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“Russia Sent 70-Year-old T-55 Tanks To Ukraine Without Even Upgrading Them”

The first of potentially two or three hundred 70-year-old T-55 tanks that the Kremlin has been pulling out of long-term storage finally have arrived in Ukraine. A photo that appeared online on Friday depicts a T-55 reportedly somewhere in Zaporizhzhia … Continue reading

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“Rebel gunmen attack Indonesian troops deployed to rescue New Zealand pilot”

Phillip Mark Mehrtens was abducted in February by rebels from the West Papua Liberation Army, the armed wing of the Free Papua Movement. Separatist gunmen attacked Indonesian army troops who were deployed to rescue a New Zealand pilot taken hostage … Continue reading

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Starship expected to launch Monday morning

On Friday afternoon—after much angst and anxious waiting by the spaceflight community—the Federal Aviation Administration issued a launch license to SpaceX for the launch of its Starship rocket from South Texas. “After a comprehensive license evaluation process, the FAA determined … Continue reading

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Kyiv is focused on Crimea

A top Ukrainian official on Friday said that no weapon allowed by international law was off the table when it comes to attacking Crimea and hinted that some recent explosions there might be the result of experimental weapons. “Crimea is … Continue reading

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A senior Ukrainian official warned that Russia can reconstitute itself as a serious threat to Ukraine in the long run despite facing severe force generation problems at this time. Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Ukrainian General Staff … Continue reading

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The leak of highly classified Pentagon documents through the online chat platform Discord has triggered a flurry of mainstream media coverage, caused angst among American allies and adversaries, and left many waiting to see how much more is going to … Continue reading

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Russian defensive lines in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Given the ongoing discussions regarding the Ukrainian counter-offensive, it’s crucial to understand Russia’s echeloned defense system along the frontline, particularly in the south. These defense lines are composed of multiple obstacles that Ukrainian forces will face. To help paint a … Continue reading

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“SpaceX’s Starship vehicle is ready to fly, just waiting for a launch license”

This weekend SpaceX engineers completed a final “flight readiness review” for the massive Super Heavy and Starship launch system, declaring the vehicle ready to make its debut test flight. SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced the decision early Sunday morning on … Continue reading

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“The importance of thermal cameras on drones”

At first glance, this video might not seem to show anything special. By now, any observer of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has certainly seen dozens, if not hundreds, of videos showing quadcopter drones dropping either grenades or makeshift bombs on … Continue reading

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He is risen…

A happy and joyous Easter to all. TTG

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