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Did Gen. Milley Run a Coup Against Trump? Willy B

Hits: 900            The Washington Post ran an item yesterday on a new book by Bob Woodward and Post national political reporter Robert Costa which claims, among many other things, that Gen. Milley was so fearful that Trump’s actions might spark … Continue reading

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UPDATE: The Collapse of the US/NATO Project In Afghanistan

Hits: 5              Our esteemed host has asked me to produce another update on the collapse of the US/NATO project in Afghanistan. I do this with the understanding that the situation is changing rapidly but first I must begin by amending … Continue reading

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The Final Collapse of the US/NATO Project In Afghanistan

Hits: 3            Aug. 15, 2021 will be remembered as the date that the US/NATO project in Afghanistan suffered its final death blows. There already has been and will be much more commentary on why the collapse happened and who is … Continue reading

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US Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan: What’s Next?

Hits: 0By Willy B Politico, citing unnamed defense sources, reported yesterday that for all practical purposes, the US military withdrawal is complete. “The withdrawal is over, for all intents and purposes,” said one of the anonymous officials with direct knowledge … Continue reading

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Old Drug Cocktail for a Novel (covid-19) Pandemic

Hits: 0 By will.2718 You won’t get enough quinine from your gin and tonic to kill the corona virus, but a quinine analogue may disrupt the novel (novel to humans) covid-19 virus while a z-pack used to fight bacterial chest … Continue reading

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Hits: 0  As has been noted on this site in recent weeks, a decisive military victory could be achieved in Syria by the R+6 forces, with the addition of two divisions of Russian troops.  The remaining strongholds of both the … Continue reading

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Libya Between the Lines

Hits: 1 A two-part series in the New York Times (Feb. 28-29) gives details, some new, some not, on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's role in the 2011 decision to join France and England in attacking Libya. Ostensibly to protect … Continue reading

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If this were the U.S. and not Russia? Margaret Steinfels

Hits: 0  A rundown in the NYTimes (Feb. 9) is focused on those leaving Allepo and surrounds. The bombing of Russia and Assad are said to be the cause of this exodus and the pile-up at the border with Turkey. … Continue reading

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