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Atlas V 421 | SBIRS GEO-6

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IMO probability of Chinese invasion of Taiwan is now over 50%

Nancy may have been seeking commercial advantage for Pauly in the semi-conductor arena, but the people of Taiwan are likely to pay for that. The Chinese are mightily offended in their nationalist fervor and unlikely to back away any time … Continue reading

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This and That – 2 August 2022

Thorium reactors- I listened to a member of Congress expound on this subject the other day. I think it was Senator Tuberville. According to him thorium is the answer to the question of cheap, safe nuclear power until fusion power … Continue reading

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“Taiwan is not an easy island to invade.”

“A successful landing would be a Pyrrhic victory for China. Far from completing their missions, the amphibious landing ships would potentially be required to go back and forth the Taiwan Strait (becoming extremely vulnerable and lucrative targets) in order to … Continue reading

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” … Ukraine ‘Potentially Winning Decisively’ Over Russia.”

“…  lately, the Ukrainians have been very successful in fighting back and counter attacking and part of that is because of the arrival of advanced weapons from the United States and NATO so that they are outclassing the Russians in … Continue reading

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Why would Russia want this man returned?

“Russia called the Thai court decision in 2010 politically motivated.[68][69] Its Foreign Ministry took steps to prevent Bout being extradited to the U.S.;[27] Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that Bout was innocent.[27] On 18 November 2010, shortly after Bout’s extradition to the United States, former … Continue reading

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“New Plesiosaur Fossil Discovery – What It Means for the Loch Ness Monster”

 ” … we paleontologists have always called them ‘marine reptiles’, they had to live in the sea? Lots of marine lineages invaded freshwater.” Freshwater dolphins evolved at least four times — in the Ganges River, the Yangtze River, and twice … Continue reading

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“Russians ‘highly vulnerable’ after Ukrainian forces bomb 3 bridges”

Russian troops in Ukraine’s Kherson region are believed to be highly vulnerable to attack and “virtually cut off” from their other occupied territories after Kyiv’s troops blew up or damaged three key bridges — as US intelligence estimated that half … Continue reading

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“US Rocket System Enables Ukraine to Strike Key Supply Bridge”

“The Ukrainian military used a U.S.-supplied precision rocket system to deliver a morale-lifting knockout punch Wednesday to a bridge Russia used to supply its forces in an occupied region of southern Ukraine. Ukrainian artillery struck the Antonivskyi Bridge late Tuesday, … Continue reading

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“A.P. Hill removal plans in Richmond now under legal challenge”

“A legal challenge is being mounted against the City of Richmond’s plans to remove the final confederate statue still standing. A.P. Hill, a general, killed in the Civil War, is buried under the statue, which sits at the intersection of … Continue reading

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