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Bobulinski will sing tonight

"Former Biden insider Tony Bobulinski allegedly has a recording of Biden family operatives begging him to stay quiet, or he will "bury" the reputations of everyone involved in Hunter's overseas dealings. According to The Federalist's Sean Davis, Bobulinski will play the tape … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Note

In re COVID-19. People get the virus, but very few die! VERY FEW DIE! Does Trump look dead to you? He had the virus.  pl

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Chinese intelligence files are the Achilles Heel of the Globalists

"GTV, a Chinese dissident billionaire’s Taiwan-based media outlet, is releasing sordid, depressing videos and photographs of a person purported to be Hunter Biden engaging in sex and seemingly smoking crack. That’s not the big news. The big news is that … Continue reading

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A transcript of the hearing on the request to dismiss the Michael Flynn case as a starting point

By Robert Willmann To bring events up to date in the Michael Flynn criminal case, a starting point is the hearing of 29 September 2020 on the motion filed by the Department of Justice to dismiss the prosecution.  A transcript … Continue reading

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Interesting things – 25 October 2020

Learned here on SST that a lot of the huge book contracts given to swampies are a form of money laundering.  I have long tried to figure out how the publishing companies could afford to pay yuudge advances for ghost … Continue reading

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“… Even if Joe Biden wins, there’s no way out now.”

"Thanks to Hunter Biden, there's no way out for his father. "Even if Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, is elected president, damning evidence will continue to emerge that his grifter-son fully embraced the Washington tradition of shameless influence-peddling. If … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Chairman Joe – # 1

"I won't raise taxes on anyone who makes less than $400 thousand a year." "If you make as much money as I do, your taxes will be raised." Chairman Joe was a government employee all his working life.  How does … Continue reading

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“Who won the presidential debate? Donald Trump…” Telegraph

"Without the usual rhetorical violence, a real dividing line emerged between the two men, the issue that this election was always going to be about, dating back to February. It's the coronavirus, stupid. Mr Biden essentially believes the economy should be … Continue reading

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Tora Tora Tora! …… by Fred

Not a peep out of the MSM.  Not a mention on NPR. Not a single tweet.  Surprise!

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(This, BTW, is the 802nd Sitrep – forgot to count. The first was in March 1997) WAAAY HARSH! Putin is only worried about catching a cold at the West's funeral. SOMETHING ELSE from the country that doesn't make anything. First … Continue reading

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