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 Ap Bu Nho – A Remembrance for Veteran’s Day 

Garryowen in Glory, the 7th Cavalry Regiment at Ap Bu Nho  By a quirk of fate, “D” 2/7 Cavalry, was given the chance to demonstrate the plausibility of Spinoza’s despair several weeks later.  A Montagnard agent reported that the 141st NVA Regiment … Continue reading

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Colonel Paris Davis to get the Medal of Honor – TTG

Colonel (Ret.) Paris Davis, who was one of the first black Special Forces officers, will finally be receiving the Medal of Honor. According to the White House, President Joe Biden called Davis to tell him that he will personally decorate … Continue reading

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“How The Ukrainians Wrecked the Russians’ Best Helicopter Regiments”

“The best Ka-52 crews got shot down early in the war while trying to penetrate deep behind Ukrainian lines. Now less-skilled crews themselves are easy targets for ever-bolder Ukrainian air-defenders. “In summary, the Russian attack helicopter fleet was initially used … Continue reading

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Dear Hearts Across the Seas: A Memorial Day Prayer

The following article by Pat Lang appeared in America magazine in 2006. Patrick Lang      May 29, 2006 “For 14 hours yesterday, I was at work—teaching Christ to lift his cross by the numbers, and how to adjust his crown; and … Continue reading

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The Virtual Wall pl

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VN – America’s Communist ally of choice?

  "The decision to lift the arms trade ban, which followed intense debate within the Obama administration, suggested such concerns outweighed arguments that Vietnam had not done enough to improve its human rights record and Washington would lose leverage for … Continue reading

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Bacevich on force levels and policy.

  "To fulfill its self-imposed obligations as sole superpower, the United States would need a citizenry that subscribes to the cwarrior-patriot’s code: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. How sweet and fitting it is to die for one’s country. … Continue reading

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Vo Nguyen Giap

The passing of this Vietnamese communist revolutionary should be noted.  Giap was a scion of a family of the landholding class in Tonkin.  He grew up in comfortable circumstances and was educated in public institutions created by the French colonial … Continue reading

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