in Afghanistan, or Tijuana; Or ask anything about the money flow from the US Congress – Ukraine – FTX – NGOs – political donations in the US – (don’t you dare bring that up) – kind of sunshine.

And don’t you dare read any of the “Twitter files” to find out what the FBI Director (soon to be in Davos via private jet) and his organization were getting Twitter to do in 2016. Or the CDC, or any other branch of the federal government. Sunshine, a great disinfectant. Just like Trump said.

Hunting up some sunshine definitely makes you a Good doggie.

And that, my dear readers, is the Cat’s Meow.

posted by Fred

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6 Responses to The Cat’s Meow

  1. jim ticehurst.. says:

    I Have Vetted all this Information…Its All Correct…But PETA did not Agree with allowing Squirrels to have Sword Fights…or Publish Photos of Thier Demise…or Any Other Animals Demise ..That mmmmIs Was or Will Be Human Caused..
    .and There is Nothing That Can Be Done to change Thier Minds..

    Thats Why We only See…Human on Human Mayham on TV..

    The Sleeping Dog in the Boat Photo Was My Favorite…I Am Pleased To Be The
    First Bigfoot Inspector of Wild Huckleberries in Poop..To Notice That There is a Very Clear Image on a Bigfoot On The Shore Directly Opposite the Boat..Which is 8 Foot
    and Three Inches Tall…Having Triangulated The Height of the Tree with The
    Clear Image of Bigfoot….Who Eats Raw Liver..and Does Not Need any Gas Devices or
    Polluting Devices for Its Survival…But ..It is Anti Gun..and Things Humans Have
    Bad Habits..And Terrible Body Odor..

    • Fred says:


      Never shoot Big Foot. Like Mongo that just makes him mad.

      • jim ticehurst.. says:

        Fred….I Have Many Publications on Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters..From the 1800s the Present…There are Very Few
        Reports of Those who Shot Bigfoot…and Those who Did..even at Close Range with Shot Guns..Did Not Kill Bigfoot on the Spot…He Always Ran Away..or Dove into Near By Water..(Chehalis , Wash)
        And The Famous Ape Cave Encounter With Miners on Mount Saint Helens…Many Years Ago..

        A Professor of Anthropology Sent Us a Beautiful Complete Cast of a Bigfoot Print..Bigfoot is an Erect Walking Bi Ped..
        With Clean..Well Groom Fur over its Entire Body..Which makes that and Its Behaviour Animal Like..The Exception is..
        When You See Big Foots Face..It Has Not Snout..And You Do not Think Ape..Because its Features are More Human than any
        Known Primate..Thats Why No Law Enforcent Officer Ever Shot One…And Most Hunters Cant Pull the Trigger Either,,

  2. JK/AR says:

    And from Arkansas:

    Hunter’s objecting to his kid’s Mom petitioning the court to have Hunter’s DNA proved daughter from getting the Biden name.

    Hunter’s grounds you ask?

    “The child will be unnecessarily burdened.”

    (Merrick Garland refused comment.)

    Unauthorized anonymous sources – shades of Trump era WaPo & NYT style sourcing – in order to speak on the record report, ‘The classified reports found in the Vette’s glove compartment are merely the minutes from a Burisma board meeting which Hunter did not, and we repeat did not attend, in his official capacity.’

    *Oxford comment.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    Our top of the line Intel analysts have fallen for the old Cat deception?
    The internet tells me that approximate 600 million cats populate our planet, of which 100 million wild cats are not counted.

    Our founding fathers committed a gross oversight too – no anti-weasel clause. Weasels can vote? Yes. And they can run for and hold office. Where are they excluded?
    Are weasels smarter than dogs?

    Ability to Problem Solve: ferrets rank above dogs and cats and some small primates. The weasel family is famously known for their ability to figure out how to get into just about anything.

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