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I have never been in a VA hospital – WP Lang

There is a lot of bad information about the Veteran's Administration being circulated in the sloppy reporting ever present these days in the US MSM. The Veterans Administration exists to provide post-service benefits to former members of the armed forces. … Continue reading

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Hardly a Whimper of Resistance by Richard Sale

  A new study proclaims that America is no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy whose needs are to be met at every turn at the expense of the general welfare.   There was hardly a whimper of protest as the … Continue reading

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“Many in Homs, Syria, feel as if the civil war has ended” LA Times

"… a group of Christian women headed into the Old City to view the remains of their family home. The Christian minority is generally effusive about the “liberation” of an area central to their ancient identity.  “The Army has swept … Continue reading

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The West and Ukraine − and the wars within (FB Ali)

Poor Professor Petro! A professor of politics at the University of Rhode Island, he was selected by the US State Department as a Fulbright Research Scholar in 2013 and went to Ukraine on a year's affiliation with a university in … Continue reading

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I Prefer MY Early – From “Death Piled Hard”

-November 6th, 1863- (Somewhere Near Culpeper, Virginia)   Jubal Early chewed reflectively. “If I understand correctly,” he said.  “You met everybody of importance in Richmond.  You must have been a busy man.” He and Balthazar lounged in camp chairs built of … Continue reading

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“Arab spring a plot to divide countries: Egypt’s Grand Imam” Ahram on Line

  ""Some Arab spring revolutions brought benefits but others were planned to destroy and divide countries," he said in an interview on Al-Hayat TV channel on Sunday. The West invented "corrupted" theories in order to steal the wealth of the … Continue reading

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Nigeria abductions: Michelle Obama ‘outraged’ – BBC

"Mrs Obama, who was speaking ahead of Mother's Day in the US on Sunday, said the girls reminded her and her husband of their own daughters. "What happened in Nigeria was not an isolated incident. It's a story we see … Continue reading

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This and that in the ME.

"The newly discovered group in Saudi Arabia is the first group to be revealed to have ties with ISIS, which broke away from al-Qaeda in Syria and entered into a war against it. This war is ongoing despite the intervention … Continue reading

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“Israeli President says Netanyahu nixed peace deal with Abbas” Globe and Mai

"The agreement, Mr. Peres said, was arrived at in four secret meetings in Jordan. It called for mutual recognition of “a Palestinian state” and “a Jewish state,” a goal Mr. Netanyahu made a priority in his recently terminated peace talks … Continue reading

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Israeli spying on U.S. at an ‘alarming and terrifying level’” AFP

"“No other country close to the United States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do,” said a former congressional staffer who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, according to Newsweek. It said that briefing was … Continue reading

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