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SST closed until after Labor Day.

The level of tendentious BS has gotten deep enough here for me shut the place down until after the 1st of September. pl

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Borgist dreams of … What, exactly?

  1.  Joe Scarborough and his MJ crew are on a hyper-nationalist journey in which the Cold War image of the USSR continues to dominate their collective Borgasm. 2.  They fret and fret over a variety of issues such as … Continue reading

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We need to revive the military draft.

My dear old Dad had seen it all, done most of it and was unrepentant about any of it.  He used to tell me (among many other things) that the end of concription in the United States would be a … Continue reading

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Speaks – TTG

Moscow and Washington are in direct talks to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, Syria, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “We are in a very active phase of talks with our American counterparts both in Geneva and in Amman; … Continue reading

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The essential Hilly

“We’re not interested in social reconstruction,” she corrected the speaker, Sen. Edward Brooke of Massachusetts. “It’s human reconstruction.” Her impromptu attack was over in a flash, and Wellesley President Ruth Adams set out to repair the damage. Adams fired off … Continue reading

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Soros Leaks – Intelligence In Action – By Walrus.

Looking through a few documents allegedly from the Soros Open Society Initiative leaked by website Dcleaks, I noticed what I think is a pretty good illustration of an intelligence/PR appreciation, or analysis of the German news media and the German … Continue reading

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Open Thread 14 August 2016


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“Centcom Senior Leaders “Cooked the Books” On ISIS” by Willy B

A House Republican joint task force has concluded that senior officers at US Central Command did, indeed, "cook the books" on their assessments of ISIS in Iraq and how well the war was going against it. The complaints first surfaced, … Continue reading

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“Obama admin blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation corruption” Washington Times

" … the Obama administration rejected requests from three FBI field offices that wanted to open public corruption cases involving the Clinton Foundation and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton."  Washington Times ————– It is no wonder that Comey would not … Continue reading

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96% of Clintons’ donations went to their foundations.

"Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill deducted $1,042,000 in charitable contributions last year — $1 million of which went to their own family non-profit, the Clinton Foundation." Read more: ———– "Charity begins at home."   "I have to pay the … Continue reading

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