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Space X goes from strength to strength …

 "Telstar 19V is the latest in a new generation of satellites operated by Canada’s Telesat, and will be used by Hughes Network Systems to expand broadband satellite services in Brazil and other South American countries. It’ll also enhance broadband coverage … Continue reading

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At least Nauru is still with us …

  "  nine states – including the United States and Israel –voted against the resolution. The other countries which supported Washington were Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and Honduras."  Guardian ————- (irony alert) So, Perfidious Albion has bitten … Continue reading

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French Canadian meat stuffing for fowl.

(Regimental Color of the VanDoos)  "Put all ingredients in large pan except crackers. Cook on medium heat until meat is well cooked, approximately one hour stirring occasionally, so it will not stick to bottom of pan. Add 1 ladle of … Continue reading

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Trump Affirms the Military Ain’t a Freak Show by Publius Tacitus

Well, let's give Donald Trump credit for one clear act of sanity. The White House announced today that the United States military is not going to surrender to the demands that transgenders be treated as normal people when it comes … Continue reading

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The “Eastern Bloc” and the “Russia is a Communist Country” lines live on.

Today on Foxnews a couple of newsbimbos, one blonde, one brunette reflected the level of sophistication with regard to foreign affairs now prevalent in the American people. 1.  The brunette referred to Poland as an "east bloc country."  Evidently she … Continue reading

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“Clinton Cash” a documentary

Just watched this.  It is well worth seeing and has been watched on U tube by 1.5 million as of now.  Send me a link to an analogous film on Trump.  pl

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Is Trudeau Canadian enough?

" … the Prime Minister was caught in a storm of controversy Wednesday afternoon when frustrations in the House of Commons saw Trudeau grabbing one lawmaker and then, accidentally elbowing another.  The altercation occurred when members had gathered for a … Continue reading

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