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CSS Shenandoah In Melbourne, 1865, By Walrus.

(CSS Shenandoah burning whalers in the Bering Sea) The confederate raider CSS Shenandoah visited Melbourne in the colony of Victoria in 1865. She was berthed within a hundred yards of where I keep my yacht today. Despite Britain declaring itself … Continue reading

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An Apology To U. S. Special Forces By Walrus.

TV and movies present an image of U.S. special forces of all varieties as being the most aggressive in the world and not particularly concerned about legalities, Geneva Conventions etc. This is an article of faith among left wingers world … Continue reading

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Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast, To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.” – Walrus.

The title is a quote from a play by Congreve (1697). Despite their politics, which I think go with the territory, there are wonderful American singers and musicians that the whole world has grown to love and I would like … Continue reading

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Music – An Escape From This Crazy World By Walrus.

After listening to what passes for a Presidential Debate yesterday, as well as the overwhelming quantity of fake news, it is necessary to cleanse the mind of this rubbish and try and focus on what is important in life. In … Continue reading

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Facebook Considered Harmful By Walrus.

I believe I have found the enabler of the coming civil war. ================================================= Thank you, Chairpersons Pallone and Schakowsky, for inviting me to speak today.When I started working in technology, my hope was to build products that brought people together … Continue reading

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies By Walrus.

As if there isn’t enough uncertainty in the forthcoming elections, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. May she rest in peace. There is talk of a recess appointment since there is no way Congress will facilitate a Presidential nomination through normal … Continue reading

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Ambush Shooting Of Police In L.A. By Walrus.

I hope the general community rallies in support of two Police deputies ambushed and shot in Los Angeles. Failure to support the police in this matter will have a negative effect on what I will call “lower socioeconomic economic … Continue reading

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A Reflection By Walrus.

Last July I was invited to lunch at the Middle Temple by a friend of mine, a slightly eccentric QC who is also a brilliant raconteur. The temple was originally the headquarters of the Knights Templar and after their disestablishment … Continue reading

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The Kenosha Shooting By Walrus.

From 9000 miles away, I hope readers will forgive me for making two observations  about the Kenosha shooting of Jacob Blake. (1) I don’t know for sure about American Police recruitment practices, but the old fashioned requirement here was that … Continue reading

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AI In Warfare By Walrus.

The defence press is reporting that an AI shot down a top F16 pilot in a dog fight simulation on 20th August. “In a 5 to 0 sweep, an AI ‘pilot’ developed by Heron Systems beat one of the Air … Continue reading

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